Here are some of my comments to Youtube videos

Someone expressed his view on the Salvation Grace of Jesus, but he seemed to believe "Once saved, always saved" precept. I posted the following comment :-

GOD is God of Justice. Once he established His laws

he is bound to do as he has established.

His warning of those breaking his laws/commandments is very severe,

Jesus is the Passover Lamb (Sacrificial Lamb) that have our PAST SINS forgiven, and start a new slate, a new life. A FRESH START!

But it does not mean sin after sin after accepting Jesus, you cannot nail Jesus a second time on the cross! YOU CANNOT NAIL JESUS A SECOND TIME ON THE CROSS.

Therefore Jesus said : "If your eyes causes you to sin, pluck it out; if your arm causes you to sin, cut it off; if your legs causes you to sin, cut it off."

What Moses has said in Torah,

Keep the laws => Blessing;
Break the laws => Curse;

will forever be true.

Though Jesus hate to punish our sins, but he has no choice, HE IS GOD OF JUSTICE, and His laws is established at the very beginning of creation. Therefore with weeping, he sent those sinners to hell. It is also true for Christians who believe "once saved, always saved" false doctrine.

A Sister urged us to remember verses in the Bible in case situation becomes worse and we do not have access to the Bible; much like the 5 wise maidens who have lot of "oil" with them while waiting for the bridegroom

If you just remember verses from here, verses from there, your oil is far from satisfactory. What I did was that I underlined all teachings of Jehovah, all teachings of Jesus, that I know them all; and my will is to walk their teachings.

I hope you would read my webpage

(*) How to read the Bible

Many people under-estimate the power of SATAN, and if their knowledge of Jehovah (Jesus is condescension of Jehovah) is imperfect, SATAN, the fallen archangel, can easily deceive them.

Jesus, when talking about the Rich man in hell and poor beggar in Heaven (read [Luke]), remarked : If they do not listen to Moses and the prophets, they would not be convinced if someone rise from the dead to warn them (of hell).


Alon, a Jewish American, had a "after death experience" (he did not call it "Near Death Experience", but "After Death Experience"). His soul was taken by the Devil to the OUTER DARKNESS and tortured, and he cried out to GOD. GOD rescued him and gave him a LAST CHANCE. Truly, from a bully to a nice guy he becomes afterwards, but he denies Jesus, and said that those who believe in Jesus commit the "worst sin". I posted the following to his Youtube Channel (but I am sorry to say, the post was taken away very quickly. I had posted a previous one, but was taken down. This is my second attempt to post. I have also posted comments to his website, and one was taken down, and two received no reply.)

"The light of the body is the eye : if your eye is single (for the glory of GOD), your body will be full of light; but if your eye is evil, your body is full of darkness."

"If you forgive the sins of other people, your heavenly father will also forgive you; if you do not forgive the sins of other people; your father in heaven will also not forgive you."

"Give, and it will be given to you; forgive, and you will be forgiven; judge not, and you will not be judged. The measure you mete out, will be the measure you get back, and more"

"Unless you turn and become like children, you can NEVER enter the kingdom of heaven; whoever humbles himself like this child (pointing to a child), he is the greattest in the kingdom of heaven."

Alon, do you know who said these ?

As for TORAH, do you know the main theme of it ? As of the Prophets, what can we learn from them?

Alon, who said this ?? "Whatever you wish others to do to you; do so to them; for this is the LAW AND THE PROPHETS."

Alon, better know the judge, who will judge all in the LAST DAY. Or else, you waste your "LAST CHANCE".

A sister received Christ recently, (click to view her youtube video), but in one recent video about worldly evils, she hid her face while talking, which I think is due to Satan putting some "depression" spirit onto her, and she did not know it. (Many people do not know that Satan can put all sorts of "spirits" onto us! "Depression spirit" "fear spirit" are two major spirits, and for those who breaks the laws/commandments of GOD, yet not knowing it, these spirits can easily enter them and remain.) I wrote the following -


Do not hide your face, for we all love you. Jesus commanded us : "Love one another as I have loved you."

As of worldly things, God gave us a "circumcision" commandment : "All males who are not circumcised will be cut off from his people". Circumcision is cutting off foreskin of a boy (a week after birth; we need not do it physically now, but the meaning is required.) The ceremony signifies that we be willing to CUT OFF ALL FLESHY PASSIONS, that we do not pursue "Highs" of the world (but pursue after the righteousness of GOD.)

Then what do we pursue in life ? "Seek His Kingdom and His righteousness" [Matthew]. Jesus said : "Blessed are all they seek after righteousness, for they shall be filled with the HOLY SPIRIT." [Matthew 5]

What does Jehovah love to do : "Love loving kindness, righteousness, and judgement; for in these things I delight" (In [Jeremiah] I cannot remember.)

Sister, sure, your name is in the Book of Life. Everyone, once he/she believes in Jesus, will have his/her name written in the Book of Life. But alas, Jesus may blot out the name written!!!

There was an African brother, whose name was in the Book of Life, but one day, he took a long train journey away, and he met a girl in the train. Satan tempted him to have sex with that girl, and he did; but Satan killed him afterwards.

His name was in the Book of Life that morning he took the train, but blotted out in the evening, after he had sex and was killed.

Therefore Jesus taught us : "If your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it out; if your right arm causes you to sin, cut if off; if your right leg causes you to sin, cut it off; it is better that you have one eye, one arm, ... to enter heaven than your whole body be thrown into hell." Would a fish swallow a bait, with very tempting food ?? Satan throws many "baits with tempting food" to us everyday, but we should know, once we swallow the bait, we are hooked to Satan, and that is the end of us, therefore we resist sin RESOLUTELY.

Sister, you are new in believing Jesus, therefore I urge you read the Bible as I recommend,

(*) How to read the Bible :

In short, it is to underline all sayings of Jehovah (Those that begin with "Thus said the LORD: ...", and those that begin with "Jesus said ...."), learn their teachings and make a firm mind/resolution to walk their teachings.

Peace be to you, my dear sister; next time, be not afraid to show your face, for we all love you (Jesus loves you, the angels love you, the saints (Christians passed away in times past) love you.) You have joined this one big family of "LOVE". Congratulation!!!

Bear the cross to follow Jesus everyday, endure to the end, hope we may do the same that we all pass this "probation" (short sojourning on earth), and enter Heaven to enjoy all the things Jesus provides us with in Heaven (If you have read "Heaven is So Real", you will know Jesus has prepared a lot of things in heaven for us : e.g. pleasure boat, beach house, pleasant living house, gardens full of fruit, ....)

From a brother in Christ,

Wu Siu Yan

The above sister also knew that the current movies etc. are produced by DARK SATANIC ALLIANCE, and asked if it was OK to see, say Harry Potter movie. Previously she had a vision that she was told to read [Hebrew 3:10]


When you have that vision, you were told to read [Hebrew 3:10], and I have written something on the comment, saying it came from [Psalm 95:7-11], in which GOD (i.e. Jesus) expressed his grief/displeasure of the Israelites in [Exodus]. Only two persons, I repeat, only two, out of the 600000 males who went out of Egypt, viz. Caleb and Joshua, entered the promised land. Why? Because they did not believe in the ALMIGHTY GOD, who is GOD OF TRUTH, and did not have respect of His commandments,

(*) Law of God and His commandments

As to us, who are Gentiles that believed in Jesus, [Acts 15:20], God relaxed much but said that 4 MUST BE OBSERVED (1) Eat no blood, (2) Eat no strangled animal, because blood is not drained out (3) Eat not food offered to demons/ghosts. (4) NO fornication (i.e. illegal sex).

Therefore God gave us much freedom in what we do, but know for sure, EVERYTHING WILL HAVE CONSEQUENCES. Some consequences may be very long to undo the harm done, and some may be deadly! Therefore always be ALERT -- Watch and Pray.

When I was young, once I watched ghost TV, and that my mind was troubled for some length of time, that afterwards, I did not watch movies that have devilish, or evil precepts in them. (Mostly I watch documentaries, or nature (animal/fish/insect/plant/...) to broaden my horizon).

Pray to Jesus, and Jesus will be glad to answer you; (the answer may not come at once, may be some days later, but Jesus will answer. Jesus will direct Guardian Angel (assigned to take care of you) to answer you and lead you.

This life is full of danger; look at the deer, leopards/lions are always watching them, so are we, SATAN and demons are monitoring us 24/7, so be very careful, not rash nor reckless, always think : is that lawful in the sight of GOD ? Would Jesus be pleased if I do that ?

Never grieve Jesus, for Jesus is GOD OF TRUTH, have proper fear and respect of Him; for laws/commandments are set for eternity.

A judge, when he finds his son breaking a deadly law, has NO CHOICE, but with tears send him to death according to the law. Remember Jesus is GOD OF JUSTICE, therefore be very careful in our behaviour.

Best wishes to you, my dear sister,

Wu Siu Yan

P.S. Jesus will never be fault-finding, so do not have constant fear; but be alert and on the watch always.

In [Acts 15:20], about the 4 MUST rules to observed, it was assumed that we know the laws/commandments of GOD,

(*) Law of God and His commandments

Not that the Ten Commandments etc. are abolished! NEVER!!!

When the Jerusalem elders gave the 4 MUST rules, they said that Moses was preached everywhere in the synagogues; i.e. people at that time, 1st Century, knew the TORAH (i.e. first 5 books in the Old Testament [Gen][Ex][Lev][Num][Deut] written by Moses).

So, the 4 MUST rules is based on our knowing the laws/commandments of GOD in TORAH.

Peace be to you,

My dear sister,

Wu Siu Yan

A sister testified of her coming to Jesus. She said that her mother moved out when she was little, and had pain in her.

Dear Sister,

You were pained because you had not a mother.

There is a girl, who had no father. Her mom had sex with a boy, then the boy disappeared, and she got pregnant, and gave birth to her.

She had no father. Everyone has, but she has not!

She got angry with GOD, resented GOD.

GOD gave us His laws/commandments

and warned of breaking the laws/commandments in [Lev 26] [Deut 28].

Read also

She did not know pre-marriage sex (without marriage afterwards and paying a sin offering [Lev] [Deut]) is punishable by DEATH.

She did not blame her mom for sin of pre-marriage sex, but blame GOD!

Because no one told her of the laws/commandments of GOD.

Divorce and re-marry is considered as adultery (read Jesus' word in the Gospel Books.) Adulterer will suffer, his/her children will also suffer.

People who sin will suffer terribly, as pre-warned in [Lev 26][Deut 28].

GOD did not give his laws/commandments for no reason, and GOD did not give warnings, severe warnings, with no reason.

Woe to those who sin and fallen into the hand of SATAN! (If your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out; if your arm causes you to sin, cut if off, if your leg causes you to sin, cut it off...)

If you sin, not only you, but your sons and daughters, will also suffer.

Sin not. Justice was made at the very beginning of Creation. Jesus, as GOD of Justice, have no choice but punish sinners with tears.

Sacrificial lamb is for a CLEAN SLATE, A FRESH START, A NEW BEGINNING. But not passport to sin, passport to no-accountability.

Woe to those who nail Jesus a second time, a third time, .... to the cross!

Peace be to you.

Wu Siu Yan

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