Rule of Law
Rule by Security People

In China, people know who are really in power. It is the people from the Security. It is not the president Mr. Jiang Zemin , nor the vice president, Mr. Hu Jintao, nor those who appear to have high office.

Hong Kong used to be under "Rule of Law". Governor of Hong Kong would NOT interfere in the affairs of Government Departments. Governor together with the Executive Councillors[1] discuss and put forward bills to be passed by the Legislative Council. Once the bills were passed, the civil servants would execute the matter according to the bills. Governor would not interfere, but entrust the execution to the civil servants. Therefore, civil servants can decide things according to their own judgement. They were given total freedom to interpret the bills. Although there was Security Branch then, but the security people rarely interfered with the administration.

No so after Hong Kong was reverted back to China. The Security Branch interferes in all matter of the administration, much like that done in China. It must be remembered in China, it is totalitarian rule (the top man in the Secret Alliance[2] of the Communists has the greattest power). Whereas in Hong Kong, people are supposed to have complete freedom if they do not break the Laws. No one, not even the Governor nor high Government Officials, can order them to do a thing, if they have not broken the Law.

Things changed completely not only after 1997, but several years before 1997. People in Security Branch interfere in all Government Departments. People from security would order people to do this and that.

Should you obey those illegal orders, like the people in China, who obey every order from the Security Branch ?

Or would you hold to the freedom guaranteed to you by the Law : if you do not break the Law, you are free to do whatever you like, and you may refuse orders even from the highest authority ? (China promised Hong Kong that this system could remain unchanged for 50 years after 1997.)

"Freedom under the Law" is a policy publicly proclaimed among the people of Hong Kong, and supported by the Laws of Hong Kong, and even China promised that the system in Hong Kong could remain unchanged for 50 years after 1997. Therefore it is the agreed policy between people of Hong Kong and people in China. This is the policy of Hong kong in the "light".

Now "Obeying people in the Security Branch - they have NO authority whatsoever to order people to do this or that, not even the Governor" is NOT a publicly upheld policy. The Security Branch shut the mouth of people, and people dare not talk. This is the way in Communist China and is the policy of the "dark". Should you obey this "policy in the dark"?

People usually are afraid of the people in the Security Branch, and the Secret Alliance behind them, therefore they obey, even if that order is morally wrong and against their conscience. I think people should study [Law of GOD and His Commandments] and obey the Laws and Commandments of LORD, and they should have faith in LORD's promise,


and that LORD rules the Earth with His Laws, and He administers His Laws by angels who have great power. And when people in the Security Branch or the Secret Alliance order you do something against your will and conscience, reason with them and do not obey.

Jesus himself is a good example, he did only that was right in the sight of the LORD, and did nothing against TRUTH, even at the cost of his life. But now Jesus has been resurrected and is in Heaven. Everyone of us should have this faith and this hope.

If you bow down to those illegal orders, or join the Secret Alliance, you will not stand before the Judgement Seat of LORD.

Wu Siu Yan
3rd November, 2001


  1. The Political System in Hong Kong

    The top man was called Governor of Hong Kong, now called the Chief Executive of Hong Kong. Under him, there is an Executive Council, the Governor being the chairman. And it is the responsibility of the Governor and the Executive Council to put forward bills. Governor must consult the members of this council before putting forward any bill.

    Then there is a Legislative Council. The Bills must be passed in the Legislative Council to become Laws in Hong Kong.

    Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, who was educated in the University of Hong Kong, and who overthrew the Ching Dynasty of China, also adopted this political system in his Nationalist Government. The Political System in Taiwan today still uses this system : President + Executive Council + Legislative Council.

  2. Secret Alliance

    Secret Alliance usually originates from one person (or a group of persons) who lusts for power. Members who join Secret Alliance must swear an Oath of Silence, they must not betray the secrets to outsiders, or else they lose their lifes. They are highly organized and they protect one another right or wrong, not only minor crimes, but up to murders.

    They share power, wealth together. It is the "They-Us precept" and not LORD's "One Law for All" precept.

    They would resort to murder to achieve their purposes. Mr. Lee Kuan-Yew of Singapore talked about the Communist Party in Singapore in the 60's : "If you oppose them, they will fix you. When they fix you, they shoot you!". Please read [Book of Daniel, Old Testament, Chapter 7] for LORD's revelation on this. If you have the time, [Book of Mormon] is a worthwhile book, it described the Secret Alliance among the Maya people and how it caused the total destruction of the Maya people.

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