Secret Alliance Vs. Law


Law and Commandments are similar in nature : they both prescribe certain actions that mustn't be done, e.g. no killing, no stealing, no adultery, no false witnessing, no coveting things of others, no oppressing the poor/weak/orphan/widow, no lies nor false dealing, no homosexuality, no wizardry/witchcraft/augury ....

If we live in USA, we have to obey laws of USA. If we live in Britain, we have to obey laws of Britain, ....

If we live in this planet, we have to obey the Laws of GOD. LORD's rule is simple,



and LORD administers His Laws by angels, just as the Governments would enforce the Laws by policemen.

There is another rule in LORD's Laws,


(Note : the above is not strictly correct. In fact, for the same crime, the punishment for ordinary people, the punishment for public officers, the punishment for elders, the punishment for priests ARE NOT THE SAME. The punishment will increase from ordinary people, to public officers, to elders, to priests. [Lev 4])

Secret Alliance

People who join Secret Alliance swear an Oath of Silence, those who betray the secrets will be killed. They pledge to protect one another right or wrong, (they would protect, even up to murder, not just minor crimes), and they are to share power/wealth together.

LORD told us in the Bible that there are 4 kinds of beasts [Daniel 7] and "beasts" are parable for people who would prey on the weak, (whereas LORD teaches us to help the weak/afflicted/poor/orphan/widow/sojourner, and not to oppress them.)

Thus we see those in the Secret Alliance would not testify in court if their buddies are involved in crime. Even if they testify, they would lie and not tell the truth.

Because they are after power, they would murder to achieve their aims. Mr. Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore talked about Communists ("Communists" is one kind of beasts talked about by LORD) "If you oppose them, they will "fix" you. When they "fix" you, they shoot you."

Therefore we see many people murdered, but police said they died of natural cause, or have committed suicide.

Why People Join Secret Alliance

Cause 1 : Being Deceived

Those who started the Secret Alliance would use a grand "cause, pretext" to attract people, e.g. "Save your country", "drive the Colonial Power out", "There are lot of injustices in this country, and this is the only way to solve the problem".... And they would use the zeal of those recruited to recruit still more. The truth is that most leaders are after power (and the money that follows from POWER).

Once joined, they find that they have to obey "orders", even if those "orders" are against their conscience (LORD : "love your neighbour as yourself", "show kindness and mercy to your neighbour", Jesus : "Do onto others what you wish others to do to you.") and because they have sworn the oath, they have no way but to obey.

To suppress their own conscience, they deceive themselves "we have to do this in order to achieve the grand cause", thus throwing all "law/justice/humanity/kindness/mercy" behind. Moreover, they have no way to get out, because they fear death. Thus once joined, they are there for life.

One day, they may come to the realization that the leaders are after POWER, and not so much as "the welfare of the people", but that is too late.

Cause 2 : The spoil is great

Because those in the Secret Alliance could get good job, good pay, power and fame, many are attracted and join.

Our goal of life should not be "possession, wealth, fame, long life, life of enemy, ... " but "righteousness : kindness, mercy/compassion, graciousness, steadfast love, faithfulness, forgiving, .... ". Also our stay here is "temporal", a probation period to see if we are fit for the New Heaven and New Earth. Therefore we should live a life like Jesus : do only what is right in the sight of LORD onto death, even at age 33.

Cause 3 : Being broken into submission and join

Because Secret Alliance has great power, they can apply tremendous pressure to people, and at the same time, they would pretend to be "good guy", enticing people to join. (e.g. in Hong Kong, Police is under the Security Branch. When people are oppressed and complain to the Police, Police are stopped from taking action. Those in Secret Alliance would approach the afflicted and say somewhat "you can get no justice, join us and fight the bad guys", where in fact, they are the bad guys. Thus Secret Alliance grows bigger and bigger.)

This is the same as we, the human, would break "horse/camel/donkey" into submission, "no food, no water, torture with noose (round the neck or at the soft tissue at the nose), various kinds of torture". It is the "submit or die" precept.

(Note : it should be a fair exchange of services - we serve the animals and the animals serve us willingly. LORD teaches us to be kind to animal too, LORD : "Six days you shall do your work, but on the seventh day you shall rest; that your ox and your ass may have rest, and the son of your bondmaid, and the alien, may be refreshed." [Ex. 23:12]).

Also, finding jobs, openning business would be difficult for those outside the Secret Alliance, hence people would join. But once joined, they find that they are to sell their soul more and more - obey orders to do lawless acts, in exchange for their jobs or businesses.

Secret Alliance is the most Abominable Sin in the sight of LORD, because it opposes directly LORD's Laws of Justice and the "One Law for All" precept.

The Situation Today is very Serious

If you have watched the TV series, "Survivor" (group of people living in remote island, or Outback Australia, for monetary reward to the last two survivors), you would know that they formed alliance, (though the betrayer would not be put to death as in real Secret Alliance). Strategy was the talk. But even in game, we expect FAIR PLAY, much like football or basketball. In TV appearance after the game, they are applauded by the audience !

In a TV interview of school boys and girls of age about 14, they talked that "academic achievement is not important, but making friends with important people". This is the same as in China, "back-door" and "relations" is the norm to get things done, not open and fair competition and the law.

When we see groups and groups of people protest in the street (in Hong Kong), coming from various walks of life, almost daily, one can sense the seriousness of the situation. (Mr. Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore talked about his experience in the 60's, where the Communists were everywhere, "they controlled the clan-organizations, the schools, the singers and dancers, ...".)

When those who voice opposition to the Federal Government (in USA) are labelled "extreme right", and the recent Anthrax letters are rumoured to be coming from them, and the Home Security have been set up apart from NSA (National Security Agency), CIA, FBI, and the militarization of Police (SWAT Team), .... One can sense the situation is not good.

When people no longer consider "Secret Alliance" evil, the end is near

If you have joined the Secret Alliance for whatever cause, then you should repent, and get out. You may die (but not necessarily, as David escaped King Saul many times), but if you truly repent and believe in Jesus, you will be resurrected like Jesus in the Last Day. But if you continue in the Secret Alliance and do their orders, you will cause more and more people to lose their souls, and your future punishment (here as well as in Hell) will be TERRIBLE.

If you hate those secret work of darkness, you should first build yourself up on the Teachings of LORD and of Jesus, and then do your civic duty - convince your neighbour of the truth that LORD rules the earth with His Laws, and tell them to obey LORD's Laws. Pray to the LORD to guide you in your efforts.

Wu Siu Yan
22nd October, 2001

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