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Wu Siu Yan
17th August 2004

RTHK (Radio Television Hong Kong) has a forum, and I have posted to it several times. I gather together here my posts,

鏗 鏘 集 FORUM

中國經濟高速增長, 可是中國人蛇卻仍然前仆後繼偷渡出國打工, 反映甚麼問題?

Post 1

Moral education will make a difference; absence of harsh and merciless officials will make a difference

If love prevails among neighbours, poverty is not a problem (as long as there is enough to eat and to wear).

And if left to themselves without harsh taxes, people can grow a lot, manufacture a lot (cottage industry).

The woman said that she would leave her husband and children behind, and would go to work in Japan, perhaps never to return. This is totally wrong, if she knows the moral requirements of GOD.

Few Chinese know the teachings of Confucius, of Mencius -- the teachings of their forefathers, today. Much less do they know the teachings of GOD/Jesus. Jesus : "Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls." [Mt 11:29]

Law of GOD and His commandments

GOD's political system in short

Post 2

Harsh rule is worse than tiger

Ancient China chose officials through examination, testing their knowledge of Confucius/Mencius.

China today choose officials through "obedience", anyone who does whatever the leader tells him to do without thinking is chosen.

China today do not want many to be educated, for fear of rebellion; whereas ancient China did not. Here are some teachings from our forefathers --

玉不琢,不成 器;人不學,不知 道。是故古之王者建國君民,教學為先。

雖有嘉餚,弗食,不知其旨也;雖有至道,弗學,不知其善也。是故學然後 知不足,教然後知困。知不足,然後能自反也;知困,然後能自強也。故曰:教 學相長也。



凡音者,生人心者也。情動於中,故形於聲。聲成文,謂之音。是故,治世 之音安以樂,其政和。亂世之音怨以怒,其政乖。亡國之音哀以思,其民困。聲 音之道,與政通矣。

樂也者,聖人之所樂 也,而可以善民心,其感人深,其移風易俗,故先王著其教焉.

鏗 鏘 集 FORUM

看過了 "聲音" 一集之後, 你覺得特區政府有沒有聽到我們的聲音? 而你還有聲音嗎?

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Do not think democracy is the solution

Look to America. It is recently shown in TV program "60 minutes" that Bush for 3 generations are members of "Skull and Bones". It also showed the initiation ceremony (captured by night-vision camera), which includes a "slit throat ritual". A new member performs that to a naked female with red paint simulating blood. The ritual is a reminder of "Oath of silence", that they would be killed if they reveal the secrets to outsiders.

(*) Skull and Bones, By Kris Millegan

(*) Secret Alliance

Wu Siu Yan

P.S. LORD "One law for all" precept Vs. Secret alliance "They Vs. Us" precept.

Law of GOD and His Commandments

Main precepts of Christianity

Post 2

Democracy the solution ? Dark things of the world.
"Defrauding America" - A self-published book

There is a book, "Defrauding America" (3rd Edition), written by Rodney Stich, that contains much eye-opening facts of the present dark world. The author wrote from his own personal experience, as well as disclosures to him by deflected CIA agents. He publishes the book on his own, as no publisher would publish it for him.

I think we are heading towards extremely difficult times, therefore let all of us watch and pray, holding fast the teachings of GOD and Jesus, as well as GOD's laws/commandments, and wait for the mercy of GOD.

Jesus : "But he who endures to the end will be saved." [Mt 24:13].

Law of GOD and His Commandments

Main precepts of Christianity

Post 3

There is no future for HK if people keep saying "We are in the center of a lake, and we cannot control ourself."

We should never sell our soul for survival, obey dark orders to harm strangers whom we never know.

孟子﹕"魚, 我所欲也; 熊掌, 亦我所欲也, 二者不可得兼, 舍魚而取熊掌者也. 生, 亦我所欲也; 義, 亦我所欲也, 二者不可得兼, 舍生而取義者也."

Our life here is a "probation". There is afterlife. Look to Jesus who did only what was lawful and right in the eyes of GOD, even at the peril of death.

The way of Confucius/Mencius is also the way of Jesus.

Compare Confucius'

  • do not do to others what you do not wish others to do to you;
  • make your heart pure as a baby;
  • reverent; sober; conduct ourselves as if walking on thin ice;
  • family love and care;
  • mercy/compassion; (parable of a baby about to fall into a well)
  • ...
with those of Jesus'.

Change our hearts first before attempting to change the system.

Post 4

Books every Chinese should read, especially during tumultuous times

Confucius' Analect

1. (Chinese)

2. (English)

3. (Simplified Chinese)


1. (English)

2. (Chinese)

3. (Simplified Chinese)

鏗 鏘 集 FORUM

Teen 外 有 天

I think Confucius/Mencius, ..., our forefathers, would grieve for the youths of Hong Kong -- a generation totally lost.

Compare the knowledge of our forefathers, and the knowledge of youths today, who know more about life ?

Our forefathers feared Heaven, High King. (天, 上帝). In "Shu Jing" or "Sham Shu" (書經 或 尚書), a history book of the earliest kings of China, the word "Heaven 天", "High King 上帝" appeared many times. Our forefathers knew GOD exists; whereas HK people do not.

FEAR GOD, because every mis-conduct will have its punishment.

積善之家, 必有餘慶, 積不善之家, 必有餘殃. [書]曰 : "作善降之百祥, 作不善, 降之石殃." 此實守家成敗之符也.
( 取自 "四庫全書" )

Do not corrupt the moral of a society. Every action of us has its consequences, therefore do not corrupt the moral of a society. RTHK should be careful with its programs, especially when it affects our youths, and future generations.

Law of GOD and His Commandments