By Wu Siu Yan
30th June 2015

Why did many Hong Kong youths join the Occupy Central Movement, ...?

Things did not happen overnight, the underlying cause of this was due to some 20-30 years of cruel treatment from the Security people, who acted the Chinese communist style, to all the people of Hong Kong.

From my own personal experience, this Security Force from China started to operate as early as in the 70s.

When they operated in Hong Kong, they operated in the Communist way -- totalitarian control.

Hong Kong have been a place of "Rule of Law" -- all authorities must be explicitly stated in the law books. e.g. The power of police is strictly written in the Police Ordinance.

If that authority is not written in the Law Books, the power is assumed NONE. British ruled Hong Kong this way -- "Rule of Law". Therefore people live in liberty and safety.

The Security people from China did not operate this way, they just order people this, and order people that; and they give order to all the institutions of Hong Kong.

Therefore all the institutions in Hong Kong have been turned upside down by the Security people; and resentment grow and grow.

People in the institutions got orders from the Security Bureau, they were afraid (perhaps angry), yet they did not know that they do not have to obey (for authority, if not written in the Laws, are not valid). But few people in Hong Kong truly know the (British) Common Laws, and "Rule of Law", so they obey, but in their heart, they resent this.

They were angry yet afraid to speak. And this happen for some 25 - 30 years. This happen even today, never stopping!

Hence all people, in all institutions, in all ways of life, suffer under the hand of this Communist way of Security people. Yet they dare not speak out, for the orders came from the Security People. They were angry yet afraid to speak.

Hence anger grow and grow among the people.

The fact that you hear NOTHING, NOTHING bad about the Security people in the TV, in the Newspaper, in the media, ... is sure proof that they are extremely cruel that people are AFRAID to tell the truth.

When GOD Almighty created human, GOD meant that they study and learn and obey His laws/commandments

(*) Law of GOD and His Commandments

Human should behave according to the will of GOD, and the will of GOD is plainly stated in the 5 books of Moses, and in the PROPHET books (those "thus said the LORD". From the saying of Jehovah, we know the heart of Jehovah, and from the sayings of Jesus, and Jesus is condescension of Jehovah).

When we make decisions, we should make decisions according to our conscience, according to the standard of right/wrong in the Laws/commandments of GOD.

i.e. People should obey their conscience, and not orders from people.

The communists are not so. They obey order from people (their leaders) and not their conscience.

Moreover, the communists NEVER know who their true leaders are! (their chain of command is never revealed.)

Communists, is one kind of DARK ALLIANCE, whose author is SATAN, the Devil, that fallen Archangel.

Anything that operate in the Dark is of the Devil.

GOD operate in the Light, e.g. the laws of GOD, as well as the Laws of Hong Kong, are plainly written to enable all to read and to know.

Because the communists know not their true leaders, they only receive and act out orders. Therefore wicked person can take this opportunity, and point out a good person, and say, "That is your leader", and say all orders are from this good person (whereas, that person is just a plain citizen and would never order people this or that), and tell people to obey.

Communists obey their "leaders" and not their own conscience, therefore, they blindly believe their leader is that good person. But one day, they will stand before GOD and give accounts. Hell awaits those who disobey GOD's laws/commandments but obey orders from people.

I must admit that there are good people among the old Communists, those who truly wanted to serve the people.

But they are deceived, for a DARK organization whose founder is SATAN would never be of good to humanity, but for power and absolute rule. SATAN knows how to offer "bribes" (position and money) to his followers. Never take this bribe, or else you will be guilty before GOD. If you love position and the money and remain in this DARK organization, your serving of people will be canceled, for you have already receive your reward.

Therefore it is my strong advice to all those kind hearted good-intentioned communists to get out of this DARK organization, and turn and trust in Jesus instead -- for Jesus is the Creator and the Almighty GOD.

You must bear the Cross and follow Jesus everyday, and obey your conscience, and your conscience should be founded on the standard of right/wrong of GOD in the 5 books of Moses, and the Prophet books (Old Testament).

You may be killed, but there will be a resurrection, a resurrection of the good to eternal life, and the resurrection of the bad to eternal punishment.

The world will play out according the prophecies in the Bible, especially [Revelation].

There will be a time, when the situation becomes so bad that GOD will take out all who belong to Him, (this is what we Christians called "Rapture"), and after that, turn the world over to SATAN.

This is as if in the 2nd World War, Germany-Italy-Japan won and ruled the whole world. But this time, SATAN and the demons/devils under him will rule the whole world.

This will not be long, when the events in [Revelation] will play out.

You see people burnt in fire in the recent Taiwan Color Party, it will be much much more terrible when events in [Revelation] play out.

Repent, turn to Jesus, live a Holy Live; not resist the evil (like the Hong Kong youths), neither attempt to change the political system (for political system is determined by GOD and not you!). You just waste your time and energy, if not sinning in the process, if you join this "youth" protests.

If you live a holy life according to the will of GOD, then Jesus will lift you out, and you will not live under the rule of SATAN which is to come.

2/3 of mankind will perish under that rule.