The Danger of Centralized Command : example of Hospital Authority in Hong Kong

First one must understand that Hong Kong is no more than 410 square miles in area, roughly 20 miles by 20.5 miles, and yet from 1944 to 2001, the population jumped from 600,000 to 6,700,000, a tenfold increase, mostly because of refugees from China.

No Government could single-handedly handle this vast refugee problem, and the Governors of Hong Kong were wise in that they allowed all voluntary organizations to do whatever they like, e.g. build schools/hospitals, provide various kinds of social services, .... and the Government just provided land, and sometimes money to help them. Therefore the resourcefulness of these voluntary organizations, many of them are funded by Churches abroad, e.g. Catholic Church or Christian Churches, enabled the Government to handle many many crisis. (Note : Recent Management studies find that a big company is very inefficient, and big company would usually split into smaller companies and gives them independence, e.g. IBM Personal Computer Ltd., is an independent company from IBM.)

Some years before 1997 Hong Kong Government set up a "Hospital Authority", to put all hospitals under one centralized command, on the ground that it would make better use of resources (empty beds in one hospital would be available to another hospital in need.)

Government put in Mr. Chung Sze-Yuen, a highly esteemed and beloved person, to gather all hospitals under the "Hospital Authority". He is a good man, and held public offices for many years (legislative councillor, principal of HungHom Polytechnic, .... ). Government met no opposition in having all hospitals give up their controls.

I did not see anything wrong with this "Authority", and I think very few people in Hong Kong know, except perhaps the staff in various hospitals - that this "Authority" is controlled by the Secret Alliance[1], which controls the Security Branch of Hong Kong, and Security Branch controls the Police.

My father has been hospitalized for nearly 6 months, and every day, or every other day, I would visit my father, and I saw and knew the situation there. If my father had not been hospitalized, I would be as ignorant as every other Hong Kong people, and believe that "Hospital Authority" makes better use of resources.

The Secret Alliance has authority to put whoever nurse or doctor to do whatever it orders he/she to. And the Secret Alliance let not the nurses or nursing assistants work in the same ward day after day. They would work in one ward one day, and work in another ward another day, and a few days later, they would come back and work in that ward. Thus any evils done by the Secret Alliance to the patients the nurses or nursing assistants could never know.

Now America is going to put all intelligence organizations under one command, this makes me think of the "Hospital Authority" in Hong Kong.

I think we are facing difficult times ahead, and I think the only way to avert this would be to educate all people in the Laws of GOD, and tell them to keep LORD's Laws and Commandments. And also urge them to study LORD's political system as outlined in "Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges" of Old Testament. Perhaps, LORD will help us out.

Wu Siu Yan
13th November, 2001.


[1] Secret Alliance

Secret Alliance usually originates from one person (or a group of persons) who lusts for power. Members who join Secret Alliance must swear an Oath of Silence, they must not betray the secrets to outsiders, or else they lose their lifes. They are highly organized and they protect one another right or wrong, not only minor crimes, but up to murders.

They share power, wealth together. It is the "They-Us precept" and not LORD's "One Law for All" precept.

They would resort to murder to achieve their purposes. Mr. Lee Kuan-Yew of Singapore talked about the Communist Party in Singapore in the 60's : "If you oppose them, they will fix you. When they fix you, they shoot you!". Please read [Book of Daniel, Old Testament, Chapter 7] for LORD's revelation on this. If you have the time, [Book of Mormon] is a worthwhile book, it described the Secret Alliance among the Maya people and how it caused the total destruction of the Maya people.

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