How I became a Christian

Wu Siu Yan

I was not a Christian at first, and I opposed Christianity. Then one night in December 1965, our school had a party to celebrate Christmas.

I was happy in the party, for there were food, games ..., but when I walked home after the party (my house was only 10 minutes' walk from my school), I had an acute sense of emptiness.

On arriving home, I took out the Bible, which was given to my mother by a missionary, and opened it randomly. It so happened that I opened to Matthew 5,6,7 -- the famous "Sermon on the Mount" by Jesus.

I was deeply moved by Jesus' teachings, and I realized my sins, multitude of sins, and felt very sorry. Also I remembered the love one Christian classmate had on me, and I cried and believed in Jesus. That was in the year 1965, many years ago.

I have up and downs in my spiritual road, but lord Jesus, in his mercy, punished me and brought me back, and I am now today. In the processes, I realized the importance of keeping the laws/commandments.

Thanks to my god and shepherd and heavenly father, Jesus.


The Chinese Bible I read was translated from the English Bible. It contained two vital translation errors concerning [Matthew 5,6,7].

First, it is [Mt 5:6] "Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness : for they shall be filled (with the HOLY SPIRIT)."

The Chinese translation conveys the meaning "the stomach will be filled!" -- physical and not spiritual.

The second translation error is [Mt 6:22-23] "The light of the body is the eye : if therefore thine eye be single (for the glory of GOD), thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. ... "

Chinese translation conveys the meaning "if your eye is bright, your whole body shall be full of light; if your eye is dull, your whole body shall be in darkness." -- again, the translation refers to physical and not spiritual.

Here Jesus taught us that if we view all things GOD created with goodwill, we will be full of light; but if we view GOD's creations (whether they be our fellow citizens, or animals, or plant, ....) with evil-will, we will be in darkness, great darkness. Also, when we do things, our eye should be soley for the glory of GOD, not for reputation etc.

These two errors confuse many people, me included. I made another translation in my webpage "C_jesus.htm".