Letter between me and a teenager in a homeschool talkgroup

I think a lot of religions, worship the same God/dess/whatever in the same respect, just with different names.

Yes, I agree. We Chinese called LORD "high king", or "high heaven". The Jehovah Witness call Him Jehovah. The Islam people call Him Allah.

You can read a book and live by the moralness to it, but everyone, just under common sense, should know to be faithful, loyal, and to have justice and mercy within their hearts.

Yes. But Jesus and LORD taught us more. e.g. Jesus : "Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven." [Mt 18:3-4]

Therefore, Christians keep their heart pure as a child. Even I am 51 now, my heart is still like that when I was 10 or 12. My knowledge may grow, but my heart always remain as that when I was 10.

This kind of teachings are not found in other religions.

We believe that Jesus is actually the Almighty GOD, the creator of the Universe, coming in human form to teach us. Who else can perform those miracles Jesus did ?

Jesus lived a noble life. He was constantly persecuted, and even been stoned many times, and finally the bad people got him, and killed him by nailing him to a cross. But LORD GOD resurrected him, and many disciples saw him, and bore witness that he has risen from death.

Christians believe that we should live our lifes like Jesus. Do the right thing, walk humbly with GOD, and fear not death (therefore, we will not bow to pressure, nor sell our soul to do evil). We believe there is a place called Paradise, where all good people, those childlike good people, will go, after death. We also believe that there is another place, called hell, where the bad people will go and receive punishment.

Jesus has resurrected, and many people saw him after he has risen from death. We Christians believed that.

Jesus taught us many things, and you may find them in the Gospel of Matthew, Gospel of Luke, Gospel of John. Do you have a Bible ?

Sermon on the Mount is the main stay of Jesus' teachings, and you may find it in


I think it's great you wish to reach out to people,but I do not understand why soooo mannyyyy...people are trying to preach constantly about some type of religion. Whether it's Christianity, Paganism, Atheism, whatever, I think we need to just let people be. "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone" and I think that is sorta self-explanatory. :)

The reason, if we follow Jesus' teachings : pure as a child, humble as a child, lowly and humble in heart, wash the feet of other people (i.e. serve other people), kind, merciful, love one another, ... and look to Paradise where all childlike good people will be, and fear not death (for if we do not do bad things, we will be resurrected like Jesus), and be patient (patient endurance, bear the cross and follow Jesus everyday, as good people would usually be persecuted by bad people), we can live a very peaceful and joyful life. Therefore, we wish other people to have the same peace and joy as we have, therefore, missionaries go to preach to people, and let them know the teachings of LORD and of Jesus.

Try to follow the teachings of Jesus, and you can enjoy the same peace and joy.

Christians see that many people are sick, many people torment themselves because of pride/sin, therefore we wish to help. It is not that we wish to interfere other's life. We wish them to have a BETTER and joyous life.

If not for all those others reasons,what is the *main* reason you wished to join homeschool groups? I don't mind you staying on here at all, I just want all the facts on why you're here. :)

The main reason is that I wish to preach the teachings of Jesus and the teachings of LORD, so that other people can enjoy the friendship of our Creator, the Almighty God, and have the hope of resurrection to a place where all good childlike people will be.

As for "blessing, curse". It is because LORD rules the Universe with His Laws (e.g. no stealing, no committing adultery, no false witnessing, no slander, no homo-sexuality, no oppressing the orphan and widow, ...), and those who breaks LORD's Laws will be punished. Those who keep LORD's Laws will be blessed. You may as well check out my webpage "Law and Commandments of LORD" at