On Jesus' miraculous healings

Wu Siu Yan
30 April 2013

Jesus healed many people just by his words. He fed thousands of people with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish ..... How was it possible ?

To understand all these, you have to read the Book of Enoch,
when GOD talked of creation (which starts from Chapter 24).

GOD, the fundamental spirit, is the spirit of love you see among innocent toddlers in kindergarten. The spirit of ABC (A = accuracy, B = brevity, C = clarity) of some writers, is part of it. The spirit of mathematicians -- truth and truth only, that would accept nothing except by rigorous logical derivations from extremely simple axioms, is also part of it. The spirit of craftsmanship, of working step by step patiently, is also part of it.

With this fundamental spirit are all the TRUTHS. What are TRUTHs ? I cannot explain it fully to you unless you have good knowledge of mathematics --- Advanced Calculus, Complex Analysis, Linear Algebra, ...; and Operational Research --- Logistics, Computer Simulation, ....

This fundamental spirit thought of all creations before He started creating.

He perceived an age of light, and He created this age of light, and come out among this light, and He is Jehovah, which have the shape of a human being. (Whereas the fundamental spirit has no shape.)

He also perceived "darkness", and created "darkness", which is "hard, heavy, red" (what comes to your mind when you see "red" light, or red things ? Dare you eat a "red frog" in Amazon jungle? or "red sea cucumber" on sea floor ?)

He taught us to choose light and not darkness, to walk in light and not in darkness, but He let us have our own freewill.

Billions of designs are needed in creation.

Say, the elements (Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon, ... ) in the Periodic Table (Chemistry), which make up all matters. The solutions of "Schrodinger Equation" (in Quantum Mechanics) yield all the elements in the Periodic Table. Who designed this Schrodinger Equation ? The fundamental spirit.

Elements have to be combined together to form rock, water, .... These need additional governing equations -- all designed by Jehovah.

After Jehovah created the rock, water, Jehovah created the angels. The bodies of angels are created out of rock and water. Angels are created with wings that enable them to go instantly to places they want to go to.

As the body of angel is complex and different from human body, Jehovah must have made many, many designs. (Ask the robotic engineers, how many designs they need to make a functioning robot.)

Jehovah gave angels free will, just as He gave human free will. And one angel, Satan, together with the angels under him, rebelled against Jehovah.

After Jehovah created the angels, Jehovah created the trees, stars, fish/birds, animal, human in succession. This involved billions and billions individual designs.

Jehovah created human in His own image, after his own likeness. And he breathed into him His own breath, and also allow the "winds" to influence him. Thus the "soul" of human is from the breath of Jehovah and the winds.

All creations come into being because of Jehovah's providence. If Jehovah stopped His providence, we, together with all animal/fish/bird/tree would die and disappear.

Jehovah, the fundamental spirit, is present in all things/creations; He knows all. Jehovah knows the thinking of all human beings, all angels, all animals, .... He has almighty power over all things He created.

Jehovah gave human His commandments, which they should live by. Specifically, Jehovah gave Moses the laws/commandments/ordinances/statutes (which are recorded in [Genesis][Exodus][Leviticus][Numbers][Deuteronomy]). These teach us how we should act towards GOD (one GOD only Jehovah), SATAN/fallen angels/evil spirits (never bow down nor worship them), parents, neighbours, society, land, animal, plant, ... how to live among Jehovah's other creations, and how to keep ourselves physically clean,

(*) Law of GOD and His commandments
http://wjesus.org/true.htm (English)
http://wjesus.org/C_true.htm (Chinese)
(*) Health rules in the Bible

Jehovah explicitly said, [Exodus 15:26] : "If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the LORD thy God, and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians : for I am the LORD that healeth thee."

(Syphilis, one kind of venereal disease, if seen under the microscope, are little worms that travel to all parts of a human body.)

We know that Adam disobeyed Jehovah's commandment of "not to eat the tree of knowledge of good and evil", and since then, rebellion and not obedience prevail among human -- we all live lifestyles doomed to death. Satan/fallen angels/evil spirits work very hard among human to cause rebellion to Jehovah, invisible to us.

Then came Jesus, born of Mary but without human father. His father is the fundamental spirit. (Jesus had only 24 chromosomes whereas human has 46 chromosomes, read
http://www.covenantkeepers.co.uk/ and see the videos there. This seems incredulous, but be patient, read over the webpage, and see all the videos there, and then form your own conclusion.)

The spirit of Jesus is the spirit of Jehovah, which is the personification of the fundamental spirit. Jesus lived in total obedience to the commandments of Jehovah, to show us how to fulfill the laws/commandments (the Pharisees made the laws/commandments so inhumane and burdensome and fault-finding), and he lived in total submission to Jehovah's will, even death on a cross.

Jesus [John 15:10] : "If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father's commandments, and abide in his love." You will never have the love of Jehovah, if you believe the theologians and think laws/commandments are obsolete and live like Adam and not in obedience like Jesus.

Jesus, in a sense is Jehovah in human form, lived a life of human, undergoing all the trials and pains of human, to show us the "way" (Jesus is the "way, life and truth") to eternal life, which Adam should have had had he not disobeyed Jehovah's commandment of "not to eat the tree of knowledge of good and evil".

Jesus, after his ascension, resumes the role of Jehovah. He and Jehovah and the fundamental spirit are ONE. He who sees Jesus sees Jehovah.

How is it possible, that the fundamental spirit put on the shape of Jehovah, did the creation, then came down and lived the life of a human -- learn to walk, to talk, to acquire knowledge, ... ? This only the fundamental spirit knows.

Since the fundamental spirit is the designer and creator of all things, He is not subjected to material constraints, is not subjected to the "governing equations" He Himself created, thus Jesus performed all those miracles.

We human called them miracles, but in truth, they are normal, everyday, workings of the fundamental spirit.

In recent years, if you search "Youtube", you will find many people coming back from death, many people miraculously healed, ... All these are not "miracles" to the fundamental spirit. They are miracles only to us, who are blinded by Satan and his angels to believe material is everything, spirit is nothing.

People sought Jesus when Jesus walked on earth, for healing. Can we seek Jesus for miraculous healing nowadays even when Jesus walked not on earth, but back in heaven assuming the role of Jehovah ? Certainly.

(*) Teachings of Jesus [Matthew 5,6,7]
http://wjesus.org/jesus.htm (English)
http://wjesus.org/C_jesus.htm (Chinese)

Lastly, I would say NOT ALL would be healed. For example, in [Job], Job must have prayed to Jehovah for help, but Jehovah did not help him, but let Satan afflict him. So is the same today, some would be left in the hand of Satan, but be patient and submit to Jehovah's will, and never doubt the goodwill of Jehovah (see the later end of Job).