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For all Hong Kong people, as well as those who have emigrated overseas

If you are living in Hong Kong, or you have emigrated overseas, but still remember and care for the people here, you are welcome to join the following Yahoo group,


If you have an Yahoo mail account, you can join. If you do not have an Yahoo mail account, you can get one free, by clicking to the Yahoo website (or any local Yahoo website, or just click the group and sign up as new user for the group, and you get a free email account as well as becoming a member at the same time.)

Share your thinking on Hong Kong by posting your views.

For those who are concerned with events of the world

If you want to express your views on world events, you may join the group,


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Share your thinking on the world by posting your views.


LORD's political system Vs. Roman's system

Our political system is inherited from the Romans.

LORD's political system is described in Genesis to Judges, Old Testament. Its main features are (1) extremely simple Laws that no addition nor deletion are allowed, (2) Free justice, no lawyer fee nor court fee, (3) Country wide Moral Education by the Levites, (4) voluntary taxation of tithe.

Topics pertaining to this (e.g. feasibility of its implementation in this ever complex world, and how), or other topics, as long as they are decent, are welcome.


Mencius : "A nation is founded on family. A family is founded on individual."

  1. Terrible things happening in this world that every concerned citizen should know
  2. Some sayings of Confucius (a quick introduction to Confucius in less than half an hour!)
  3. Some sayings from "The Moderate Way", a traditional classic of China
  4. Some sayings from "Great Learning", a traditional classic of China
  5. Learn the best of Chinese teachings, teachings of old, in just one webpage!
  6. GOD's rule "Keep the laws/commandments => Blessing; Break the laws/commandments => Curse" will never fail for all ages
  8. Unknown Variant of Pneumonia
  9. The importance of honoring the elders

    "Today we elders are assembled together, let us diligently pass on the ancient teachings to our youngsters, let us diligently pass on the finest wisdom to our youngsters."

    (Words of a song of indigenous mountain people of Taiwan, who are descendants of Mayans of America.)

  10. Muslims must widen their horizon in these dangerous times
    Muslims must be honest and upright -- The Plight of the Muslims in Chechen and elsewhere
    The good and bad attitudes of Muslims
    When there is an "Ayatollah", or Pope, or church president, it signifies trouble
  11. Pastor Yuan was imprisoned by the Chinese Government for 21 Years
  14. If your children watch horror films, they may not be able to sleep
  15. To Catholics about St Mary's apparitions for poor children
  16. LORD would not do things without giving reasons : death of all Mayans
  17. Reply to Henrietta Bowman of Sierra Times
  18. Letter between me and a teenager in a homeschool talkgroup
  20. The meaning of Baptism
  21. Helpless ? No angels to intervene in the Affairs of Man ?
  23. Facing Death
  25. [On Political Systems (1)] Ancient China did not have legislative laws like that of the West
  26. [On Political Systems (2)] Legislative Laws made by men without country-wide moral education simply would not work
  27. Fate ? Destiny ?
  28. My answers to some questions of Life
  29. Dream
  31. wine
  32. Solemn Warning About joining Secret Gang/Society
  33. China has joined the WTO and Greed will come
  34. The Danger of Centralized Command : example of Hospital Authority in Hong Kong
  35. Danger of Philosophical Discussion
  36. The Unique Role of Jesus on Planet Earth - an essay written with Moslems in mind
  37. Rule of Law OR Rule by Security People
  38. How to Avert a Recession
  39. Fortune ? Destiny ?
  40. Invitation to Participate in Christian Forum
  41. Secret Alliance Vs. Law
  42. Guns to the people ?
  43. Consecrate Yourselves and be Holy
  44. Having faith in LORD Vs. Faithless
  45. The friend who never fails you
  46. The road every one should walk
  47. Learn Not the Way of the Nations
  48. How Hong Kong handled refugee problems
  49. Social Responsibility
  50. When Secret Alliance has gained control of everything, including Government, ...
  51. The Eye is the Lamp of the Body
  52. Bin Laden the mastermind ? How to arrive at the truth ?
  53. Economy policy ? or LORD's words ?
  54. One Law for All, Shed not innocent blood
  55. This day is a day of tragedy - planes crashing into the World Trade Center and Pentagon
  56. The reasons why I recommend the Book of Mormon to Christians
  57. Love enough ? No commandments needed ?
  58. From one extreme to another extreme
  59. [** IN CHINESE **] Walk in the light Vs. Walk in darkness
  60. Judging others Vs. forming our own judgement
  61. Death, Hell, Paradise, Second Death, New Heaven and New Earth
  62. High Blood Pressure, Blocking of Artery, etc
  63. How to disinfect : Bible's way
  64. Rights of a Person
  65. TV Interview of a man who had been in the Secret Society
  66. Food preparation can affect Energy in Food
  67. How to drink water safely in the wild
  68. Justice, Moral Education - the two pillars in any society
  69. Chinese should pay attention to Nutrition
  70. Why China forsook "Moral Education" at the turn of the Century
  71. Plain, simple, ebooks on Computer for Everyone
  72. Natural Laws
  73. Hong Kong have been raining for more than a week (June 2001)
  74. "It is very difficult to live in this world, pressure comes from four sides and eight directions"
  75. (Judicial Trials) Evils in the name of finding out the Truth
  76. Trial before the WHOLE CONGREGATION, responsibility of EVERYONE of us
  77. Moral Education of Ancient China has Profound Effect even up to today
  78. Whose responsibility : Government or Every one of Us
  79. Lottery for Welfare ?
  80. Questions about various Political Systems
  81. A girl is forced into prostitution
  82. Understand the Ancient Chinese Political System
  83. Death of a Nation/Dynasty
  84. Craftsmanship
  85. Should English or Chinese be the medium of instruction in Schools of Hong Kong
  86. How to treat boils and burns with Honey
  87. Clean Vs. Unclean
  88. Recently a man committed suicide in Hong Kong
  89. Political System in Hong Kong Vs. Ancient Political System in China
  90. "Plead for the widow, defend the fatherless [Is 1:17]" Vs. "hit a dog while she is in water"
  91. About the TV Series "Survivors II"
  92. Copyright Vs. Copyleft
  93. Your own sin is your enemy, not from outside
  94. If your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it out and throw it away ...
  95. About the conflict between Israel and Palestine people
  96. The arrest of , a Chinese female scholar who had emigrated to USA
  97. Quota System Vs. One Standard for All
  99. Falon Gong
  100. NO AUTHORITY, NO RESPONSIBILITY : Shall we condemn top civil servants whose authority to make changes are limited?
  101. [Essays of S.Y.Wu formerly put under DISCUSSION AREA]

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