Death, Hell, Paradise, Second Death, New Heaven and New Earth

Only a few are taken up directly to LORD after death, e.g. Moses, Jesus.

For those who break LORD's Laws and justice hasn't been done to them in their life time, they will suffer in Hell, until they have paid "the last penny" [Mt 5:26].

For those who suffer at the hand of evil men and have not been recompensed during their life time, they will be recompensed in Paradise, until they have got the full legal recompense.

Then there will be one day, called "Judgement Day",

  1. Some will have their soul destroyed in the Lake of Fire. This is called "Second Death".

  2. Some will enter a new Earth (the former Earth will be useless then, because of pollution, and the exhaustion of minerals, ...)

  3. Demons, the evil spirits that tempt people into wickedness, ... etc. will be punished eternally.

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