23rd October, 2001

Dear Friend,

Invitation to Participate in Christian Forum

If you think Christian should be "honest, upright, sober, firm in keeping the commandments of LORD and teachings of Jesus, holy, and act according to TRUTH", then I sincerely invite you to participate in my Forum.


Some are taught that commandments are no longer needed, as salvation is "by grace, not by work". Yes, it is grace. Once we believe in Jesus, LORD GOD will give us "the software of Jesus", in place of the "software inherited from Adam who ate the tree of the Knowledge of Good of Evil". This "software" is "freeware", no money needed, no work needed. But it doesn't mean the Laws and Commandments are abolished.

As for the Law, the precepts of it are simple : "mercy, faithfulness, justice". Jesus was the first person to have done nothing against TRUTH, thus fulfilling the Law. And we Christians are expected to do the same, i.e. fulfill the righteousness in the Law.

The physical aspects of the Law, e.g. "sheep/cattle/dove used in sacrifices" are no longer needed. They were a reminder to people of old that we should be like a child, submissive to whatever our heavenly Father, the LORD, would inflict upon us, much like the sheep, the cattle, the turtledove in facing death.

Now as Jesus had died on the cross, much like a lamb that was slaughtered, this physical aspect of the Law is not longer required.

We should know all the Laws and Commandments, but only 4 commandments are strictly required, [Acts 15:28]

  1. Do not eat food that has been sacrificed to idols/demons.

  2. Eat no blood.

  3. Eat no strangled animal, because the blood has not been let out.

  4. No unchastity.

Just as LORD regarded David having done no wrong other than the incident of Uriah [2 Samuel 11,12] for his whole life, we should have confidence that LORD will be merciful and would not condemn the guiltless. Therefore keeping the Law and Commandment should not be wearisome nor burdensome.

Moreover, when facing adversity, if, after searching our heart deeply, we know we haven't broken LORD's Laws, we will have great confidence in whatever situation we might be in, and know that LORD would be on our side. LORD said in [Lev 26] "Keep the Law => Blessing; Break the Law => Curse ". If you keep NOT LORD's Laws and Commandments, you can easily sink into depression when facing adversity.

Therefore, I hope you would make good use of this Forum, to put up, or to join in, discussion there. I hope that would be a place for us to share our experience, to discuss problems, to edify, to encourage, one another.

(Note : When I set up the Forum, I originally meant it for discussion pertaining to LORD's political system - the political system LORD gave Moses during Exodus, in which one tribe out of 12 tribes was responsible for (a) Moral Education of the people (b) Administering Justice free of charge and promptly. I think this political system is vastly superior to our political system, which was designed by the Romans. But just forget it now, and post any topic you like to the Forum.)

Peace be to you.

From a preacher of Christianity,
Wu Siu Yan

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