Wu Siu Yan
July 2011

Jesus is GOD of heaven and earth. Jesus was the creator.

Jesus was also the law giver. The laws, commandments, ordinances, statutes of Moses in [Genesis] to [Deuteronomy] came from Jesus.

Jehovah came down in human form (i.e. Jesus), condescension of GOD, to show us how to fulfill the laws and commandments he gave.

Paul tried to fulfill the laws/commandments the Pharisee's way, which is not the way Jesus wanted us to fulfill, and because of this, he rejected the laws/commandments all together.

Look to Jesus, see how Jesus fulfill the laws/commandments, and not to the Pharisees. YOU HAVE TO FULFILL THE LAWS/COMMANDMENTS TO BE BLESSED.

Jesus himself plainly said in [Matthew 5] that he came not to abolish the laws/commandments, but to fulfill them, and taught us to keep the commandments, and to teach them.

The fact that even Jesus requested baptism from John, which is a commandment from Jehovah, showed that Jesus was willing to obey the commandments of the FATHER.

Unless you eat the flesh of Jesus, and drink his blood, you have no life in you.

The yearly "breaking of bread, drinking of juice of grape" is a yearly reminder that we have to eat the flesh of Jesus, drink the blood of Jesus.

When the elders in Jerusalem discussed whether to bid the believers of Christ to keep the laws/commandments/ordinances/statutes of Moses, they said that the books of Moses were preached everyday, everywhere in the synagogues. That is, believers knew the laws/commandments at that time. Therefore, not to burden them, they told them that they keep the minimum four :

(1) Eat no food sacrificed to idols
(2) No unchastity (no adultery)
(3) Drink/eat no blood
(4) Eat not strangled animals where blood was not drained out.

That does not mean the laws and commandments are abolished. The situation is not so today, believers know NOT the laws/commandments/ordinances/statutes because churches do not teach them.

Jesus cautioned his disciples, his believers to "beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees".

Paul was brought up a Pharisee. Determinism was one of the Pharisee's beliefs.

Read the whole Bible, search if you find any philosophical talk? You find none except in the letters of Paul.

Theology makes people forget all the teachings of Jehovah, all the teachings of Jesus.

Ask any Christians, how many of the teachings of Jehovah, of Jesus they know ? Do they know all the points in [Sermon on the Mount], can they recite the Ten Commandments ?

If you walk the footstep of Paul, and not the footstep of Jesus, what you experience will be what Paul experienced, or what the author of "Pilgrim Progress" experienced. You can never experience what Jesus experienced when he walked the life of a human and obeyed the precepts in [Deuteronomy].

The "Letter of James" clearly shows that this philosophical talk "justification by faith, faith and not work" was already working havoc some years later.

"Letters from Peter" also showed that Paul's letters were confusing many in the church [2 Peter 3:14-16].

Learn and walk the teachings of Jehovah, the teachings of Jesus.

The fact that GOD allowed letters of Paul be included in the Bible does not mean the words of Paul is the word of GOD, much less can REPLACE THE TEACHINGS OF JEHOVAH AND JESUS. GOD wanted us to know the whole fact, whether it is good or bad. (Similarly, "Song of Solomon" is not the word of GOD, but a book to enable us to understand the heart and mind of Solomon, why he had 1000 concubines. A warning to those who circumcised not their hearts.)

I tell you plainly a fact -- many, many that believe "justification by faith, and no work" are already in Hell. They are the goats on the left side of Jesus, and not the sheep on the right side of Jesus [Matthew 25]. They are those whom Jesus said he would reject on Judgement Day [Matthew 7] -- "I never know you, you evil doers."

In the [Book of Malachi], the last book in the Old Testament, Jehovah plainly told us not to forget the laws/commandments/ordinances/statutes He delivered to Moses.

Read the Book of Mormon, which you may download from "Project Gutenberg", an organization that put expired copy-righted books online,

which is the history of the native Americans for the period 600 B.C. to 420 A.D.

I do not say you join the Mormon Church, nor believe their other books (e.g. they have "Doctrines and Covenants", the revelations received by Joseph Smith from the evil spirits.) You join the Mormon church at your own risk.

The two history books, the Bible as well as Book of Mormon, show clearly the heart of Jehovah that he wants his creations to keep the laws/commandments. A point Moses most emphatically emphasized in [Deuteronomy] -- keeping/breaking laws/commandments is life/death, blessing/curse.

Jesus : "Unless you turn and become like children, you can NEVER enter the kingdom of Heaven."

Rapture -- meet Jesus' standards to escape the coming tribulation, which is coming fast
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Jesus is the WAY, LIFE AND TRUTH

To believe in Jesus is the same as believing in theology ?

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