This day is a day of Tragedy

Airplanes crashing into World Trade Centers and Pentagon
11th September, 2001.

This day is a day of tragedy, many lives are lost and many people lost their loved ones. But amid this sadness, we still see great display of kindness and humanity in many people. Let our hearts go to those brave people and to those who have lost loved ones.

This tragedy prompts us to consider the will of GOD on America.

Ever since the flood of Noah, and the America continent emerged from the flood, LORD GOD has a distinct will on this land.

The will is simple : this precious land will be a land of Liberty, and those who live upon it must serve LORD. Those who keep His Laws and Commandments will be blessed and will be preserved, those who break His Laws and Commandments will be cursed and cannot remain on this land.

That fact is reflected in the dealings of LORD with ancient people on this land. There had been two groups of people on this land, one were the Jaredites, and one were the Nephites (Maya people), and they were both destroyed because they did abominable things and broke LORD's Laws.

Book of Mormon, which comprises 15 small books, and mostly written by Maya people living during the time 600 B.C. to 420 A.D. (one book was written much earlier, and its date cannot be ascertained) is an accurate historical record for this period 600 B.C. to 420 A.D.

The book was originally engraved on metal plates, mostly brass and gold plates, in Maya heiroglyphs. The last one who wrote on the plates, Moroni, for fear of the record being destroyed by other people, buried all the plates under the ground in around the year 420 A.D.

Joseph Smith found and translated the records in around 1823. He established a church, Church of Latter Day Saints later. But he and his church introduced many abominable practices that most people would condemn, that people reject the book. As a matter of fact, Joseph Smith was only a translator, what he and his church did have no relevance to the book.

I have read over the book three times, and as we have Maya map available and Maya photographs of towers/architecture available, I can check the validity of the description of the book, and find it correlate extremely well with Maya relics, and observable facts nowadays.

As the dealings of LORD are amply shown in this book, I recommend this book (the Book of Mormon) to all those who love our lord Jesus and LORD.

I will stand before the Judgement Seat of Him in the Last day, and my act of recommending the book to you will be judged. If I send your soul to hell because of this, I will be condemned, perhaps to eternal punishment. But as I have been a Christian since 16, and now I am 51, and I know what I am doing.

One may ask : are the teachings of LORD and of Jesus complete in the Bible, why need this book ? Yes, all the teachings of LORD and of Jesus are in the Bible, but this book provides extremely valuable historical lessons, just as the Old Testament provides valuable historical lessons. There are other reasons, click here to read my other essay : The reasons why I recommend the book to Christians.

Please download that book and read it for yourself.

Lastly, my warning : I am not recommending the Church of Latter Day Saints, my proposition is simple "Book of Mormon is a true history of Maya people for the period 600 B.C. - 420 A.D." and those who live on the American continent, and care about it, should read it. If you join the Church of Latter Day Saints, or learn those "Mormonism" - precepts Joseph Smith or his church introduced, you must assume full responsibility for yourself, and I am free of your blood.

From a preacher of Christianity,
Wu Siu Yan

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