A girl is forced into prostitution

On the evening of 25th May, 2001, there was shown on Hong Kong TV a documentary.

Some reporters from TVB (one of two public TV companies in Hong Kong) went to Sung-Chung, the region bordering Hong Kong and is administered by China.

They investigated prostitution problems in that region. Someone gave them cards, and on the cards are telephone numbers and advertisements boasting of beautiful girls.

One reporter got a room in a hotel, and hid a video camera, then rang the telephone. No sooner a girl called at his room, and offer sex service at a fee. The reporter talked with her for some time, then turned her away.

Then the reporter rang the telephone again. This time the other side said that they had a virgin, and would send her in together with a girl accompanying her.

The two girls called at the room. One girl was very shy, another girl who led the way, seemed to be a member of those controlling prostitution, persuaded the reporter vehemently to have sex with the girl for a fee.

The other girl just sat there, with her head drooped, and tears in her eye. The reporter tried to ask her several questions, but she did not answer. The other girl answered for her, telling the reporter that she came from Hunan province (? I cannot remember the region, Hunan province or Hupei Province ? Whether it be Hunan or Hupei, she must have travelled several hundred miles to get to Sung-Chung), and had been there for just 7 or 8 days.

The reporter offered her a tissue, and I heard the only words that came from her mouth, "Thank you". The reporter continued to talk to them, but steadfastly refuse the offer of sex. He asked her "What education level do you have ? ", "Would your mother and family members remember you ? ". Then he send them away, and tried to follow them. Being discovered that they were followed, they got into a taxi and went away.

How the girl got there from Hunan I do not know. Did she travel there voluntarily in search of jobs (many Hong Kong business men and industrialists have businesses/factories there, and also China poured in much fund to develop South East China, so job opportunities are much better than rural China), or was she cheated there by false job offers, or was she kidnapped ?

Imagine yourself being her, where can you get help ? Even if you are able to contact the police, would you be sure that the Police will help you ? You are supposed to be in a country which administers law and has policemen, yet you are in the hands of lawless and ruthless people.

I sincerely hope someone will rescue her, and send her back to her home, to her family members.

Globalization is good to the economy of many lands, and standards of living and material blessings increase as a result. But the legal system and political system is based on the Roman type of government, and such system (extremely high legal fees and man made yokes in legal proceedings) favours the rich and powerful, but does not favours the weak and helpless. Hence lots and lots of people can cheat innocent girls into prostitution, if not down-right kidnap. Even worse, even if our citizens want to help, the legal system and the police would not consent us doing so - law enforcing is in the hands of police only. (I remember a saying from an African who was employed in a court, when a judge complained to him about the "heinousness of the crimes" that came into his judgement, he replied, "We would chop up the bad guys and throw them into the rivers to feed the crocodiles, but you shut them up for a few months/years, and he will be free to do evils again.")

I only hope that Law of GOD and LORD's system will be on this planet Earth somedays in the future, and I hope people will volunteer themselves for the service of those helpless, and for the service of LORD's teachings and His Kingdom.

Let us pray for the poor girls.

(Note : Recently I stumbled across the site of "National Center for Constitutional Studies", and read some of their Newsletters. I found them very good reading. They have put all their newsletters on the Internet, from 1994 to 2001 May. Kindly inspect them if you have time.)

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