TV Interview of a man who had been in the Secret Society

First, for those who know little about Hong Kong :

  1. Hong Kong is a small place of 410 sq. miles, and houses about 6.5 million people. Therefore rent is very expensive.

  2. Also there are many immigrants from Mainland China, about 100 per day.

  3. Hong Kong does not issue Hawker Licence since 70's, those who have licences may still renew their licences.
    Those selling on the streets, without a fixed stall, are mostly hawkers without licence.
    As Hong Kong is near South China, where there are many factories, consumer goods may easily be obtained in Hong Kong. If you visit "Shum Shui Po Area", you can easily find rows and rows of wholesalers of garments. Wholesalers of other consumer goods are not difficult to find.

  4. Illegal hawkers, when caught, will have their goods confiscated, and this is fixed by law. Even if the judge may sympathize with the hawker, he cannot give back the goods to him. Fine of several hundred dollars has to be paid too.

  5. By Law, if one has lived in Hong Kong for more than a year, one may apply for Social Welfare.

The man told an incident : one day he and his buddies went to collect "protection money", he saw a young girl there who had not paid them. In his heart, he had not been willing to collect "protection money", "they are only trying to earn a few dollars for their two meals, why push them to the limit! " , he told the reporter. He sympathized with her, he told her secretly, "Get away from here fast, do not make the situation difficult for me." He knew that his buddies would not be so mild with those who didn't pay.

Imagine yourself an immigrant to a new land, and you find it hard to compete with the locals to get a decent job, and selling petty goods may be a way. At once, you are faced with violent men ! (not to mention the Government Hawker Control Team ! where all your goods, as well as several hundred dollars - the work of several days or a week - will go, if caught !)

One may think : why not complain to the Police ? Does the Police know this ?

Imagine yourself a policeman, and you know of this situation, how would you do to solve this ? (Questions to consider : what charge to bring against that bad man ? Will my superior, or other persons in the Police station, object to his arrest ? Will my colleagues laugh at me - a fool who knows not good nor evil ? What is the chance of a successful conviction ? What will the judge sentence him, even if convicted ? What will his buddies do to me or to my family members ? .... )

In all possibilities, even honest policeman can do nothing.

Our political system is not the BEST ! nor is LORD's simple system, as described in Judges, primitive.

Men of no account could rise to be judges (e.g. Ehud, Deborah, Barak, Gideon, Tola, Jair, ... , Jephthah, Samson.), and elders, priests, and even ordinary people, may all dispense justice. Moreover, there were teaching Levites and Priests doing only Moral Education.

Our present political system is evolved from the Roman System. This system was devised by the Romans to solve problems created by the Greek System (Why did the Greek System fail before the Romans ? What were the problems with the Greek System, and what measures did the Roman adopt to overcome these?) Why did the Greek rise to rebellion against the Media/Persia System and why was it so successful and won so much support? The Media/Persia system was installed by King Darius when he overthrew the Babylonia system ? What measures did King Darius introduce, and why did he introduce those measures ? and what long term effect would those measures produce ? Why was Darius able to overthrow the Babylonians ? What was wrong with the Babylonia system ? Why was the Babylonia system so successful in the first place that it enabled King Nebuchadnezzar to vastly increase his empire ?

The Bible, as it contains the history of many generations, is worth detail study. Moreover, it is short and up to the point, compared with many History books. May we study it, and ponder over it, and learn valuable historical lessons from it.

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