Recently a man committed suicide in Hong Kong

The man had a wife, and two children. His mother also lived with him.

He was unemployed, and only his mother is on welfare, the rest are not qualified for welfare. Because his wife and children were recent immigrants from China, thus not qualified.

He committed suicide, and reporters went to his home, and interviewed his wife. His wife told the reporters how hard they were to meet their needs. Their eldest son has to go to school, and school fees and books are expensive nowadays. But school he must go, or else he will not have a future. The youngest son is at age for kindergarten, and most youngsters in Hong Kong attend kindergarten. But the family cannot afford him to go, as fees is expensive too.

Rent they must pay. Hence what left of the welfare money is for food. The reporters found out that they buy small fish, those small fish people buy for their cats. And a few fish and rice were their daily food.

Seeing his family in such strait, and he not in a position to help, he committed suicide.

When people saw his wife in tears during the interview on TV, and how hard they were to meet their needs. Many people went to his home and donate money.

I myself had been poor, and for short journeys, I walk instead of taking a bus. Bus fare cost HK$3.5, and with this, I am able to buy 1 pound of rice! I had to calculate how I should spend that my money would sustain me for the days ahead! (Now that I am relatively better off, and do not have to worry about such things.)

From the response we can see many people are eager to help, but they have no knowledge of the plight of others.

The present day system puts everything on the shoulder of the Government. Justice and Law and Order, the police and judiciary is responsible. Welfare the Social Welfare Department is responsible. ....

Hence many retired people spend the rest of their lives in elderly home, whereas their experience and knowledge would qualify them as judges and counsellors and ministers of many civil services. And people have to spend tremendous money and wait long time to get justice in courts - and justice they may not get.

They are many lawless acts in Hong Kong too. But no one is to enforce law and order other than the police, and police is under the Department of Security (this is the state in Hong Kong, I don't know if Police is under the Department of Security elsewhere).

LORD's system is different from this system. Under LORD's system, one tenth of the people have to devote themselves to the work of LORD, i.e. teaching His Laws and Commandments and administer justice. MORAL education is put to the forefront. (In ancient Israel, the tribe of Levite, one of the twelve tribes, was selected for this purpose. See the first 5 chapters of Old Testament.)

The "Levites" have to care for the spiritual well-being of the people.

How about the material well-being of the people ? Moses then was responsible, and with him were "able men, such as who fear GOD, who are trustworthy and hate a bribe", as rulers of thousands, of hundreds, of fifties, and of tens [Ex 18:21-23]. They were to administer justice, but has to see to the material well-being of the people as well.

"Ruler" is not an appropriate term in the present day world of service. "Civil servant" would be a better term, "civil servant of tens, of fifties, of hundreds, of thousands."

Elders were not prevented to be judges. They can judge petty matters. What they cannot judge, the servants of tens, of fifties, of hundreds, ..., judge. And what they cannot judge, the Levitical priests and "Moses" judge. Thus the Levites can spend most of their time on moral education of the population.

People under such a system would not be as free as the present day world counterparts - they cannot do things at will. Their neighbor will intervene.

People would think to live according to commandments of LORD is a foolish thing, and to live unrestrained is happy. So they put no restrain on their behaviour, and pursue after whatever style of life they like, throwing all teachings of LORD and of Jesus behind them.

To live according to LORD's Laws and Commandments is not foolish. Because one is careful to observe his own behaviour, and knows that he has not broken any LORD's Laws, and knows that LORD will, without fail, honour His promise, "DO THE LAW -> BLESSING, BREAK THE LAW -> CURSE", and that thousands of angels are there to uphold LORD's promise. He would not be uncertain of his future, or fear future events. He is truly free indeed.

Under LORD's system, people have to observe LORD's Laws. Living in observance of LORD's Laws is not an unhappy thing. Living totally unrestrained is unhappy and hopeless, and is not sure of his future.

People are not educated LORD's Laws. Thus what they know are only the Roman type of Law - if you are rich and powerful, then the legal system is on your side. If not, endure patiently.

I hope Christian would do their duty : first they must observe LORD's Laws, next, they should teach their neighbor so. [Mt 5:17 - 20]

I hope one day, the Roman type of government will pass, and LORD's system will be established, and people care for one another in brotherly love, and such gross neglect, such needless suffering would no longer happen among us.

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