Rights of a Person

Recently many reporters from Hong Kong have been allowed to visit Falon Gong practitioners in a Labour Reform Camp in Beijing.

We saw on TV that they were at work planting some sort of trees. Some reporters asked the prisoners questions, but most of them were silent, only one or two were bold enough to speak. Officers were around them when they spoke.

They have received no trial other than being practitioners of Falon Gong.

I remember one incident that happened many years ago in Hong Kong.

One business man wanted to purchase an old building, and intended to demolish it and build a new one. As Hong Kong is scarce of land, demolishing a 5 ~ 7 storeys old building, and putting up in its place one 30 ~ 40 storeys high, means handsome profit. But he had to purchase that old building from its many owners first. (Note : In Hong Kong, a building is sold flat by flat, apartment by apartment. Hence a building may have many, many legal owners. Therefore to purchase a building, one must purchase from ALL individual owners.)

Usually most owners were reluctant to sell. Buying a new flat, packing up, moving to a new place, is not a pleasant thing to do, hence most are reluctant to sell.

Therefore some under-handed way were often used to force the owners to sell : e.g. threats, harassment, ... Whether that business man had used any such tactics I do not know.

That business man succeeded in purchasing from ALL except one stubborn owner. That owner refused to sell even being offered a high price. That businessman would not give up, he obtained a court order, declaring that man "insane, and unfit to handle his own business", and got his flat.

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