Hong Kong have been raining for more than a week (June 2001)

There has been heavy rain in Hong Kong for the past week. "Amber" rainstorm warning have been on almost daily for the past week (Note : Observatory in Hong Kong uses color for rainstorm warning - Amber, Red, Black).

On one occasion, nearly 150 mm ( = 15 cm ) of rain fell in just over 2 hours.

Many houses in low lying areas have been flooded.

One woman whose house was flooded said she hoped Government would give her public housing, so that she and her children did not have to worry about flood everyday.

One man, being interviewed by TV reporter, said that he woke up everyday at 3 a.m., to handle the flood. (Note : rain is most heavy during night, and lessen in the afternoon)

One man said that he bought 5 new refrigerators in the past years, because electrical appliances were damaged by the flood.

The world is governed by "natural laws". Events would be either (a), (b), or (c). "Global warming" is a fact now, and we are neither in (b) nor (c).

Let us be prepared.

(Note : I have written a webpage [Water], which describes water calculations. Bernoulli's equation is the same as conservation of energy. Manning's equation is an empirical equation describing energy loss due to friction. These two equations are key to water calculations.)

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