Moral Education of Ancient China has Profound Effect even up to today

Have you ever heard of Mr. Li Ka Shing, a business man in Hong Kong ? He came from "Chaochow" region (a region about 180 miles East North East of Hong Kong).

Do you know that a vast majority of business men in Malaysia, in Thailand, in Indonesia, in Singapore, in Taiwan also came from "Chaochow". They are the main stay of economies in those countries.

Why do men from "Chaochow" rise to such prominence in business ?

It can be traced back to ancient time, to the time of Tang Dynasty. (Note : if you have no knowledge of Ancient Chinese Political System, please click and read an essay in this web site. Briefly, it is :

Ancient China was ruled by Mandarins, who were sent out by the King living in the capital (mostly Sian, the place where a lot of pottery soldiers and horses were uncovered recently.) The Mandarins were selected from public exams and the subject of examination was the teachings of Confucius. Mandarins got their pay from taxing the region he governed.)

Han-Yu (or Hon-Yu) was sent by the king to rule Chaochow. At that time, Chaochow and the region south of China was considered savage and primitive, and they were called "Barbarians of the South". Han-Yu was reluctant, and he longed to return back to Sian, and he worried whether the people there would poison him ! (Note : you may read about the poem written by Han-Yu during that time, poem No. 67 of "300 poems from Tang Dynasty", translated in English.)

To be a mandarin is not an easy task, one person alone has to be responsible for everything. Isabella Bird had visited China during the Ching Dynasty, and she has written a book, "Yangtze Valley and Beyond", in which she has said something about work of a Mandarin,

It is said truly that on the Hsein or Fu (NOTE : village, small regional province) magistrate the work of at least six men devolves. He is at once tax commissioner, civil and criminal judge, coroner, treasurer, sheriff, and much besides, and he is supposed to have an exhaustive knowledge of everything within his bounds.

Han-Yu was sorry about the educational state of the people, so he at once sent for one of his best friend, to come to Chaochow to teach the people.

The moral teachings of Confucius as well as the writings of our ancestors appealed to the soul of the people of Chaochow, that very soon, they devoted themselves eagerly to the study of the classics.

And ever since then, Chaochow changed. Also many Chaochow people learned the attitudes of Han-Yu. Chaochow turned out good people generations after generations. Incidentally, you should know that Han-Yu's writings had great influence in China. His essays are esteemed to have turned the tide of eight generations of decadence in China.

It is sad to tell that Confucius taught the people to worship their ancestors, and regard those who would not do so as untrue to their forefathers. Therefore Han-Yu would worship the dead, and so would the people of Chaochow. This degenerated to demon worship. (You may easily find them worshipping ancestors/demons in LARGE NUMBERS in some months of the year in Hong Kong, under huge bamboo houses). Being led not by the spirit of LORD, but by the spirit of demons, many Chaochow people became bad.

Nowadays, many Chaochow people do not have the courage to say No to evil people, and would follow orders (maybe under the false illusion of doing good to the society) of men in the dark.

However, many Chaochow people follow LORD steadfastly. (The GOD of Han-Yu is also LORD, although Han-Yu may not know it.) And they offer tremendous service to the people in Hong Kong, as well as in China. Without their devoted and selfless service to the community, often at great financial burden and personal sacrifices to themselves, transport/trade/distribution/provision of daily necessities in Hong Kong could not have been as we have today.

If you go to a grocery store run by Chaochow people, you would never fear to be cheated, a catty (Chinese measure, 605 grams.) is a catty. They would never use false balance. Some of them are truly people who worship LORD and not money.

Because Moral Education was placed topmost in China, China had been quite a comfortable place to live in. The people are generally meek and gentle. Even though moral education ceased when the Nationalists overthrew Ching Dynasty, you can still find the influence of moral education on people if you visit many places in China (or even in countries like Japan, Korea, Burma, Thailand, where Confucius' influence spreaded!).

For more than 88 years, (from 1912 up to now), moral education has ceased and been replaced by the Western type of education, which emphasized scientific and academic learning (worse still, some thinking today is that education is nothing but a road to good money, and have totally forget the value of education in a man's making.) Many youngsters have become bad and wild. How long will the neglect of moral education and yet sustain the fabric of a society I do not know. One thing we may firmly remember is that moral education, which our forefathers placed extremely strong emphasize in, and every king upheld, stopped with the fall of Ching dynasty.

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