Justice, Moral Education - the two pillars in any society

Present day legal system has made justice a very difficult and deep thing. Hence ordinary and poor people are deprived of justice - they simply cannot afford the court fees and the lawyer fees, or the time (some many drag on for years!) But the rich and powerful can.

Therefore, if you are poor, you have to endure various injustices. If one day, you become rich, you can oppress the poor without fear of evil consequences.

A humane society simply cannot accept this state of affairs.

The consequences of this is the flourishing of underground "communists" group. Some crafty people see this, and convince people to join their group. How would the poor, who had suffered injustices and full of grievances not be tempted to join !

Such state of situation can easily lead to "dirty wars", and may be seen in many countries in South America.

China have no such "dirty wars". But the confiscation of private properties after the Communist took over, and the Cultural Revolution some years after that, which threw down all courts and police and any possibility of judicial remedies, made many people, who had lost shops , factories, or land, or whose family had been broken up, extremely bitter and extremely cruel. Their hearts are full of revenge - take revenge on any one they can lay hand on, and throw all reasons behind. Mad on revenge. Thus they become tools of crafty men.

In Hong Kong, although there are police, but police is under the Security Branch (the secret agents), therefore many people suffer terrible persecution and oppression. Even if they appeal to the Police, the police cannot help them. Because those who persecute them are from the "secret agents", and they have to obey "higher order". Therefore they too are enticed to join secret groups, and become tools of the crafty people.

A country deprived of true justice cannot stand for long.

Under LORD's system, although the priests/Levites concern themselves mainly in Moral Education, the priests have to judge difficult cases too. There are civil servant of 10, of 100, of 1000, ... and chief civil servant. They can all provide judgement at all times and without charge. Even the elders may decide between trivial cases. (See the Chapter "Judges", in the Bible, where many men and women became judges, simply because they could decide cases justly, and people flocked to them for judgement.)

LORD's Laws are extremely plain, and simple, and can be understood by most, even small children. When everyone knows justice, and hold fast the precept "justice and justice only", and with speedy trial by elders, or civil servants of 10/100/1000, or priests at no cost, such "bitterness, grievances, hatred" will disappear.

Coupled with the effort of the priests/Levites in educating the people in brotherly love, in loving care, in kindness and mercy and graciousness, people could really live a peaceful and happy live.

But if no one is willing to study LORD's Laws, or contribute their effort in educating others, we will not see change to come in long, long time. But the evil, dark force is ever increasing in might and power, and one day, we will all have to taste the ruthlessness of the evil people.

It is our due, LORD's punishment on us, because we have neglected our civil duty, and blind to the sufferings of others.

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