About the conflict between Israel and Palestine people

More than 20 years ago, I saw on TV that the Israelites blew up the houses of the Palestinians who were suspected terrorists. I then had the impression that this would cause great enmity between Israel and Palestine.

Israelites were oppressed severely before the Second World War, and after the Holocaust, they had the own country. Naturally the thinking that the country must be strong militarily prevailed, as many of them had suffered under the hand of powerful oppressors.

They had many wars with their neighbours. The 6 Days' War, the war on "Feast of Passover", ..... may give the Israelites the impression that they are powerful. Hence the idea of "Force can silence opposition" may have prevailed.

Thus they blew up the houses of suspected terrorists.

"Mercy, faithfulness, justice" are the 3 main pillars in LORD's Laws. Also LORD taught us many many times, "One Law for All". Also, the shedding of "innocent blood" is an extremely serious offence, and will destroy a nation.

Personally, I think that the Israelites would have blown up the houses of many innocent people. Just like the Americans in the Vietnam War, who killed many innocent people, because they suspected them Vietcong sympathizers.

What will you feel if you do not have hard feelings towards the Israelites and yet your house be blown up? Or, you were a Vietnam farmers, who perhaps harbour good feelings towards Americans, and yet you house be destroyed, or your family members be killed?

Lee Kuan Yew, the former Prime Minister of Singapore, studied Law in England. And he knows justice. Under his rule, he administered justice much better than many countries around the world. In my opinion, he is the foremost in administering justice, and he was bold to take steps to render true justice even if textbooks on Law would have taught him to do otherwise. Lee had made many speeches over the years, and one Chinese Newspaper in Singapore gathered his speeches and published a book on them (Unfortunately, that book of his speeches is in Chinese, and I don't know if English translation is available).

He is also far sighted in understanding the danger of "one ethnic group against another, just on the ground of ethnic or religious differences". And he did many things to make the Singaporeans, whether they be Chinese, Malays, or Indians, be equal before the Law and before his administration.

If people do not listen to LORD's "One Law for All", and have the feeling that "ALL people in my group are RIGHT, and ALL people in the opposite group are WRONG", and would not deal justly and fairly with members of the opposite group, they will dig their own grave, not only for themselves but for all people in their group.

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