Your own sin is your enemy, not from outside

LORD's covenant with us is that "we circumcise ourselves in the heart (i.e. our aim of life in this world is NOT fleshy passions like sex and good food, but righteousness of LORD and his Kingdom), and that if we are careful to walk in his ways, not breaking His Laws, He will bless us. But if we break His Laws, He will curse us."

The following is extracted from my web page "About Society"

LORD view our society as one entity. Everyone is responsible for all sin committed in it [Mt 18:15-17, Lev 19:17-18]. It is not that 'so long as the one being oppressed is not me, why care about the fate of others' or 'so long as I do not do that, why care about others doing that.'

When someone is to be put to death, 'the witnesses lay their hands on the offender's head, and all congregation stone him to death.' [Lev 24:14]

When Achan sinned and the Israelites took no action, LORD departed from them. [Joshua 7,22]

For young girls to be forced into prostitution, young boy/girl committing suicide, construction workers falling to tragic death, factory workers losing limbs, demon worship, adultery, homosexuality,.... if we close our eyes, LORD would send calamities on us.

So we have to be careful to walk in LORD's ways, not breaking His Laws, and also, we have the social responsibility to see that others are NOT breaking LORD's Laws too.

When everyone in the society cares nothing but his own career, his own job prospect, his own business, his enjoyment of life, and cares none when adultery is rampant, homosexuality is practiced townwise, families are breaking up and divorce rate is huge, youngsters give free vein to their lust in rave parties, you could expect trouble, and big calamities to come.

When King Solomon lusted after sex, and walked not with LORD, LORD raised up enemy [1 King 11] to him.

So is the present day world. Many see the Secret Alliance gaining power and might, and their freedom are eroded, and become worried, and form militia or secret opposition force.

Such erosion of freedom is that we have broken LORD's Laws. Freedom and liberty will not be to a people who break LORD's Laws.

When Israel sinned grievously during the reign of Ahaz, Manasseh, ... [Eze 8,9], LORD ordered King Nebuchadnezzar to invade Jerusalem, and told the people to surrender to Nebuchadnezzar to be enslaved for 70 years. Those who resist will be killed by sword, famine, beasts, pestilence.

Now, let everyone of us search our heart : are we absolutely honest and upright before LORD, do we walk in the light and not in secrecy and darkness, have we done things abominable in the sight of LORD and not repent, have we thrown away LORD's Law and do whatever "is right in our own eyes" (NOTE that LORD strictly forbid us to DEAL FALSELY, and NO LIES. We may be tempted, because of a "grand cause", to throw away such essentials as absolute honesty and no lies, no false play nor falsehood. During the Cultural Revolution in China, they have a "grand cause" - build a very good society, for the people, for China. So they do everything for that "grand cause", involving seizure of private properties, abuse, humiliation, honoring not parents, oppressing the weak, and cruelty to animals, e.g. many birds were hunted down. These acts : seizure of private property, slander, oppressing the weak, dishonoring parents, wronging the innocents, .... ARE BEHAVIOUR STRICTLY FORBIDDEN BY LORD in His Laws and Commandments.

Have we done our duty as a member of a society? Have we done our social responsibilities? Or do we just care about our own prospects, job advancing, and pay, and pleasure?

Now you have formed militia, and you think you are strong in manpower and guns. And you will save yourselves with your own hands and with your own guns.

You will not. You are fighting against LORD.

LORD : Behold, I have created the smith who blows the fire of coals, and produces a weapon for its purpose. I have also created the ravager to destroy. [Is 54:16]

Remember, all our "hardware" and "software" are given by LORD. LORD gives ox great "hardware" so that ox can haul hundreds of pounds. But it cannot do "Advanced Calculus" as we human do, because LORD does not give ox that "software".

So are the "hardware" and "software" of angels and of demons, and even of Satan. They are all given by LORD.

Someone asked Jesus what should he do, to be doing the work of LORD, Jesus answered :

This is the work of GOD, that you believe in him [refers to Jesus] whom he has sent. [John 6:28-29]

So if you do the teachings of Jesus : pure in heart (let no evil thoughts lodge in your mind, but the pure heart you have when you were young), and love your neighbor as yourself, and kind, merciful, endure patiently if reasoning would not avail, and not to repay evil with evil, but care for the poor and needy, .... You are doing the work of LORD.

But if you join gang, and spend all your days in spying, making "small reports", obeying orders from men and NOT your conscience, thinking that you are in the militia and are saving the country, you are wrong. You are DESTROYING the work of GOD.

But if you "do the Law and Commandments and teaches them to your neighbor" [Mt 5:19], and walk in the teachings of LORD and of Jesus onto death, and fulfil your social responsibilities, you are doing the work of LORD.

Society cannot be corrected by revolution, but by people's repentance, and returning to LORD. [2 Chronicles 14,15]

But my people did not listen to my voice; Israel would have none of me. So I gave them over to their stubborn hearts, to follow their own counsels.
O that my people would listen to me, that Israel would walk in my ways! I would soon subdue their enemies, and turn my hand against their foes. [Psalm 82:11-14]

If everyone does what is right in the sight of LORD, and cleave to and walk humbly with Him, walk in the teachings of Him of of Jesus, and fear LORD and not flesh/men, it is an extremely simple matter, for LORD, the eternal TRUTH, the creator of whole heaven and of Earth, the high king who commands angels, to destroy the wicked in a short span of time.

But if you want to save yourself and your family with your own hands and guns, and disregard LORD, you shall fail.

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