Dear Friends,

Plain, simple, ebooks on Computer
for Everyone

I have written some computer books aiming for simplicity, plainness and intuitiveness.

These books could help those not from the computer science master the art of computer programming, hence enabling them to automate much of their daily data processing work.

If you are already a computer professional, I sincerely hope you would review the material there and give me comments.

I wrote those books because I am not happy with the computer books on sales nowadays, they are very thick ! several hundred or even more than a thousand pages! Mine are extremely SHORT and DIRECT !

I had once taught a Form 3 student BASIC programming, and he was able to program just after half an hour's coaching, and he was able, from that moment onwards, read computer manuals of his own, and build up computer skills.

To benefit from these books, it is of utmost importance that

  1. You have someone who knows computer there to help you, in case you have problems. They may be your sons, daughters, friend, ....

  2. You read the books in the following order "Qbasic Programming", "How to Write Webpages", "C Programming", "Programming in PERL".
    After finishing these 4 books, you should be able to use the Internet efficiently. (Pre-view what you can do after finishing these 4 books!)

  3. Honest effort is required. You should not miss even ONE exercise, or else you would not be able to master latter materials.

  4. It is sugggested that you read the material twice. Second reading can help you master the material better.

Kindly click [Computer eBooks] to read the books.

Best wishes,

From a preacher of Christianity,
Wu Siu Yan from Hong Kong.

All material on my homepage may be freely reproduced, provided you agree with the "copy-left agreement" of Free Software Foundation, in essence, the agreement is,

       You may freely copy, distribute, or sell the material or computer
       programs on my homepage provided you agree to

         (1) All webpages other than computer programs MAY NOT be altered.

         (2) If you modify the source code of a program, and when you sell
             or give your new code to others, you MUST supply him with the 
             original code, so that he can form a more complete judgement.

         (3) When you sell or give programs ( or your modified version ) to others,
             you must give him the same right to "freely use, distribute, sell,
             or modify "  the programs or your modified ones, as you have received.
       Item (3) is added because years ago, when Free Software Foundation gave
       programs to others freely, they modified the program, and patented the
       modified version for their own!

I do not mean to lay burdens to weary you. Should you still find the above difficult to comply, you may do in a way "right/fair/just in the sight of LORD" without communicating to me, as LORD is supreme judge of all.