Questions about various Political Systems

LORD's system could not be appreciated without an understanding of various political systems. The best endeavour nowadays is the Constitution of America. Founding fathers of America formulated their constitution upon previous experiences in England, in Europe.

But if one is to understand it better, one should trace it back to the origin :

  1. The kingdom of Babylon under King Nebuchadnezzar. Why King Nebuchadnezzar's kingdom was so strong.

  2. The kingdom of Persia and Media under King Darius, who overthrew the son of King Nebuchadnezzar. Why did Darius change the system established by Nebuchadnezzar.

  3. The collapse of the kingdom of Persia and Media and the rise of Greece. Why people forsook the former system and turned to the Greece's system ?

  4. The diminution of Greece and the rise of the Roman system. Why could the Romans subdue Greece ?

  5. The Roman system, or its variants, remains in use up to now. What are the merits of this system that enable it to last so long ?

  6. The short-coming of the Roman System in pacing the way to communism. Why do people join communist party secretly ? Why was there "dirty war" in Argintine that tried to root out communism ? What is the present day situation everywhere in countries where legislators are elected (the democracies) ?

  7. The Ancient Chinese political system, which had never undergone any change for thousands of years, what makes it so. Kings may fall, dynasties may change, but the system remained, why ? Why had it not undergone evolutionary changes ?

  8. The original system devised by LORD and was practiced among the ancient Israelites (First 7 chapters of Bible). Why did the ancient Israelites forsake LORD's system and favor a king ? (They asked LORD for a king, and LORD gave them Saul. Thus LORD's system was replaced by king-system)

  9. LORD revealed to Ezekiel his modified political system (see Old Testament, Book of Ezekiel). The reasons behind the modifications ? Could this modified system be used nowadays where "Multi-racial coexistence in harmony" is valued ?

The Constitution of America can give us tremendous insight, and "National Center for Constitutional Studies" has published numerous newsletter (one newsletter a month) for many years. And the newsletters, from January 1994, up to now, is available online.

I think, every caring citizens should read those news-letters, as well as read widely, to understand the various political systems.

I hope, one day, people will realize the simplicity and goodness of LORD's system.

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