An Nigerian Pastor resurrected from death in 2001

Click here for the Chinese video. I do not know of its English version on the Internet, but video tapes are available, say, from Amazon, etc.

How it happened

Daniel Ekechukwu is a pastor in Nigeria.

On 29th November 2001, he had a heated argument with his wife, with the result that his wife slapped him.

He was furious, as woman is considered lower than man in Nigeria. He was determined to divorce her.

His wife, Nneka, knowing that she was in the wrong, begged for forgiveness. But Daniel would not. He would not forgive her even when Nneka pleaded in tears. He talked to her neither.

For the whole day of 30th, he was in a rage. All day long, he thought of how to put her away.

At evening, when he was driving home, the brake of his car failed, and he hit a concrete pillar. He was hurt badly, he vomited out blood. Passersby saw it, a woman volunteered her car, and they took him to St. Charles Borromeo Hospital.

The doctors there thought that they were unable to save him (medical standard in Nigeria is of 3rd world standard).

Daniel sent for his wife, and requested that he be transferred to another hospital, Umezuruike Hospital, where his private doctor practiced.

During the transfer, in the ambulance, Daniel died. Time of his death was 30 November, at evening.

Daniel's private doctor was not at Umezuruike Hospital at that time. His wife, Nneka, in desperation, transferred him to 2 other hospitals, which they in turn could not save him either.

At last, Daniel's father arrived, and on his insistence, his body was sent to Ikeduru General Hospital mortuary (now known as Inyishi Community Hospital mortuary). The time was mid-night, about 1 a.m.

The worker in the mortuary immediately injected preservatives into his body, for refrigeration equipment was not available, and all dead bodies were injected with preservatives, because of the hot climate.

The afterlife experience of Daniel

First he was shown Paradise

In the ambulance, with his wife seating at the front seat, Daniel saw two angels. The angels motioned to him not to speak, and they took him to see paradise.

He saw that the people in paradise were all wearing white clothes, very white. And they were worshipping GOD.

He also saw a seemingly elderly man, who led them to worship. Angels told Daniel that the old man was Abraham.

Daniel longed to be with them. But the angels told him that they were going to see other places.

Angels brought Daniel to see the mansions Jesus prepared for his followers [John 14:3]

The mansions there are not made of concrete, but of some glass-like material.

Daniel also heard music, beautiful music.

The angel told Daniel, "The mansion is ready but the saints of God are not. Jesus is being delayed because Christians in the church are not ready yet."

The angel took him to see hell

There was no light in hell.

Daniel heard people screaming and weeping.

Light came out of the angel, and Daniel could see what happened there. The people were repeatedly tortured.

Daniel saw that the former military dictator of Nigeria was there.

He also saw a Christian, who was fallen and practiced occult practices.

He also saw a pastor who embezzled money from his own church and lied about it.

The pastor saw Daniel, and asked Daniel to rescue him from hell, saying that he would return the money he stole. But Daniel was not in a position to help him.

The angel told Daniel that he would be in hell

The angel said to Daniel, "If your record is to be called here, you will in no doubt be thrown into hell."

Daniel replied immediately, "I am a man of God! I serve Him with all my heart!"

Suddenly, a Bible appeared in the angel's hand, and he turned to [Matthew 5:21-22],

Jesus : "But I say to you that every one who is angry with his brother shall be liable to judgment; whoever insults his brother shall be liable to the council, and whoever says, 'You fool!' shall be liable to the hell of fire."
[Matthew 5:21-22]

Daniel remembered that he had spoken harsh words to his wife.

Jesus : "For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father also will forgive you; but if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses."
[Matthew 6:14]

Daniel cried.

The angel told him not to cry, for GOD was sending him back, so that the request of the rich man in [Luke 16:19-30] may be fulfilled in this generation.

Nneka, wife of Daniel, had a dream

During the night of 1st December, Nneka had a dream, in which Daniel told her to take his body to Reinhard Bonnke.

Bonnke is a German, who preached in African for decades, and succeeded in converting tens of thousands to Jesus. And at that time, he was preaching in Nigeria.

On 2nd December, in the morning, Nneka hired an ambulance, and took Daniel's body to Grace of GOD Mission, the church where Bonnke was preaching that afternoon.

Resurrection of Daniel

They arrived at about 1 p.m. But the people there refused to let her in. She pleaded and would not leave, even when they tried to drive her away with rod. A senior pastor was alerted, and at last, they allowed her to bring the body to the basement.

They put the body on a table.

Suddenly, they noticed that the body twitched.

They felt the body, but it was cold and stiff.

They prayed, and tried to massage the body.

After massage for a while, they suddenly felt that his spirit returned. And massage for another while, Daniel rose up.

The time Daniel came back to life was 3:50-5:15 p.m., 2nd December 2001.

Video Tape and David Kirdwood's reports

CFAN (Christ For All Nations), the organization of Bonnke, made a video, called "Raised from the Dead" (Chinese version of the video).

David Kirdwood, another pastor, got news of it from friends. Also he knows the son-in-law of Bonnke.

After he had seen the video, he went to Nigeria twice, in 2002, 2003, to interview Daniel, Nneka, the doctors, the worker at the mortuary, ...., and he wrote 4 reports.

What I write here is taken from his reports, and from the video.

The Final Warning GOD gives to this generation

This resurrection from dead, is the final warning GOD gives to this generation, that they MUST REPENT, and believe Jesus, who is GOD Almighty in human form, and walk Jesus' teachings.

If you confess to be a Christian, yet walk not the teachings of Jesus, I solemnly warn you, unless you repent, you will not be saved.

Jesus is the judge at the Last day, not theologians. Your acts count, not the many theories of salvation.

Jesus is GOD, Lord of heaven and earth. He was nailed on the cross and was killed, but was resurrected, and ascended back to heaven.

Now Jesus holds all authority in heaven and on earth.

If you believe Jesus, and walk his teachings, then Jesus will help you, will keep you.

Do not fear man, for it is not man who has the final say, no matter how high the position of that man, or how "powerful" he may be.

Jesus is the one who has the final say in all things on earth.

Fear GOD, fear Jesus as well.

Rely on GOD, rely on Jesus as well.

Wu Siu Yan
July 2007.


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