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I have put the main teachings of LORD and of Jesus in one file


Kindly inspect it, and if you judge it useful to others, please recommend the web page to them.


  1. Teachings of LORD and of Jesus.

    1. Law of God
    2. Ten Commandments
    3. Some commandments of God other than the 10 Commandments
    4. Teachings of Jesus, Sermon on the Mount.
    5. Main precepts of Christianity in these 4 songs
    6. Other Bible teachings (1)
    7. Other Bible teachings (2)
    8. Other Bible teachings (3)
    9. The attitudes of husband and wife
    10. Attitudes towards our children
    11. About Society
    12. About the Environment
    13. (in Chinese) How Ancestor worship came about in China
    14. (in English) How Ancestor worship came about in China

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    LORD taught us many things other than above, and many are about our body (not about our spirit). For example, eat no fat nor blood, eat no unclean beast, ... If we make light of LORD's kind teachings about body, we will ruin our body.

    The following is about "rest".

  2. Jesus our Model
    (This is not to replace the Gospels in New Testament! But a study aid only)
    1. Mercy
    2. Pure in Heart. Unless you turn and become like Children ...
    3. Meek, Gentle, Lowly and Humble
    4. Honesty and Uprightness. Let What you say be simply Yes or No
    5. Forgiving
    6. Serve GOD, not money. Save money in heaven
    7. Wash the feet of other people
    8. Poor in Spirit. Seek Righteousness/knowledge. Pray constantly. Cleave to LORD and Jesus
    9. Fear the LORD. Keep the Laws and Commandments of LORD. Do not be anxious
    10. Love your enemy. Love one another
    11. Bear the Cross to follow Jesus Everyday. Patient Endurance, Endure to the end. Hold fast LORD and Jesus' teachings onto death
    12. Service. Make the most of the "talents" we have
    13. If your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it out and throw it away. Resist Adultery and Food sacrificed to idols
    14. Beware of False Prophets, Dreams, Miracles, Might, ...
    15. Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees, etc.
    16. Miscellaneous Topics (1)
    17. Miscellaneous Topics (2)

  3. Jesus : "Unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven" -- a message GOD also gave to ancient China

  4. Covenants of LORD

  5. The most important promise LORD GOD made in the Bible

  6. On Holy Spirit (1)
    On Holy Spirit (2)
    On Holy Spirit (3)

  7. The world will continue to suffer as long as people continue to break GOD's laws and commandments

  8. On Lord's Prayer

  9. Jesus is not a free-pass to no accountability. Jesus will not live in the heart of him/her who does not walk his teachings

  10. What should we pursue after ?
    1. What should we pursue after in this life ?

    2. Shall we pursue after "fleshy passions" ?
    3. Our "Hardware" and "Software" are given to us by LORD, so let us not be conceited, but make good use of our "Talents".
    4. "Honesty is the best policy", "Honesty is the ONLY policy", what is the difference ?
    5. Beware the temptations that will cause us wander farther and farther away from LORD
    6. Beware of other things that will cause us wander farther and farther away from LORD

  11. Uprightness

  12. Be strong and of good courage; be not frightened, neither be dismayed

  13. Meaning of Feast of Passover
    Meaning of Feast of Booth
    Meaning of Sabbath



  16. (a) Learn the best of Chinese teachings, teachings of our forefathers, in just one webpage!

    (b) Political thinking from Tang Dynasty

    (c) "Unless you turn and become like children, you can never enter the kingdom of heaven." -- a message GOD also gave to ancient China

    (d) The Teachings of my great grandma
    (for those who wish to know a little more about Chinese thinking.)

  17. If you wish to learn more about Chinese, I would recommend (in English Translation) the following links,
    1. Analect of Confucius
    2. 300 Tang Poems
    3. Poems

  18. We cannot see the LORD, can we trust Him ?

  19. (*) An essay written mainly for the Native Americans about the Book of Mormon.
    (*) Link to Maya Map (Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico)
    (*) Link to Photographs of Maya buildings (Please note that the webmaster of that website puts the photos on different webpages, also it will take some minutes for the photos to appear, so be patient, but the photos are very beautiful.)
    (*) Another essay written for the Native Americans : about forgiving.
    (*) Book of Mormon, but NO OTHER LITERATURE FROM LDS
    (*) The reasons why I think "Doctrine and Covenants" of LDS is false
    (*) Truth and Truth Only

    What is right, NOT who is right

    (*) Believe in Virtues or Believe in Miracles
    (*) Jesus infallible ? Joseph Smith infallible ? Christians infallible ? [Conquer Death]
    (*) Joseph Smith introduced polygamy, and this made the whole world forsake him. Not only so, nearly all Christians forsake the Book of Mormon because of him and the church he founded. (Joseph Smith was the translator of that book). I have read that book twice, and in my opinion, it is a true history book of Native Americans from 600 B.C. to 420 A.D. (Archaeological discoveries in Mexico/Yucatan Peninsula/Guatemala/Honduras/Belize agree with the description in that book). Hence I gather some online resources to facilitate your investigation into this.
    (*) The Reasons why I think the Mormons are walking along a wrong path
    (*) Link to Letter of Oliver Cowdery (one of the three witnesses to the plates) to one of his friends about the discovery of the plates.
    (*) Link to Miscellaneous essays about Martin Harris (one of the three witnesses to the plates).
    (*) The descendants of Maya are living in many Pacific Islands, including New Zealand and Australia
    (*) Brave and Courageous yet Meek and Lowly
    (*) Letter to the Native Americans, who have read the Book of Mormon, and are convinced, or partly convinced, that it is true history of Maya of America.
    (*) "I glory in plainness; I glory in truth; I glory in my Jesus, for he hath redeemed my soul from hell." ~ Nephi
    (*) My Suggestions for Deciphering Maya Hieroglyphs
    (*) Pow-Pow and Y-O-He-wah (Jehovah)
    (*) Do not worship demons, the so called "gods", nor seek anything pertaining to the dark sciences
    (*) True meaning of Pow-pow can be understood from the music and dances of Taiwan Indigenous People, who are descendants of Mayans
    (*) Error committed by the early Mayan Churches on baptism

  20. LORD's Punishment Vs. Punishment from Western Governments. FEAR the LORD.

  21. For those who wish to serve other people, just as Lord Jesus washed the feet of others.

  22. An Open Letter to Hong Kong
    (of interest to residents in Hong Kong only)

  23. My family (my father, mother, and sisters)

  24. Hymn

    (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) Many kind brothers and sisters preached in China during the 18th, 19th Century, from all churches around the world. Chinese Christians compiled a hymn book based on the songs taught to them. The first edition appeared in 1900. There were revisions in 1917, 1921 and 1941. Below are the songs I like. I am hampered by my skill in handling the keyboard. If you can play better, please email the songs to me (please put it in .mid form), and if it is better, I will put it in place of mine.
    (Note : the number corresponds to the number in the hymn book.)

    1. (272) Kindness, mercy, "pour yourself out for the hungry" [Is. 58.10]
    2. (456) Pure in heart, Love your neighbor as yourself.
    3. (434) New Heaven and new earth, Satan/Demons will be punished eternally in unquenchable fire. Absolute justice. Fear GOD.
    4. (453) How good LORD's creations are. Therefore we should love and care for the fish, bird, trees, environment etc.
    5. (458) A Christmas song.
    6. (468) Jesus bids us shine.
    7. (396) O land of rest, for thee I sign.
    8. (115) How precious is the divine book.
    9. (357) What a friend we have in Jesus.
    10. (137) Come, ye sinners, poor and needy.
    11. (116) Sing them again over to me.
    12. (93) I hear the Saviour say.
    13. (200) Like a river glorious.
    14. (202) O Christ, in Thee my soul has found.
    15. (160) I hear Thy welcome voice.
    16. (162) I am coming to the cross.
    17. (372) The church will be caught up.
    18. (199) Take the name of Jesus with you.
    19. (122) I love to tell the story.
    20. (118) A lamp I have to guide my feet.
    21. (264) I must go home by the way of the cross.
    22. (330) Step by step with Jesus.
    23. (5) LORD is above all things he created.
    24. (24) Thank Jesus.
    25. (325) Nearer my God to Thee.
    26. (306) Out of my bondage, sorrow and night.
    27. (487) At early morning all nature worships.
    28. (74) Jesus, my Saviour, came to Bethlehem.
    29. (142) Come, every soul oppressed by sin.
    30. (163) Down at the cross where my Saviour died.
    31. (166) Lord, through the blood of the lamb.

    Link to Methodist hymn site.
    Link to Lutheran hymn site.
    Link to Seventh-day Adventist Digital Hymn Site
    Link to The Scottish Psalter of 1635
    Link to a hymn site by a Hong Kong Christian. He put all the songs in a Chinese hymn book in midi form there.

  25. Some sites from around the World,

    1. "Amazing Grace" sung in Cherokee! in Native American's language! (One of Jene Lindaman's web pages)

    2. Below are Jene Lindaman's other web pages, and I hope you would find joy and peace and courage in them.

      1. Link to her webpage "The Hands of GOD". You will find links to many of her web pages there.
      2. Link to her webpage "Stories and Poems"
      3. Link to her webpage "Amazing Grace 2000 years!"

    3. This is a site from an American lady who cares a lot about her fellow citizens, it is about "Waco".
      [Click here for her homepage].

    4. Link to the website of Dorothy Anne Seese. She is a courageous woman and she speaks out of her heart. There are many web sites that publish her articles, and you may web-search them using keywords "dorothy seese".

    5. Link to Harry Browne web site. He has written many good articles, quite worth reading.

    6. This is the Homepage of Woo Yam Poon, the eldest son of a Chinese preacher of Christianity, , who is now retired.
      He has some midi songs in his homepage, e.g. henna.htm
      [This is the homepage of his wife. Note that many of her articles are in Chinese, and may not be understood by English readers.]

    7. Link to 4 (midi) songs composed by Elizabeth and John Tolson, etc.
      1. Joy in the Morning
      2. Risen Lord
      3. Your Amazing Love
      4. All the Stars

      5. Link to their Christmas webpage
      6. Link to their homepage

    8. This is a site created by family members comprising grandma, mother and daughter of Helen C Wallen, and herself.

    9. The site of Sandra Weidner, a Christian.

    10. Link to Newsletters from "National Center for Constitutional Studies"

    11. Link to "Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership" website

    12. Link to "Gun Owners of America" website

    13. Link to a " Home-School Resource " webpage. Even for students attending school, this webpage has lots of links to educational sites ! worth investigating by parents too !

    14. "Love Card", a card which Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Hong Kong, issues to their staff.

    15. Link to "Two Hymns, One Bible and Two Men"
      (This is a story of "Sermon on the Mount" and "Ten Commandment" on a group of Japanese during the Second World War)
      The two Hymns mentioned in the above webpage.

  26. Do you know what do "ABC, KISS, QSCV, STOP" stand for?


    1. When downloading a software in the Internet, often the file has been compressed (file extension is .zip), and we have to de-compress it. There is a free decompression software called "FreeZip", you may well check it.

    2. QBASIC PROGRAMMING. If you marvel at the recent advance in computer technology, and wish to learn more about computer, or if you are a manufacturer or trader, and wish to computerize your operations, or if you are a student and wish to learn more, or you simply miss the chance of learning computer at school, and wish to catch up, the following is for you.
      (If you work through all the exercises in these 12 short chapters, your effort will sure not be wasted. Honest effort is required for the following.) :-

      1. CHAPTER 1 : INTRODUCTION, "input, print, goto "
      2. CHAPTER 2 : If .. elseif .. else .. end if
      7. CHAPTER 7 : FOR ... STEP ...NEXT + Graph plotting + more string functions
      8. CHAPTER 8 : Array, and DIMension statement.
      9. CHAPTER 9 : Data type, Record, RANDOM ACCESS FILE
      10. CHAPTER 10 : SUBROUTINES ,...
      11. CHAPTER 11 : DATABASE
      12. CHAPTER 12 : Concluding Remarks

    3. How to write Web Pages
      [Link to online HTML reference]

    4. Link to "Introduction to Computer Science using Qbasic"

    5. Link to "Introduction to Computer Science Using Java"

    6. The C programming Language
      1. Chapter 1 : Introduction to Microprocessor Hardware
      2. Chapter 2 : Introduction to the Unix (Linux) Operating System [Part 1] [Part 2]
      3. Chapter 3 : Overview of C
        (Knowledge of Qbasic is assumed.)
      4. Chapter 4 : Simple Input and Output
      5. Chapter 5 : If Statement. For Statement.
      6. Chapter 6 : Characters and String [Part 1] [Part 2]
      7. Chapter 7 : Sequential File, etc. [Part 1] [Part 2]
      8. Chapter 8 : Random File
      9. Chapter 9 : Miscellaneous Topics [Part 1] [Part 2]
      10. Chapter 10 : Data base using ISAM
      11. [A Remark : My Experience with Computer]

    7. PERL (Practical Extraction and Report Language) (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
      1. Preface
      2. Chapter 1 : Precepts used in PERL
      3. Chapter 2 : First step in PERL
      4. Chapter 3 : Some PERL functions
      5. Chapter 4 : Pointers, Subroutines, Hash Functions
      6. Chapter 5 : Files, etc.
      7. Chapter 6 : Regular Expressions
      8. Chapter 7 : Functions similar to Operating System Commands
      9. Chapter 8 : Miscellaneous Topics
      10. Chapter 9 : Utilizing the power of Internet. PERL for server side programming.

    8. Link to C++ Tutorial. (Personally I do not favour C++ nor Java, but simply C. But it is good to know C++, and this tutorial is the best so far I have seen. If you know C, you can learn C++ within a week!)

    9. Link to MIT lectures on Differential Equations (you need "Real Player" to view the streaming video). It consists of many lectures.

    10. Link to PHP 4.0 Manual download.
      (Note : For those wishing to write server side scripting, PHP 4.0 is worth investigating. I personally would like to use C, but no ISP would allow us to compile a C program on their server! The next best is a scripting interpreter. PHP uses C syntax, but resembles PERL in its functionality (though much more user friendly). There are many server side scripts available, from Netscape, from Microsoft, ... But PHP is supplied free (together with MySQL, a database that may be downloaded free) on many free homepage providers.)

  28. The Importance of Mathematics in one's Education

  29. Educational Topics :
    (I hope through these, I may help you understand LORD better. These topics you may have learned before, but I still hope you would work through all the exercises, and read the material twice. Honest effort is needed for the following, and I sincerely hope your effort would be rewarded.)

    1. (Mathematics ) PREFACE
    2. (Mathematics Chapter 1) LOGIC
    3. (Mathematics Chapter 2) GEOMETRY AND TRIGONOMETRY
    4. How to sing
      (Note : there is a music composition software called "Music Master Works", which is a shareware and costs US$20. But you may download it first, and pay within 60 days if you are satisfied. In it there is a sequencer, where you may record from midi instruments, through the game-port of your PC. The file is in .zip form, i.e. compressed, and you will have to decompress it first. Decompression software may be downloaded free from [FreeZip])
    6. WATER (Bernoulli's Equation and Manning's Equation)
    7. a. Astro Navigation
      b. GPS - Global Positioning System
    8. (Mathematics Chapter 3) SET
    9. Understanding Rope and Bamboo Scaffolding
    10. Ropework, 2 common types. (If insecure, tie more knots)
    11. (Mathematics Chapter 4) FUNCTION
    12. Introduction to Statistics (1), Reliability and Sampling Theory
    13. Introduction to Statistics (2), Binomial Distribution
    14. (Mathematics Chapter 5) GROUP, RING, etc.
    15. (Mathematics Chapter 6) VECTOR SPACE (1)
    16. Application of Vector: Frenet's Formula in Space Curve.
    17. Application of Vector: Mechanics, including planetary motion, and roller coaster problem, and rigid body motion in space.
    18. Understand frame and beam (the use of Bows Notation in computing stresses in frame, beam theory, ...)
    19. (Mathematics Chapter 7) VECTOR SPACE (2) : inner product space
    20. (Mathematics Chapter 8) VECTOR SPACE (3) : linear dependence, basis, ....
    21. Introduction to 3D Graphics
    22. Fast Fourier Transform (Discrete Fourier Transform)
    23. A Simple Way to Estimate Error of Simpson's Integration
    24. (Mathematics Chapter 9) Introduction to Topology
    25. (Mathematics Chapter 10) Linear Transformation and Matrices
    26. A Simple Way to find Solution of Ordinary Differential Equation with Constant Coefficients
    27. (Mathematics Chapter 11) Solving Simultaneous Linear Equation
      [How to Solve System of Simultaneous Equations, with computer programs]
    28. (Mathematics Chapter 12) Determinants (1)

  30. Link to on-line Bible, (King James Bible, Revised Standard version), where you may read the whole Bible

  31. Link to Encyclopaedia Britannica

  32. Link to Webster Dictionary