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Wu Siu Yan


  1. [3 Mar 2003] NO VOICE OF OPPOSITION ALLOWED ? -- in relation to Basic Law Article 23 of Hong Kong
  2. [3 Mar 2003] The Only Input Method for Chinese Character should be voice-recognition
  3. [31 Oct 2002] New Life (An essay written especially for the students, university students, those who have been pressured into joining the Communists, but what is said is also true for all who have gone astray because of inexperience.)
  4. [23 Sept 2002] No home-schooling allowed in Hong Kong
  5. [15 August 2002] TO THOSE WHO HAVE LEFT HONG KONG
  6. [11 Sept 2002] My Grief for China, for Hong Kong
  7. [18 Oct 2002] Hong Kong is under pressure from Beijing to enact laws on (a) treason, (b) secession, (c) sedition, (d) subversion, and (e) theft of state secrets

-- in relation to Basic Law Article 23 of Hong Kong

Wu Siu Yan
3 Mar 2003

The definition of "Sedition" in the Consultation Document (BASIC LAW Article 23) is,

  1. bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against the CPG or other competent authorities of the PRC or the HKSARG or the government of any part of the sovereign's dominions; or

    CPG = Central People's Government.
    PRC = People's Republic of China.
    HKSAR = Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

  2. excite Chinese nationals or HKSAR inhabitants to attempt to change, otherwise than by lawful means, any other legally established matter in the HKSAR; or

  3. bring into hatred or contempt or excite disaffection against the administration of justice in the HKSAR; or

  4. raise discontent or disaffection among Chinese nationals or HKSAR inhabitants; or

  5. promote feelings of ill-will and enmity between different classes of population of the HKSAR; or

  6. incite persons to violence; or

  7. counsel disobedience to law or to any lawful order.

Could it mean all "voice of criticism/opposition" may be persecuted -- the same as in Mainland China ?

I think every one should be concerned with this, rather than focussing on those obviously objectionable points -- "Secret Trial in the absence of the defendant and his legal representative, on security reasons", "banning organizations subordinate to banned organizations in China" etc. -- they are all diversions to distract our attention from the most dangerous points in this legislation, which is of paramount importance in the history of Hong Kong affecting the welfare of ALL Hong Kong people.

Whether the defendant is found guilty or not in court is little in comparison to the fact that the Security People could go into anyone's home and take away the computer and do searches/harassments to dissidents in the name of investigation !

I searched for the complete text of Basic Law 23 in the Central Library the day it was gazetted, but I couldn't find it, only a very thin book "Legal Supplement to Basic Law 23". (Either the Government did not publish the whole text in the Gazette, or the Security People ordered the library staff to keep that from me. The Security people are watching me 24/7, non-stop, whole year round.)

In USA, the government wanted to rush through "Patriot II" Act without letting the content of which out to the public, but the public found out the whole text, and many voiced their opposition. (see

We should find out the full text of BASIC LAW 23 and voice our opinion as a concerned citizen should. (Voice opinions in a civil and polite way ! but never any illegal acts breaking the Laws of Hong Kong, nor breaking the Laws and Commandments of GOD !)

However, we should know that our fate rest with GOD. If Hong Kong people continue to despise the Laws/Commandments of GOD, nor even acknowledge His existence, our fate will be terrible. No voice of opposition to Basic Law 23 will deliver us from its snares, because GOD WILL DEFINITELY PUNISH THOSE WHO BREAK HIS LAWS/COMMANDMENTS, using Basic Law 23 as a tool to execute His punishment. On the other hand, if many people hold fast the Laws/Commandments of GOD, GOD may have mercy on us, and make void the evil plot of the dark evil force, which serves the king of China[1] [2].

The Only Input Method for Chinese Character should be voice-recognition

Wu Siu Yan
3 Mar 2003

Chinese language is distinct from nearly all languages in the world in that "there are as many distinct sounds as they are distinct Chinese words".

Chinese words are not pronounced phonetically -- combining consonants and vowels. Rather, every word has its distinct sound.

Many methods of Chinese Character Input (to the computer) have been devised. Some map it into 26 alphabets (a to z), and some map it into 10 numbers (0 to 9). All these methods suffer one disadvantage or another. Either it is too complicated to learn, or too slow to input.

The processing power of computer chip is advancing at a rapid rate, PENTIUM chip now operates at Giga-hertz speed, and we should make use of this technological advance. Already there are voice-recognition softwares in the market.

I think the direction should be to improve that, rather than spending time and money on "mapping techniques".


Wu Siu Yan
31 Oct 2002

When we were young, we knew little. We were inexperienced.

LORD : You shall not commit adultery.

Many people were educated in sex, ("sex education"), and they did commit adultery, thus bringing tremendous troubles to themselves. Their lives are not happy.

LORD: "You shall not utter a false report. You shall not join hands with a wicked man, to be a malicious witness." [Ex. 23:1]

LORD: "You shall not follow a multitude to do evil; nor shall you bear witness in a suit, turning aside after a multitude, so as to pervert justice; nor shall you be partial to a poor man in his suit." [Ex. 23:2-3]

LORD: "You shall do no injustice in judgment; you shall not be partial to the poor or defer to the great, but in righteousness shall you judge your neighbour." [Lev. 19:15]

But often, peer pressure, would force us to "follow a multitude".

Moreover, there are the Leninists, who beguile people to join their rank, not knowing that Communists have a pyramid power structure, all but the one man at the top have to obey orders, even if they break no laws of Hong Kong. They do not have freedom, but obedience. Thus they are tricked into being slaves.

We break LORD's Laws/commandments, we incur very bad consequences that torment us.

There is one way out -- believe in Jesus.

Jesus is GOD condescending in human form, and Jesus teachings = teachings of Almighty GOD. If you will repent, LORD will forgive all your past,

LORD: "But if a wicked man turns away from all his sins which he has committed and keeps all my statutes and does what is lawful and right, he shall surely live; he shall not die. None of the transgressions which he has committed shall be remembered against him; for the righteousness which he has done he shall live." [Eze 18:21-22]

Therefore get baptized, which means "death to our old self, and start a new life again!"

The procedure is simple, fill your bath tub completely with water, then pray to LORD somewhat to the effect, "LORD GOD, I promise to do only lawful and right things from this moment onwards, therefore, please forgive my past according to your own words in Ezekiel Chapter 18. Also give me a new heart because of your son Jesus. Please baptize me in your name, in the name of your son, and in the name of the spirit of TRUTH. Amen." Then immerse yourself completely in water, and rise again.

The Leninists would not like this, and may add troubles to you, or may threaten to kill you, but fear NOT. Almighty has the final say.

Look at the trees, flowers, birds, fish, animals, .... you will know that Almighty is powerful and merciful and knowledgeable and meek. LORD is merciful. There is a Chinese saying, "Heaven will not block all your ways" (meaning, heaven would usually give you a way out.) I am 53 years old now, and I can testify that if we meet troubles, we do not fear, and think of the steps to solve that problem, and solve it step by step, we could solve the problem. And in the process, we grow and learn. Therefore do not fear the Leninists adding troubles to you.

Even in the worst case, that you be killed, you will be received back to Jesus, and in the New Heaven and New World where you will be resurrected, you will find no bad people, only good people. And the lions, leopard, snake, ..... will not hurt in the New Heaven and New Earth, and the fruit trees will not fail to bear fruit.

Study LORD's Laws/commandments now, break them not, then you will be blessed.

LORD's promise is simple :


So learn and keep his laws/commandments resolutely, starting with the Ten Commandments.

LORD will not find fault with you, will not condemn the guiltless, and will be merciful. If you have studied the Bible, you would find that LORD found David to have done only ONE wrong in his whole life ! So, keeping LORD's Laws/Commandments would not be burdensome.

Walk Jesus' teachings in "Sermon on the Mount", then you will be like a house that is built on rock, and not on sand, and could withstand strong wind and rain.

Law of GOD and His Commandments
(in Chinese and English)

No home-schooling allowed in Hong Kong

Wu Siu Yan
23 Sept 2002

I must admit that there are definite advantages of going to school, where a child may learn from his/her peers as well as from teachers who are "specialists" in various fields.

However, there are dangerous trends today,

Time is evil today. Parents should be given the option whether to send their children to school, or to educate them themselves (homeschool).

Even more so, with the advent of Internet, and educational softwares, one can learn quite a lot without a formal classroom and teacher.

What is lacking are the "scientific equipment", those needed in chemistry/biology lessons. For physics lessons, one can obtain quite a lot of equipment in "hardware" stores. But these are not major problems, but problems that demand time and energy. If home-school parents join hand together, these problems will vanish.

"Social Skill" ? When a child is fully taught the precepts of LORD :

"merciful, gracious, slow to anger, abounding in steadfast love, abounding in faithfulness (i.e. honesty, uprightness, keep promise, true to one's words, loyal), forgiving, jealous against iniquity",
and precepts of Jesus :
"pure as a child, humble as a child, gentle, meek, lowly, humble, love your neighbour as yourself, GOLDEN RULE -- do to others what you want others to do to you, servant to all, slave to all, .... ",
he/she would know how to conduct himself/herself. All these a child may learn from parents, family members, neighbours. Do not regard "craftiness of man" as social skills.

It is time that government of Hong Kong should consider allowing parents to homeschool their children, a practice adopted by many Western countries today.

Unschooling -- changing the ways students are taught to think in school

Deborah, who lived in California, took her children out from the schools, and home-schools them herself, she wrote,

I discovered that both children had weaknesses in their abilities to communicate in writing. Grammar has obviously not been stressed in their education up until now, but that has changed! They do writing assignments, which have helped to uncover some of the socialist ideas thrown at them for all their school years. We discuss these completed assignments working on both errors in grammar as well as thought processes that have lead them to some of the conclusions they make.


We must concentrate on changing not only what our children learn in school, but also how they learn it.

[Link to her complete article]


Many Hong-Kong-ites have emigrated abroad, how about the fate of the remaining Hong-Kong-ites ?

Wu Siu Yan
15 August 2002

(This is my personal opinion, any other opinion are welcome.)

In the years before 1997, the year of hand-over, nearly 600,000 Hong-Kong-ites emigrated abroad, mostly to Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

There still remain a lot of people in Hong Kong where the place is too small for them (area of Hong Kong is 410 square miles = 20 miles x 20.5 miles).

Reasons why LORD allowed Hong Kong to be ceded to Britain 150 years ago

LORD must have forseen the coming of the Communists who uphold the teachings of Marx and Lenin, godless teachings. Whereas the cultural root of Chinese is rooted on the teachings of Confucius and Mencius. The "Cultural Revolution" was an attempt of enormous scale to throw away all teachings of Confucius and Mencius and put in place the teachings of Marx and Lenin, and it succeeded to a great extent. The Chinese after the Cultural Revolution bore no resemblence to our ancient fore-fathers, they had lost all cherished "values".

LORD must have forseen this and LORD must have had pity on our race that LORD plucked away a shoot from the old tree and planted them in Hong Kong. Therefore Hong Kong was a place used by LORD to preserve the best of our culture. The cultural thinking in Hong Kong has always been of Confucius and Mencius, and that forsakes communists' godless precepts, nor accepts the precepts of Nationalists who inherited many of the bad habits of the Ching Dynasty.

The effect of this can be seen today. Because Hong Kong accepted 150 Chinese immigrants a day for the past tens of years, many of the Chinese in Hong Kong were former Chinese under the Communist rule. During the holidays, thousands of them go back to visit their relatives in China, and they bring the Hong Kong attitudes back to China. If you observe carefully, the thinking of the people in Canton is not very much different from that of Hong Kong. The Leninist thinking among the people in Canton, has been much reduced because of this. It is my hope that the Leninist thinking in the other provinces will decrease too.

Possibility of the people of Hong Kong being absorbed back into China ?

Many Hong Kong people have already purchased flats in Canton, and many have set up factories there. But will China accept the whole of Hong Kong, or Hong-Kong-ites will find their place back in China, the place of their ancestors ?

Sadly, my observation is NO.

, the female Chinese Scholar in USA who visited Beijing with her husband and son, originally thought to go back to work for China, to help her motherland. But she and her family were arrested in Beijing. On her release several months later, she said sadly that she found out that China did not like them.

The question is, who gave the order to arrest ?

If you understand the working of Secret Alliance, the political form of communism, you will know that real power is not in the hands of the "leaders" who appear in public, but in some unknown persons (most probably, in just one person, the King) who never show their faces (or his face).

This "king" did not like , and therefore will also dislike all whose thinking are as free as , who has received the Western type of education and has lived in the West. How would you expect him to like the people of Hong Kong, and accept them into his Kingdom?

The King guards his power, and I don't think anyone in China will replace him in the near future. He will certainly kill all who attempt to take away his throne.

From the mass arrests (up to thousands) without trial, without any legal proceedings, of the Falon Gong members, you should know that China is not ruled by the leaders who appear in public, but by a King.

I have tasted, and is tasting, the ruthlessness and mercilessness of the Secret Agents from China, which is the arm of the King. If his arm is so "hard", how would you expect him to have a "soft heart" ?

Where will the Hong-Kong-ites go ?

An area of 410 square miles to too small for a population of 6.5 millions. Should any disasters (e.g. earthquake) happen and large number of buildings were destroyed, where would the people of Hong Kong go ?

It is my personal wish that they go to Australia. (You must use your own mind, to think critically, whether you agree with me or not.)

How LORD brought people to the America continent, to Australia, to New Zealand, to Canada, ... will also be the way LORD bring people to Australia.

First of all, I must say that I am not a Mormon, but I believe the Book of Mormon to be true history (600 B.C. - 420 A.D.) of the Mayans, who have now all perished from off America; (Note : according to The Book of Mormon, most Mayans were descendants of one man, Lehi, who was of the tribe of Joseph, son of Jacob, son of Issac, son of Abraham. Lehi was led out by LORD and sailed to America before King Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem) and the natives in Hawaii, in the Pacific Islands (Polynesians), in New Zealand, in Australia are all descendants of Maya who sailed abroad before their destruction by the "Native Americans" (red Indians) (Mayans and Native Americans were brothers, but they warred among themselves).

An Allegory

The wrong doings of Joseph Smith (founder of Mormon Church) should not make the Maya history false

(Note : The following is taken from my previous post in my FORUM.)


Let me put it this way.

Suppose Confucius buried his writing "Analect of Confucius" under the ground, and many years later, an American found that out.

And suppose he had talents to read Chinese character, and he translated it into English, and also established an organization, called "Confucius Organization" in USA. But because he was tempted into sin and fell later in his life, he introduced many devilish precepts into his "Confucius Organization".

Question : will that falsify Confucius "Analect of Confucius" ?

When we investigate whether "Confucism" is true or false, shall we read the writings of that American or shall we read Confucius book direct ?

Wu Siu Yan

Therefore, it is my sincere hope that you read the First Chapter of Book of Mormon online first, before deciding whether you wish to download the whole book.

WARNING : I recommend the Book of Mormon, not the Mormon Church, you join the Mormon Church at your own risk, I am free of your blood.

However, should you decide to study that book, your study effort should be 85% Bible, 15% Book of Mormon. Many Mormon people do it the other way round, they spend much of their effort on "Doctrines and Covenants", a book written by Joseph Smith, claiming to be words of LORD (just as Mohammed claimed Quran was the words of LORD), and spend much less effort on the Bible. It seems to me that they also spend more effort on the Book of Mormon than on the Bible.

There are no new teachings in Book of Mormon that are not already in the Bible. Bible contains many many teachings of LORD and Jesus that every Christian should read it over and over again.

However, Book of Mormon highlighted the doctrine of Jesus, which was already apparent from the Gospels, though not so explicity,

Jesus : " ... ye must repent, and be baptized in my name, and become as a little child, or ye can in nowise inherit the kingdom of God."

As well as The Eternal Principle, which is amply confirmed by the Bible (History of Israelites), and the Book of Mormon (History of Mayans), that


Book of Mormon contains the history of Mayans, and the historical lessons in it are extremely valuable to Christians, especially in these difficult times when Secret Alliance reigns.

Study hard the Bible, also study the Book of Mormon.

The Australians are jealously guarding their land against immigrants.

Because Australia is a vast land with plenty of mineral reserves, also a land of great agricultural potentials, the politicians today are jealously guarding against immigrants so as not to "dilute" their share of "inherited wealth".

Hong Kong, in the years before Japanese occupation (WWII), took in nearly one million refugees from China, and Hong Kong is only 410 square miles in area ( = 20 miles x 20.5 miles). If Australia has a will, it can certainly set aside areas to take in millions of refugees, and not to practice its extremely cruel policy towards refugee seekers. (Perhaps, they may set aside area to let them be a mini-country within Australia, and lend them money for infra-structure at reasonable interest. In this way, Australians do not have to bear the burden of their welfare. Just let them fend for themselves, and they will survive.)

If they change not this policy, I don't think LORD will allow them to enjoy the "wealth of Australia". They may jealously guard it, but they will not enjoy it, if they harden their hearts against those poor "refugee seekers".

Japan had been a land difficult for Christians, and who knows what persecution they might face in the future ? Then, where is their place of refuge ?

Australia used to be a place for immigrants from Britain, from Europe. But recently, it has taken in Vietnam refugees and many immigrants from South East Asia. Personally, I think LORD will prepare a place for His people in South East Asia, and that place is likely to be Australia, as He has prepared America for the sons of Joseph, and the British and European immigrants.

We must work towards being accepted by the Australians

Acceptance by the Aborigines

Knowing that the aborigines were descendants of Mayans of America, therefore, we must study thoroughly the Book of Mormon in order to understand fully the thinking of Mayans, the ancestors of Australian aborigines. (I myself have read over the Book of Mormon 5 times, and I think I understand the Mayans.)

Sometimes I think that I might preach to the aborigines. But as presently, the Secret Alliance has implanted microchips into my brain and can radio control my bodily functions (even killing me, just "switching me off"), coupled with the fact that the Secret Agents from China are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, after me, isolating me from all contacts (even my emails are intercepted), I don't think I can do that.

But if I were to preach to the aborigines, I would not start with "precepts teaching", but with "songs", using the hymns loved by our fathers when they were first converted. ([see the hymns, from a Chinese Hymn Book, that I would use in my preaching.] Most of the songs are not in "sound file", because I do not know how to play piano, and I prepared the "sound files" with difficulty.) If they accepted the songs, then, I would educate them with the Bible, and to a lesser degree, Book of Mormon. They are to be built up on the best cultures of their fore-fathers which they have forgotten, as well as the best cultures of East and West.

Acceptance by other Australians

If we seek to be acceptable to them, we must first put on ourselves the "name of Jesus", especially the qualities -- "pure as a child, humble as a child, gentle, lowly, humbly." This would not be difficult for Chinese, because Confucism already taught our fathers "to make our heart pure as a new born." Unfortunately, many Chinese Christians are not child-like, nor pure in heart, therefore, they must repent, or else, they would be shut out of the kingdom of GOD. If they have become child-like, with their hearts pure and clean, and without any evil thoughts lodging in their heart, they may try to convert the Australians to the pure teachings of Jesus.

Christian churches are very weak today. They all stumbled on throwing away the "Laws and Commandments of LORD."

True, our salvation is "through grace, not work", that is to say, the "software of Adam" in us was replaced by the "software of Jesus (freeware)" because of the grace of LORD, not on "works" -- money donated to charity, hours given to social service, hours of fasting, ..... but that doesn't mean Laws and Commandments are to be abolished. Anyone who twisted the plain meaning of Jesus' word in [Matthew 5:17-20 ] "Think not that I have come to abolish the law and the prophets; I have come not to abolish them but to fulfil them. For truly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass from the law until all is accomplished. Whoever then relaxes one of the least of these commandments and teaches men so, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but he who does them and teaches them shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven. For I tell you, unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." is unlikely to be saved, nor will he/she escape the many troubles/anguish that await all those who break the Laws and Commandments. LORD wrote for us many laws/commandments pertaining to attitudes as well as our body NOT WITHOUT reasons.

Yet keeping the Laws and Commandments would not be burdensome, as LORD is merciful, would not be fault-finding, nor will He condemn the guiltless (but He will never let go the really guilty). Remember LORD found King David having done only ONE wrong throughout his life ! (murder of Uriah by the sword of the Ammonites). Moreover, only 4 are compulsory today ((1) eat not food sacrificed to idols, (2) eat no blood, (3) eat no strangled animals, (4) no unchastity. [Acts 15:28-29]), the rest we may do as we see fit, e.g. work one whole month without rest, then take 4 days' rest, should the situation do not permit us to rest one day a week.

If we have made our hearts pure as a child, and have thoroughly equipped ourselves with the teachings in Bible, and have read the Book of Mormon, we may preach to the Australians. In the last century, Christians from the West came to preach to us, today, we should preach to them, to repay some of the kindness their forefathers had done to our forefathers.

Appeal to all Hong-Kong-ites (and their children) who have emigrated abroad

Do not forget the Hong-Kong-ites who are left behind. You may have the money, education, working experience that you find acceptance abroad, but you should still remember the Hong-Kong people that are left behind.

As far as I can observe with my own eyes, the King of China is exerting an extremely cruel and severe grip on the people of Hong Kong through his Secret Agents -- every one must obey his orders, and his orders extend even into family relations (order father/mother against their children, or children against their father/mother, all for his control). Although people would not talk, for fear of the Secret Agents, but you can observe it.

You must know it, or else you would not have sought "safe haven" abroad.

However, everything depends on LORD, and we are ignorant towards future happenings (but be prepared, "Watch and Pray"). But at least we can walk in LORD/Jesus' teachings carefully so as to find acceptance by our Creator, and His acceptance involves our taking upon ourselves His name, the name of his son (Jesus), and the Spirit of TRUTH (honesty and uprightness at all times), and also doing our social responsibilities towards everyone on Earth.

My Grief for China, for Hong Kong

Wu Siu Yan
11 Sept 2002

Recently I saw a TV program about a children choir from Korea. They wore their traditional costumes -- the clothes their ancestors wore in the kingly courts. Their singing deeply moved me.

When I remember that their culture is from China, from Confucius, (in times past, there were lots of Confucius temples in Korea) I cannot but lament for our sorrowful state in China and in Hong Kong. They retain their cultural inheritance even onto today -- their courtly dress would probably be the courtly dress during the time of Confucius in China, but we do not.

How many of the people in China, or in Hong Kong have read Analect of Confucius ? one in one hundred ? one in one thousand ? or one in ten-thousand ?

The teachings of Confucius was the ROOT of our culture. What followed after him, e.g. the teachings of Mencius, and others, were nothing but "shoots" from this old "stump".

Koreans value their cultural heritage coming from Confucius, we, the Chinese in China and in Hong Kong, neglect it.

Although today, I value the teachings of LORD, of Jesus more than anything else, and they over-shadow the teachings of Confucius, of Mencius, but their teachings, e.g.

Do not to others what you don't want others to do to you.

Have the heart of a little child (i.e. pure in heart, without evil thoughts)

were what moulded our society, were what paved the way for my accepting the teachings of LORD and Jesus. Without Confucius, we wouldn't have the Chinese society as we see it today.

Now many Hong-Kong-ites are lost. The youths follow the trend from Japan, the ethics depicted in the comic books. Chinese in China are lost -- they follow the trend from the money-worshipping West, if not Lenin and Marx.

Today is less than one hundred year from the fall of Ching Dynasty, from the time when Confucius was compulsory reading for public office, and our cultural orientation is lost. How many years from now on would the majority of Chinese forget the teachings of Confucius, of Mencius ? A race that forgets its past, forgets its cultural root, has no future.

If I had children, which I do not have, I would definitely have him/her read the book of Confucius. The Analect of Confucius, together with the Bible would be the cultural inheritance to him/her that they have to teach the same to their children, and their children to their children's children.

I dislike the Communists, they destroy our children, destroy the soul of numerous young people, destroy our whole Chinese race, while other nations, like Korea, Japan, cherish their Confucius root.


(*) Analect of Confucius, in English
(*) Analect of Confucius, in Traditional Chinese
(*) Analect of Confucius, in Simplified Chinese
(*) Mencius, in English
(*) Mencius, in Traditional Chinese
(*) Mencius, in Simplified Chinese
(*) 300 Tang Poems, in English and Traditional Chinese
(*) Book of Poetry, (Shijing), in English and Traditional Chinese
(*) The Great Learning, in Traditional Chinese
(*) Doctrine of the Mean, in Traditional Chinese

Hong Kong is under pressure from Beijing to enact laws on (a) treason, (b) secession, (c) sedition, (d) subversion, and (e) theft of state secrets

Wu Siu Yan
18 Oct 2002

Hong Kong Government published a "Consultation Document" which gives a brief outline of the laws the government intends to enact. Government invites opinions from the public, and such opinions have to be submitted by not later than 24 December 2002.

I am of the opinion that the enactment of such laws should be postponed indefinitely. The following are my posts to a FORUM. (Note : most posts are written in Chinese. Only a few are written in English).


Should postpone it indefinitely

Religious people love Ten Commandments, "You shall not kill, you shall not steal, you shall not bear false witness against your neighbor, honor your father and mother, you shall not commit adultery, ... " (Cf. Cultural Revolution and the Red Guards educated with "revolutionary ideas, dialectical and historical materialism").

But in China, commandments/laws is not emphasized but "beneficial to the party, beneficial to the people, beneficial to the country" and "Materialism".

Basic Law 23 shall be postponed indefinitely, we have two different systems and totally different mentality, as "Rule of Law" and "freedom if not break the law" is deep-rooted in Hong Kong, but not in China, where everyone would have to obey the Security Police.

Wu Siu Yan



Communists do not teach commandments : "You shall not kill, you shall not steal, you shall not bear false witness against your neighbour, honor your father and mother, you shall not covet your neighbor's things ...", but "revolutionary ideas, dialectical and historical materialism" to the people, and students too.

People not taught Laws/Commandments can easily become wild mob under agitation by crafty people, Red Guards in Cultural Revolution being an example.

Communists have pyramid power structure, and they conduct things in total secrecy, and demand absolute obedience. Pyramid power structure can have only ONE who holds absolute power. The leaders who appear in public are not power holders, but have to obey ONE real power holder who appears not in public, but behind.

Legislative, Executive, Police, and Judiciary are NOT independent in China, but must obey the Party, which obey the ONE power holder.

Therefore we found Falon Gong condemned in one night, and thousands arrested in one night without due legal process.

Mr. Teng promised Hong Kong : (1) 50 years no change (2) One country two systems.

We enjoy "freedom if not break the law", "one law for all", "rule of Law, not rule of man" (though it is slowly changing to "rule of man" today), and we do not want this changed.

Therefore Basic Law 23 should be postponed indefinitely.

Wu Siu Yan

[Click to read "Secret Alliance", the organization of the Communist Party of China]

[Click to read "If there is a power structure, there must be a king, and only ONE king "]


Danger of the Definition of "Sedition"

First of all, acts should be directed to the 1 billion of Chinese, or a majority of Chinese to be regarded as acts against China.

But in the Consultation Document, China = Communist Government.

We know that the Communist Government tolerates no other party. Even a mere few democrats were arrested in China and sentenced to long term imprisonment.

Secretary of Security are hiding a lot of facts from the people of Hong Kong during their talks on TV sessions.

I think you should read the ENGLISH VERSION of the "Basic Law 23 Consultation Document" to understand fully the dangers ahead.

SEDITION is defined as either one of the followings :

  1. bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against the CPG or other competent authorities of the PRC or the HKSARG ...

    (Note : CPG = Central People's Government; PRC = People's Republic of China; HKSARG = Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government.)

  2. ...

  3. bring into hatred or contempt or excite disaffection against the administration of justice in the HKSAR;

  4. raise discontent or disaffection among Chinese nationals or HKSAR inhabitants;

  5. ...

  6. ...

  7. counsel disobedience to law or to any lawful order.

According to this proposal, this letter of mine will constitute an contempt.

People throughout China are NOT taught Commandments like "You shall not kill, you shall not steal, you shall not bear false witness against your neighbour, honor your father and mother, you shall not covet your neighbour's things, ..." but are taught to obey Party Leadership. And Party leadership is over family, over all personal relationships.

Even the legislative, executive, judiciary, police are to obey party leadership, and are NOT INDEPENDENT. This is the most worrying aspect of China.

Basic Law 23 should be postponed indefinitely.

Wu Siu Yan

P.S. Basic Law guarantees us privacy of communication, but my computer are always monitored. My previous post to this talkgroup was changed by some hackers.


Hong Kong is already "Rule of Man" (obey Secret Agents who obey a king in China)

(Note : RTHK = Radio Televion Hong Kong, an organization funded by government, to make radio, TV programs that have no commercial values yet have cultural values or informative. Its policy used to be independent under the former director, but I suspect the present director would obey secret instructions, and is not a free man.)

The Leninists were able to throw China upside down during the Cultural Revolution because the people, including students, are not taught the Commandments "You shall not kill; you shall not steal; you shall not bear false witness against your neighbour; honor your father and mother; you shall not commit adultery; you shall not covet your neighbor's things, ..... ", but are taught Marxism and Materialism.

They followed no law, and they are taught to follow man. Thus "Rule of man" is extremely effective in China.

Is Hong Kong any better, and Hong Kong people know "Rule of Law" ?

"Rule of law" means we do not have to obey anyone, as long as we do not break the laws. Freedom under the law. One law for all. No one is above the laws.

How many of the people dare say NO to the Secret Agents ? If 99% of the population of Hong Kong dare not say NO to Secret Agents, could you say the system in Hong Kong is different from China ?

It is supposed to be "Rule of Law" in Hong Kong, and "Rule of man" in China, and this is "One country, two systems" promised by Mr. Teng.

Hong Kong people fear, so they obey men, and so they throw away the freedom under "Rule of Law". Anson Chan said that if we did this, we would eat our own fruit.

RTHK does not teach the people the meaning of "Rule of Law". Many immigrants from China as well as their children do not know the meaning of "Rule of Law", and they are accustomed to obeying Secret Agents, RTHK has a responsibility to educate them.

Although there are many programs in RTHK I like and very valuable, 35% of the programs are what I don't like. For example, they have several programs about a professor in University of Hong Kong that promotes adultery for wife, adultery of husband, and free adultery; and RTHK never have any program on Christians' view on "adultery", on responsible parenting.

RTHK have many programs promoting the current life-styles of un-fettered youths in Hong Kong, but I haven't seen a RTHK program depicting the life of those hard working students, (e.g. who have 10 A in Certificate of Education Exam, or those University students who enter the Universities with high marks.)

RTHK hasn't yet told the people the danger of Basic Law 23.

Government has 3 booklets on "Basic Law 23 Consultation". One is a very small booklet in Chinese. The other two are rather complete books, one in English and one in Chinese. The small booklet is totally misleading. The large Chinese booklet is misleading too. More accurate information may be gotten from the large English booklet. In it, you find "bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against the CPG (Central People's Government) or other competent authorities of the PRC or the HKSARG ..." constitutes "sedition"

Even if one is not convicted in court, harassment and investigation from the Security, from the police, ... would greatly affect a person, would throw his daily life upside down.

Hong Kong people lack courage. They don't believe in the promise of LORD -- as long as we keep His Laws and Commandments, we will be blessed. But if we break His Laws and Commandments, we will be cursed. There is a Chinese saying, "Heaven would not shut off the path of a man totally." meaning, if we do not do things against our conscience, Heaven (=Almighty) will usually provide us a way.

Look at the stars in the sky, look at the fish, look at the birds, the flowers, trees, .... you will know that Almighty is powerful and merciful and wise and meek. Therefore, we should have full trust in Him. Jesus did only what was right in the sight of LORD, and he was killed at 33, yet he was resurrected. And we should model after Jesus.

Hong Kong is in difficult times, people must repent and return to LORD. If not, our freedom will be gradually gone, and people will be "slaves" to hard masters, fearfully obeying them, and having no joy in lives.

Wu Siu Yan



I am sad when reading these posts that no one has the courage to use his/her real name.

I have been persecuted by the Secret Agents for 20 years, and even now they persecute me every day, but I do not fear, because I trust in LORD.

I have written the following article, titled "Compass of life, Safety rail of life", and I hope you may read it.

Wu Siu Yan

Compass of life, Safety rail of life

Life is not easy. Life is full of danger. If there are no lessons/teachings that we may learn, we can easily be beguiled in wrong paths, and torment ourselves with various troubles. Even more, demons, evil spirits and Satan are here too.

Bible recorded down the history of man since LORD created Adam and Eve. It recorded down the kingdom of Israel, the things that happened to Israel in times past.

We can learn a lot from such. If we do not study, we learn by painful experiences that come with wrong-doings. History is full of man's follies and errors, why re-tread those follies and errors, with painful and tortuous consequences, when one can study to avoid?

Book of Mormon is another history book, a book about Mayans of America (for the period 600 B.C. ~ 420 A.D. In around the years 420 A.D. the Mayans were destroyed as a nation by the American Indians.) From that, we may learn too.

The compass of life, the safety rail of life, is very simple.


The main theme of the Bible is this. The main theme of Book of Mormon is also this. The main theme of all human histories also point to this.

Therefore we should learn the Laws and Commandments of LORD, starting from the Ten Commandments, and keep them resolutely. Then we can rely on LORD's deliverance and guidance throughout our life, because LORD promised to bless all those who keep His Laws and Commandments, even be merciful to their descendants for thousands of generations, and LORD does not lie.

Look at the sky at night, look at the birds, look at the fish in the sea, look at the mountain, look at the trees/flowers/plant, ... you should know that the Creator, the everlasting GOD, is all wise and powerful and merciful and meek. (Therefore it is advisable to record down the Nature films from National Geography, BBC, .. and let your children watch them.) Moreover, LORD will never break His promise. Therefore we should have full confidence in Him. Walk with him, seek refuge in Him, and learn from Him.

GOD cannot be seen, but His son, Jesus, was created with 100% likeness of LORD (a "clone" of LORD, condescension of GOD in human form), therefore his teachings = teachings of LORD.

If we have done wrong, LORD promised us in "Book of Jeremiah" that if we repent and do lawful and right things afterwards, LORD will not remember all our past wrongs, and we will be given a new heart because of our belief in Jesus.

Repent, and turn to Him. Trust in Him, he is the one that has the final say, not the Secret Agents, or secret powers.

Solomon : "The fear of man lays a snare, but he who trusts in the LORD is safe." [Prov 29:25]

Wu Siu Yan

(*) (in English and Chinese !)
(*) Book of Mormon
(The link contains the First Book only. Book of Mormon has many books written by many Mayans of America. It was translated by Joseph Smith. Unfortunately, the church he founded, Mormon Church, goes into error. I am for the Book of Mormon, I think it is true history of Mayans of America for the period 600 B.C. to 420 A.D. I am not for the Mormon Church, you join it at your risk. The link is for the First Book only, and I think one should be prudent and read a few pages, before deciding whether to read the other small books in the Book of Mormon.)
(*) Analect of Confucius (it is sad if you are a Chinese and yet know not the cultural root of our race.)


Those who control the Police are above the law

In Hong Kong, police are responsible for bringing law-breakers to justice.

But the people in Security Department control the Police.

Therefore the secret agents in the Security Department are above the law, because they will never order the police to arrest themselves even if they break the laws, and they break laws openly and this is known to all citizens of Hong Kong.

Government publishes the number of policeman, the number of auxiliary policeman, but I don't find government publish the number of secret agents, how many of them are on government payroll, and what is the total amount paid yearly.

Moreover, you may not know that all people who work in private security have to obey secret agents from Security Department.

The secret agents engage lot of people, e.g. those who sell ice-cream, who sell newspaper, those who open shops, ...... to monitor the citizens. It is a complete network of monitoring of people patterned after the Chinese Security system.

The ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption) is directly under the Chief Executive, but not the police. Police is under the security people. This is a deadly loophole in a "Rule of Law" society where no one is supposed to be above the law. Those who control the police are.

If the police were like ICAC, and were put directly under the Chief Executive and the Executive Council, then there is less likelihood of people above the law.

At present, all secret agents are above the law, and many of them break laws; and sure, they would not order the police under them to catch them. Thus you do not find secret agents persecuted in courts.

Hong Kong is a semi-police state today, with security patterned after that in China, which is a totalitarian government, where a secret king controls everything. The Chinese leaders who appear in public are not real power holders. Just as George Bush of US is not the real power holder.

Hong Kong people should be aware of this fact.

Therefore we should all the more study the Laws/Commandments of LORD, and endure patiently the present situation, and wait for the day when such devilish arrangement with Security controlling the police be taken away.

Basic Law 23 should be postponed indefinitely, or else the situation will be drastically worse than today, which is bad.

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