The following are my commentaries on Hong Kong
Wu Siu Yan


  1. [14 August 2002] Youth Problem, Elder Suicide Problem in Hong Kong
  2. [4 July 2002] The Quality of the people of Hong Kong will determine the Future of Hong Kong
  3. [4 July 2002] Values
  4. [4 July 2002] Hidden Dangers in Hong Kong
  5. [27 May 2002] Gambling in Canton, and in remote villages in China
  6. [21 May 2002] FEAR, what cause fear ?
  7. [15 May 2002] Two top men in Inland Revenue Department in Hong Kong were thrown out in quick succession
  8. [15 May 2002] Who Really Governs Hong Kong
  9. [11 May 2002] Sodomy, Lesbian
  10. [1 April 2002] The Present Day Political System Simply Cannot Cope With The Internet Age
  11. [1 April 2002] Hong Kong to use Ministerial System ?
  12. [29 March 2002] Develop "Financial Products" in Hong Kong ?
  14. [4 Mar 2002] Sodomy etc. in Hong Kong
  15. [4 Mar 2002] Gambling in Hong Kong
  16. [4 Mar 2002] Nudity in Hong Kong ?
  17. [31 Jan 2002] 50% Divorce Rate in Hong Kong
  19. [18 Jan 2002] Astrology in Hong Kong
  20. [10 Jan 2002] The topmost consideration for all - including politicians, preachers, ...
  21. [10 Jan 2002] 2 Management Style - one very burdensome, one very light
  22. [10 Jan 2002] Management Style - LORD's way - the lightest way
  23. [10 Jan 2002] Immigration Problems


(Youths that are out of school and out of work in Hong Kong, and
the high number of suicides among the elderly in Hong Kong.)

Wu Siu Yan
14 August 2002

A lot of youths are out of school, and out of work in Hong Kong. Moreover, the number of suicides among the elderly is very high in Hong Kong. What has gone wrong ? Why is it difficult for the youths to get jobs ?

If you were an employer, what kind of person would you hire ? What qualities are you looking forward to in your employees ?

Punctual, honest, hard-working, responsible, obedient, loyal, ... ?

How many of our youths possess these qualities ? Rather you find youths who are keen on drugs (Ecstasy, ... ), keen on dance (rave parties) and sex (free sex), computer games, good food, pleasures, ...

The following is taken from a book "Office Practice" published in 1930, Toronto, Canada, of the desired qualities of employees.


Honesty, sincerity, loyalty in thought, word and deed; dependability and trustworthiness under all circumstances; courage and determination to do right, regardless of consequences.


Consideration for and unselfish behaviour towards others; spirit of service and co-operation; capacity for leadership; obedience, respect for those in authority; courtesy, tact, cheerfulness; kindliness, friendliness, generosity; patience; sympathy; tolerance; goodwill towards men.


Intelligence; keen observation; retentive memory; constructive imagination; ability to concentrate; application to work; orderliness; ability to analyze; accuracy; quickness, carefulness, thoroughness; neatness; promptness; punctuality; common sense; good judgement; foresight; initiative; originality; resourcefulness; versatility; enthusiasm; perseverance; self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-control; modesty; good expression and use of the English language; ability to decide intelligently and quickly; a sense of responsibility; a high regard for justice, fairness; firmness with others for their own good.


Manner; good health; energy; bearing.

(Note : as a Christian, I cherish Bible qualities, qualities pertaining to LORD and of Jesus -- Merciful; Gracious; Slow to Anger; Abounding in Steadfast love; Abounding in Faithfulness; Forgiving; Jealous against evil/iniquity; Pure as a child; Humble as a child; Kindness; Meekness; Lowliness; Servant to all, Slave to all; .... Once we get LORD's and Jesus' qualities right, the above qualities follow naturally. But if we follow the above qualities first and not those of LORD's and of Jesus', we may stray into wrong paths. Therefore we should study the Bible and do the teachings in it first.)

How many of the teachers in Hong Kong teach this ? Are there any elders in Hong Kong who teach these ? Are there any in the Government who teach this ?

No, the schools teach "sex education" and not Moral Education (they NEVER CONDEMN : Pre-marriage sex, adultery, Sodomy, Lesbian, Pedophile, Bestiality, ... They are regarded as "attitudes in sex" that one may do in private! As LORD did not spare Sodom and Gomorrah and Pompeii, LORD will not spare any people who do these.)

What is more important to a man in his lifetime -- moral education or (perverted) sex education ? Why is there no education at all in school teaching youngsters the basic qualities of being a human, of being a responsible citizen, of being a responsible husband or wife ?

People think teaching the "Ten Commandments of LORD" is a "taboo". But the "Ten Commandments" is the most fundamental of LORD's "Laws and Commandments". How could people cultivate good qualities when they keep not the Laws and Commandments (of LORD) ? Keeping the "Laws and Commandments" is the first step towards building desirable qualities. How could they produce worthy youths in a society like this ?

It is of utmost importance that we teach Laws and Commandments of LORD before we place emphasize on "qualities/values". Because without Law and Commandments, the "qualities" will not be WHAT WE EXPECT THEM TO BE. For example, "love" will de-generate into "free sex" if there is no "You Shall not commit adultery".

"Integrity", to us, means "wholesomeness in character"; but to the people in Secret Alliance, it means "never betray the secrets of the Organization to outsider; never betray your comrades even if he has broken laws, committed murders; never testify against your comrades nor tell the truth in courts, ..." And people in Secret Alliance cherish these qualities ! (Cf. LORD : "One Law for All.")

On the elderly who committed suicide

The number of suicides among the elderly is high in Hong Kong. The main reason is : people are not taught LORD's commandment : "You shall rise up before the hoary head, and honour the face of an old man, and you shall fear your God." [Lev. 19:32] So, the attitude in the society towards the elderly is far from wanting.

There are few people in the society who devote themselves to the work of LORD -- educating the people in moral. When people lose hope, because they know not LORD, or because they get into difficulties and sicknesses (a result of wrong attitudes, breaking of LORD's Laws, ...), they choose to end their own life.

(For myself, I cherish Bible teachings, including those teachings about cleanliness --

  1. Take a bathe before sunset if touched some unclean thing;

  2. Rest one day every 7 days, one week every half-year, 1 year every 7 years, ... ;

  3. Eat not unclean animals (oyster, snails, pig meat, dog's meat, ... ) [Lev 11]

  4. ....

I value them more than GOLD, more than DIAMOND. The teachings of LORD and of Jesus are more than gold to be bequeathed to our children.)

People should realize that breaking Laws and Commandments of LORD is the ROOT of all social problems as well as personal problems. How could people be good engineers, good scientists, good civil servants, good husbands/good wives, .... if they keep not LORD's Laws ?


The Quality of the people of Hong Kong will determine the Future of Hong Kong

By Wu Siu Yan
4 July 2002

Every successful CEO knows the importance of the quality of its workers.

The retired CEO of GE, Jack Welch, said in a TV show (CEO Exchange) that "One Characteristic of GE is its focus on people. It focuses more on its people than on its various business. The real core business of GE is the development of human spirit."

Therefore GE gives its employees the best training, the best development.

It is so with Japanese companies. They treat their employees as sons and daughters, and give them every opportunity to learn -- study subsidies, travel subsidies, ...

In fact, "Total Quality Control" means improving quality of its workers company-wise.

If Government of Hong Kong does not see that the quality of the people of Hong Kong is of paramount importance, it is a very sad thing. Government's legalizing sodomy, Lesbian, gambling, .... will only produce more and more morally corrupt people.

On the other hand, if Hong Kong Government would try every means to elevate the quality of the people, Hong Kong will have a bright future. The Government may encourage "craftsmanship", e.g. show TV programs on "jewelry making", "watch making", "model making", ... The Government may encourage learning -- provide training courses at token fees (In the past, for example, an evening course lasting for 1 year in Hung-Hom Technical College in the 1960's was less than $100. Now a course lasting several hours would cost hundreds/thousands of dollars.)

If Hong Kong is full of gays, lesbians, gamblers, speculators, drug-addicts, brothel-goers, .... Hong Kong will have no future. Hong Kong will get worse and worse, and the day of its fall will not be far away.


By Wu Siu Yan
4 July 2002

Jack Welch, the retired CEO of GE, said in his book "Straight from the Gut" that values is of paramount importance in GE. And the most important value is "Integrity". "Integrity" means honesty, uprightness, speak out of one's heart (straight from the gut), wholesomeness in character. (Note : "Integrity" for Secret Alliance is totally different -- it means never break the CODE OF SILENCE, never betray comrades, and protect comrades and its secret organization right or wrong, even lying in court to get comrade who has committed crimes out of troubles, never testify against comrades in court...)

What is true for a company is also true for Hong Kong. If only Government in Hong Kong would take the lead in values, and place emphasize on values day after day, and promote "honesty and uprightness" as the first and foremost values, then Hong Kong will be a better place.

On the other hand, if Government places emphasize on money, business opportunities, ... and does not place emphasize on "values", Hong Kong will not prosper.

Hidden Dangers in Hong Kong

By Wu Siu Yan
4 July 2002

For more than a year, there is protest nearly every Sunday, from all walks of life. Young, old, students, housewives, workers, doctors, ....

Also, there are many "Guinness World Records Breaking" events in Hong Kong. Record-breaking by the number of participants in events.

In the protests, or in the record-breaking events, tens/hundreds/thousands/tens-of-thousands of people are mobilized.

This could not have happened without a strong command behind. Remember Hong Kong still has "rule of law" and "freedom" -- people are supposed to have complete freedom as to what he/she does. Try to mobilize such a large number of people, from all walks of society, from the students to the workers, every Sunday, in a truly free society, you will know the difficulties. Yet in Hong Kong, such assemblies happen nearly every Sunday.

In "totalitarian countries", such events should not be a surprise. You can easily see tens of thousands of people assembled in Football field, performing precision performances (e.g. in Korea, in China). In "totalitarian countries", absolute obedience to "party leadership" is demanded and rule of law does not exist.

Now the same thing happens in Hong Kong -- this points to only one fact : nearly all people in Hong Kong are broken into submission by the Secret Alliance, everyone cares only for his/her own safety, dares not say anything, or disobey commands from Secret Alliance. A people who fear people and not GOD, do not trust in the saving power of LORD, is Hong Kong today.

Jesus : "For whoever would save his life will lose it; and whoever loses his life for my sake, he will save it." [Luke 9:24] Jesus did only what was right in the sight of LORD, even onto death on a cross. But now Jesus is alive, being resurrected by LORD. Hell and paradise, and resurrection should be in our mind when we make decisions.

Jesus : "He who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me;.... ; and he who does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me." [Mt 10:37-39]

Jesus : "If he does not .... hate even his own life, he cannot be my disciple.... So therefore, whoever of you does not renounce all that he has cannot be my disciple." [Luke 14:26-33]

Unless the people of Hong Kong take a drastic turn : "do only what is right in the sight of LORD even at the peril of death and torture, and put his/her whole trust in the saving acts of LORD, and fear not man nor torture nor difficulties nor loss of life" would there be a chance to avoid calamities in Hong Kong in the future.

If everyone bows down to the Secret Alliance, and fears man more than GOD, and does things against his/her conscience in exchange for temporary safety/no-harassment from Secret Alliance, Hong Kong will have no future.

First the dissidents will be rounded up, much like the Falon Gong in China, then another group of people, then another group of people, .... , finally, no one can escape, except those who are in power.

They should not blame others, because they exchange their conscience for temporary safety today, and totally forget LORD.


"He who conquers shall have this heritage, and I will be his GOD and he shall be my son. But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the polluted, as for murderers, fornicators, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, there lot shall be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death." [Rev 21:7-8]

Have the courage to say NO, have the courage to reason even with your worst enemy who is thousands of times more powerful than you.

Gambling in Canton, and in remote villages in China

Wu Siu Yan
27 May 2002

Gambling was legalized in Hong Kong in the 70's.

The Jockey Club of Hong Kong is entrusted by the Government to collect all bets. Jockey Club, therefore, set up many Betting Centres throughout Hong Kong.

Why did the Government legalize gambling ? It was because Government was unable to contain corruption of the police. Policemen would protect those in the gambling business in exchange of bribes, and government was unable to stop that. Therefore, government legalized gambling, entrusting the whole business to the Jockey Club of Hong Kong.

That is to say, gambling in Hong Kong is run by the Government, through the hand of Jockey Club. Government and Jockey Club collect lot of money because of this, and they use it mostly for welfare purposes.

It seems to have solved the corruption problem of police.

But at the same time, the mindset of the whole population changed. "Quick Money" become the talk of the day - they worship "money" instead of worshipping LORD. Speculation in stock, in houses, in stamps, .... flourished. Speculation in whatever thing that could earn them quick money.

Therefore many people lost lot of money in the 1998 stock market crash, to outsiders. (When money is not silver nor gold, but IOU [I Owe You] - a mere debit or credit entry in the account books of Banks [**], and fund managers have the backing from foreign banks, e.g. U.S. banks, it is not surprising to see ordinary citizens with little capital lose. Hong Kong Government has not learned, and still does not see the danger, and is today actively promoting various "products in FUTURE TRADING" ! Gambling has ruined many families, and will definitely ruin a country too.))

Now, people in Canton learnt gambling from Hong Kong, spreading it even to remote villages in Canton ! "Mark-6 Lottery" spreads far and wide in Canton. (The original "Mark-6" is to choose 6 numbers out of a total of 36. Therefore there are 36C6 = 1947792 possibilities. The chance to win is roughly 1 in 2 millions. The present day "Mark-6" is a variation of the old one, with more numbers to choose from, and more variations to win.)

Hong Kong Government must never have forseen this un-expected outcome.

Had the Government taken another way to solve "corruption", using country-wide moral education, then the number of people engaged in gambling must have been much less than presently, and people would not have made "quick money" their pursues of life.

Moreover, the mind-set of the whole population would have been on the pursue of virtues, and corruption in Hong Kong would surely decrease in such environments.

Moreover, Hong Kong would have become a moral model for China.

Now, the opposite is true. Hong Kong become the "gambling" model for China.

Several months ago, Government enlisted public opinion about "legalizing football gambling". The reason - lot of money goes to the gambling bosses.

A student once spoke out in a public debate : "Lot of money goes to those in the Drug trade (e.g. those pills at Rave Parties), would the Government legalize selling of Drugs ? " (i.e. Government becomes the sole seller of drugs ?)

Seeing that lot of citizens are against such move, Hong Kong Government enacts Laws against Football Gambling. I think it is a correct move, but to be effective, Government should have the courage to actively educate the people in Moral (Spend more time and effort in education, spend little time or effort in catching the gamblers. Concentrate on the Gambling Bosses).

Every public servants should know that LORD rules the Universe with His Laws, and


is universally true for all people, and nations under Earth.


One last thing, when Hong Kong government legalized Sodomy, it cited the reason that that is the affair between individuals. Now that homosexuals have web sites, have formed clubs, and are actively promoting their acts and enlisting people to join them ! Legalizing sodomy is wrong, but allowing them to preach and to publicize cannot be excused. If not being able to revert back to the old law, which I think we should, sodomy is a criminal offence that none should practice it, it should AT LEAST STOP THEM FROM PUBLICIZING AND ENLISTING MEMBERS, e.g. make such web sites illegal, dis-register all homosexual organizations.

Singapore Government under Mr. Lee Kuan-Yew had the moral courage to brush aside all outside opinions, and did what it considered right. Hong Kong Government should have this courage too. Do not learn EVERYTHING from the nations, and says, what the others do, we do. DO ONLY THAT IS RIGHT IN THE SIGHT OF LORD.

FEAR, what cause fear ?

Wu Siu Yan
21 May 2002

Yesterday, TV reported that researchers at Chinese University found that 100,000 ~ 120,000 persons have feeling of fear. The researches also said that if left untreated, 10% ~ 15% may commit suicide.

I think there are several causes of FEAR.

Break the Laws and Commandments of LORD

There is an old Chinese saying,

If you do nothing against your conscience, you would not fear people knocking at your door at mid-night.

Therefore, if one has broken Laws and Commandments, fear is a natural consequence.

Secret Weapons developed by US military and others - Brain implants

It is known, even in the 1970's, that transceivers planted in the brain of monkeys can make them sleep, perform certain motion ... The transceiver can record down the brainwaves. [ See the book by Jose M. R. Delgado, "Physical Control of the Mind", published in 1969, where you may see photos of monkeys with transceivers on the brain. ]

Research never stopped after WW II. Governments would never talk about what they do in secret.

Miniaturization of electronics have progressed much since 1969. It was transistors then. Today, it is LSI IC (Large Scale Integration : Integrated Circuit). Intel's computer chip can hold tens of millions of transistors.

"Blue-tooth" technology specifies transceivers of 1 milliwatt (range 30 meters, 2.4 GHz) to 100 milliwatt (range 100 meters). "Blue-tooth" transceivers are planned to be put into PC, PDA, ....

"Blue-tooth" is civilian technology, and we know military technology is usually 15 ~ 20 years ahead of civilian technology.

Many brain-computer interaction technology have already be patented ! if you care to search the internet with key words "mind control".

Even scientists and others talk about "brain-computer" interaction openly today.

They would not have talked about this if it was not a reality in secret researches.

I am one whom they implanted many chips on my brain (they made me sleep/unconscious, then they implanted chips onto my brain, over a period of more than 15 years.)

If you care to read "Mind Control Victims", you could find articles by people implanted with chips.

They (the Secret Agents belonging to the Secret Alliance) can transmit "fear", "frustration", "anger", "tranquillity", "disappointment", "proudness", ..... many such feelings into my brain, even sound.

My usual way to handle these : search my heart to see if I have broken any Laws and Commandments of LORD. If I have done something wrong, I would correct myself and never do that again, and if I haven't done anything wrong, I simply would neglect that feeling.

LORD to Joshua : Only be strong and very courageous, being careful to do according to all the law which Moses my servant commanded you; turn not from it to the right hand or to the left, that you may have good success wherever you go. This book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it; for then you shall make your way prosperous, and then you shall have good success. Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; be not frightened, neither be dismayed; for the LORD your GOD is with you wherever you go." [Joshua 1:2-9]

Those feeling may linger on. As long as "they" continue to transmit those brain-wave into my brain, I would feel it. When they stop transmitting, that feeling will go.

Satan, demons, evil-spirits exist, and they are powerful.

If you deny the existence of GOD, of angels, of Satan, of demons, .... many of your conclusions would be wrong.

These devils, evil-spirits have great power. If you read the Gospels of Matthew/Luke/John, you would find that demons can do many things.

Demons etc. can put feeling into our heart.

This is the way outside "temptation" comes to us (e.g. feeling of greed, of lust, ...)

Why are there so many "revelations" nowadays?

Why do the scientists in Chinese University publish statistics on FEAR now, as everyone knows "fear" is a common phenomena ?

Also "pedophile priest" is nothing new, but it receives much reporting even in Hong Kong. One priest, who was not pedophile, reported that many years ago to the church authority, but the Church transferred him to a remote place, as a reward for his faithfulness in reporting! (from BBC program on pedophile priests) Why did people not talk before, but talk now ?

Secret Alliance has long infiltrated many churches. The following is taken from an interview conducted by a Toronto Radio

Cisco Wheeler :

In part. In the late forties the Illuminati wanted to infiltrate the churches because they understood the power of God within the structure of the church, and they had to find a way to infiltrate the church to break down that spiritual strength within the church, the power of the holy spirit that works within the church. They had to find a way to infiltrate that, and they wanted to bring the world into the churches so that the churches wouldn't be so strong spiritually. That was part of my father's job. In order to do that my father married my mother who was not Illuminati, nor was she ritual, but she did have a very strong religious background. She was that perfect example for the world, that perfect wife for the church, to set examples for other young women in the church. When my father married her, that was his way to infiltrate the church, through my mother.

Wayne Morris :

Throughout your father's life, how did he go about infiltrating during this process?

Cisco Wheeler :

By becoming part of the church, by being a minister, by being ordained, by getting into the youth groups, becoming very friendly with the Elders and the Board of Directors within the congregation itself. This was the Pentecostal churches.

Let's watch and pray.

Two top men in Inland Revenue Department in Hong Kong were thrown out in quick succession

Wu Siu Yan
15 May 2002

In June 1999, Mr. WONG Ho Sang, who was Commissioner of Inland Revenue, Hong Kong, was dismissed because the media accused him of "conflict of interest" : his wife provided Taxation and Secretarial services to companies.

Mrs Agnes SIN LAW Yuk-lin was promoted to take his place. But in a short time, Government sued her for cheating the Government of housing allowance in 1983-86, and replaced her.

Whom the Government put in charge of Taxation now I do not know, because the Media did not report it.

Mr. Wong is a good Christian, and he aided his church often. His wife provided taxation and secretarial services for MANY years (why did the Government take no action in all those years?) I do not know whether his wife has professional qualification or not, for it is a common practice for "Chartered Accountant" or "Chartered Secretary" to offer taxation and secretarial services. Mr. Wong said that clerks handled the cases, and he, as the top man, did not see the cases personally. Government set up a investigation commission, but found him no wrongs, yet he was dismissed.

Personally I sensed that something was wrong when the media attacked Mr. Wong so vehemently. When the Government sued Mrs SIN LAW Yuk-lin, who replaced Mr. Wong as Commissioner of Inland Revenue, by finding fault with her with an event that took place in 1983, I was sure that something was wrong. [ KGB : "Find the man, and we will find the crime." ] Yet I did not understand why?

But after that, I heard someone speaking in a TV program that her church (or a church) was harassed by the Inland Revenue Department.

Also, I happened to read a newspaper report that another woman committed suicide because the Inland Revenue Department accused her of tax evasion. Her business failed and also she had financial difficulties, therefore she killed herself. (The Secret Alliance have been trying to subject every person in Hong Kong to totalitarian control, obeying orders from them.)

Whether there are other cases of persecution by the Inland Revenue Department, I do not know, as I do not read newspaper often.

I also learned from the Internet that some churches in USA were persecuted by IRS, but still I do not understand the intricacies inside.

Not until one day I read about the ordeal of Idaho Congressman George Hansen, that I began to understand.


Hansen had been congressman for Idaho for 7 terms (?) and he constantly accused CIA of drug trafficking. He also wrote books telling the wrong doings of IRS (Inland Revenue Service). Hansen : "... illegal collection and seizure procedures employed by the Internal Revenue Service against politically targeted individuals and groups ...."

  1. "To Harass Our People .... : The Story of IRS"
    by George Hansen and Larrey Anderson, 1980.

  2. "How the IRS seizes your dollars and how to fight back"
    by George Hansen and Larrey Anderson, Jr., 1981.

One would think that bad people from CIA, NSA (National Security Agency), ... are the ones that would afflict the citizens, and few would think of IRS. I myself haven't read Hansen's two books, I only read an account by another person who took his material from Hansen's books.

Then some bad people in US decided to hurt Hansen, and Hansen was put in prison for 4 years. (Link to Hansen's ordeal. The first part is introduction by the webpage writer, the second part are ordeals of Hansen in chronological order in his own words.)

Another person also wrote his story, "The Hansen Story", and it includes some photos of Hansen.

Some dark things of US prison system may be read in [this article].

There are also some articles by James Henry Graf, telling his fate under the hands of Government agents, which is different from that of Hansen's, and I think they are worth our attention too.

Who Really Governs Hong Kong

Wu Siu Yan
15 May 2002

Mr. Tung, the governor of Hong Kong, is not his own man.

Not only so, all members of the Executive Council are men who have been "broken" into submission by the Leninists, therefore, they are not their own men too.

When a person does not believe that GOD intervenes in all matters on Earth, big or small, or resurrection, one would submit readily when faced with death, or torture, or persecution.

The Leninists are skillful in deceiving them, "FOR THE COUNTRY, FOR CHINA !", so they continue to be slaves. (They should know that even good deeds have to be done in a lawful way, not breaking Laws and Commandments.)

I must agree that many old people who joined the Communists Party really cared for the welfare of China, but they also inherited the erroneous thinking of our fathers of old - they think they can change the world using their own effort ! - not knowing that everything they have, their body (hardware), their talents (software), even their life, are all from LORD. LORD can make us ill or die in an instant. Nearly all famous Chinese of old died young, (The brackets were their ages at death). If they are absolutely honest, upright, love TRUTH more than their life, walk in the light, walk fully in the teachings of LORD and Jesus, then even if they do nothing momentous, they are doing the work of LORD. On the other hand, even if they make great economic progress, but make all young people go stray, make them sell their souls, they are doing great dis-service to the Chinese race, to future generations.

The old Communists think that they are in control. How could they be ? They depend for their own safety on the Secret Agents. They are isolated from each other by the Secret Agents. All their communication must be through the Secret Agents.

He who controls the Secret Agents controls Hong Kong.

(*) Errors of those Chinese deceived into joining the Communists who believe in Marx/Lenin teachings
(*) [In Chinese] An Essay written mainly for Old Communists
(*) Law of GOD and His Commandments
(*) Jesus' Sermon on the Mount
(*) Other Teachings of Jesus
(*) Hymn

Sodomy, Lesbian

Wu Siu Yan
11 May 2002

Today, I saw a TV program prepared by "RTHK, Radio Television Hong Kong" about gay and Lesbian. The responses from the students joining the discussion cause me much concern.

First of all, I am a Chinese. I inherited the moral teachings of my fore-fathers, and I stand by their standards. Gay and Lesbian has never been accepted in our moral heritage.

Apart from that, I am a Christian and I uphold the standards of LORD and of Jesus.

When I look around the world, when I look at some primitive people who have no writing, for example, those in Amazon jungle - South America, or in Australia, and hence they have no "ACCUMULATED KNOWLEDGE", I thank LORD that we Chinese have. Writing preserved the hard-won experience of generations, much of those experiences was learned through painful experiments.

Therefore, if I had my way, I would make

  1. Analect of Confucius

  2. Analect of Mencius

  3. 300 Tang Poems

and, to a lesser degree,

  1. Ancient Chinese Poems, or "Shi Jing"

compulsory reading for all Chinese. This is the cultural inheritance of Chinese, and it is they that make Chinese Chinese. (Though I would point out those teachings which are wrong according to the Bible, e.g. ancestral worship. I use the Bible as plummet for all teachings.)

In the years just before 1997, British Government legalized "sodomy, Lesbian". Whereas, previously, "sodomy" was a criminal offence.

Hong Kong has been learning from the world indiscriminately, whether good or bad. Therefore today, we see adultery abounds, and 50% of marriages break up. What will be the effect on their children and the future generations ?

In USA, in Australia, we can find cities of gays, of Lesbians. (The gays and Lesbians in Hong Kong are establishing web sites, promoting their life-style, and if the Government does nothing, groups of gays of Lesbian will be common in Hong Kong.)

In USA, we see that "sex education" includes the teachings of "gay, lesbian" practices ! (Sex education is NOT "education" in the real sense, they are real education if they teach responsible and godly marriage. Rather, sex education is all about how to prevent pregnancy!)

"Gay, Lesbian" suing others for "discrimination" is common in the West, and will come to Hong Kong.

LORD's 2nd teaching in the Bible is that we should circumcize our fleshy passions. Our pursue of life should be "righteousness", because we are on probation here, and there will be a judgement after death - paradise for the righteous, and hell for the evil doers.

Confucius and all our forefathers emphasized the pursue of virtues, of pursuing a virtuous life.

Now the trend is the pursue of fleshy passions - adultery, sodomy, lesbian, rave parties, good food, drugs, totally unrestrained living.

Government rarely takes moral lead nowadays. What it usually does is to take a statistical sample, if 50% or more approve a certain behaviour, they legalize it. They have NO standard, and they let the majority choose the standards!

Because of this lack of moral lead, the souls of numerous young people are lost. Maybe, one day, the whole human race will be lost. Think of the soul of your children's children - will they have a noble soul or a base soul if such trend continues ?

I accept nothing other than the standard of LORD. LORD is creator of the whole Universe, and we should live by His standards, i.e. His Laws and Commandments.

(P. S.
True love between two persons of the same sex is NOT the same as sexual acts. Jonathan, the son of King Saul, loved David as his own soul, but did they engage in sexual acts ? [1 Samuel 18:1])

Paul : "Love is patient and kind; love is not jealous or boastful; it is not arrogant or rude. Love does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things." [1 Cor 13:4-7]

Sexual acts between persons of the same sex is perversion, not love.

The Present Day Political System Simply Cannot Cope With The Internet Age

Wu Siu Yan
1 April 2002

Political system today is patterned after the Roman's. Government undertakes all tasks, and leaves little for the citizens to do.

Such government could work fairly well if the population is small and activities few.

But now, cellphone is everywhere, internet is everywhere, and air travel is cheap, the activities of people multiply tremendously.

Even home office, home e-business, is a real possibility.

If government continues to govern every aspect of people's activity, government simply could not cope.

I take the case of Hong Kong as an example.

In 2001, Hong Kong has a deficit of over HK$ 64 billion. Government spending is 22% of GDP. Notice that Hong Kong maintains NO army, hence no military spending, yet Government spending is 22% GPD. Unemployment is approaching 7% now.

(A) People in Public Housing cannot use his house for any purpose other than residence

Nearly half the population live in Public Housing in Hong Kong. (Area of Hong Kong is 410 square miles = 20 x 20.5 sq. miles, and population is 7.5 million.)

But the Tenancy Agreement says,

To use the said flat for the purpose of residence for the Tenant, his wife and family and not to use the same or any part thereof for any trade business or professional purpose or as a laboratory or workshop or to store therein any goods or merchandise.

Therefore productivity of all these people are left to waste.

The government has many things to consider : if they were allowed to do "trade, business, professional use, ... " how was the Government to manage these activities ? Thus the only course is to prohibit all activities.

(B) Hawkers, street pedlars prohibited

Hong Kong stopped issuing hawker license many years ago. Those have license may continue to do so.

Again, the Government has many worries :

  1. If they were to sell cooked food, how was the Government to ensure food saftey?

    • Boiling can kill germs.

    • Hot food to be served will be safe if they are kept above 72oC.

    • Cool drink to be served will be safe if they are kept below 10oC.

    • Temperature below 3oC can keep food safe for up to 5 days.

    • Temperature below -18oC can keep food safe for months.

  2. What if they obstruct passage ways ?

  3. What if they make dirty the environment ?

Because Government simply cannot cope with the situations that may arise, therefore prohibition is the only way.

(Note : but people must earn a living, so illegal hawkers abound. Previously, the Police were to arrest illegal hawkers, now the Government has hired other people to do hawker-control. Illegal hawkers, if caught, will have their goods confiscated (mandatory by Law) and pay a fine.)

(C) Every law-and-order thing is to be handled by Police, and people are not supposed to do anything, therefore they live behind close doors, caring none of their neighbors.

For example, if there is any family violence such as beating wife or hurting children, it is the responsibility of the Police to handle. Citizens are not entrusted with any responsibilities, and so they leave everything to the authority.

Many family troubles, petty crimes/injustices could easily be settled if neighbours care for one another and elders are respected - one simply go to the elders, or to a civic-minded neighbour for settling disputes. And neighbours help one another out. Small crimes/injustices, if left unsettled, will usually grow, making everyone suffer.

There are many many imperfections with the present day political system, the above lists a few. Government has many worries - how to control/manage activities and how to tax them, because Government hires people to control/manage activities. If Government cannot control/manage/tax an activity, then mostly Government would prohibit such.

Not so with LORD's system.

Tax is voluntary 10%.

Justice is free and prompt - anyone, whether they be elders or not, may be judge, so long as people seek them out for justice, and who will approach one who does not dispense true justice ?

As for other matters, there are servants of 10, servants of 50, servants of 100, servants of 1000, and Chief Servant to help them. Where do these people come from ? They are many people who like to serve, who care for others, only the system is a hindrance, thus there wouldn't be shortage of people. These servants are to receive about 1% of people's income, yet again, donation is voluntary. The voluntary 10% tax goes to the teaching Priests and Levites.

Moral is the foundation of any society. Putting everything in Laws and writing is not the solution to crimes, it only makes more and more laws books. But in LORD's system, 1/10 of the people are to be teaching Priests and Levites, so moral should not be a problem.

Confucius : "If the people be led by laws, and uniformity sought to be given them by punishments, they will try to avoid the punishment, but have no sense of shame. If they be led by virtue, and uniformity sought to be given them by the rules of propriety, they will have the sense of shame, and moreover will become good."
[Taken from Analect of Confucius]

Hong Kong to use Ministerial System ?

Wu Siu Yan
1 April 2002

The political system in Hong Kong was established the time when Hong Kong was ceded to Britain.

There are two councils - the Executive Council and the Legislative Council. The Royal decree said that the Governor must consult with his Executive Council before putting forward any bills to the Legislative Council. (Incidentally, the political system in Taiwan, which was created by Dr. Sun Yat-sen, who studied in University of Hong Kong, is the same as that in Hong Kong).

Because of this, the Governor has no control of what the Civil Servants do other than passing bills and let the Civil Servants implement them.

Mr. Tung, the Chief Executive (the same as Governor), wants to introduce ministerial system.

Ministerial system has many disadvantages too. If one cares to read the autobiographies of past Prime Ministers of Britain, one would find out :

The minister has to care for the job he/she is entrusted.

The responsibilities lie on his/her shoulders.

But very often, the Prime Minister has his/her personal views too, and imposes his/her views on the ministers.

If the minister has his/her own view and that differs from that of the Prime Minister, problems will arise.

Either the Prime Minister replaces the minister, or the minister resigns. This has happened many times in the past.

That was not so with ancient Chinese system :

Every day early in the morning, the King would sit in court, and all his military officers and civilian officers would stand before him.

The military, civilian officers may be compared with the Ministers of Britain, they each had their respective responsibilities.

They discussed all matters of importance. Everyone might speak out and contribute his view. But the final decision rested with the King.

Thus it can be seen that in the British System, the ministers work alone, whereas in the Chinese system, they worked as a team.

But the bad thing with the Chinese system was that the ministers had to obey the final decision reached by the King in the collective counseling.

Even though he might not be enthusiastic in implementing that, he had to obey.

If one is not enthusiastic about what one does, one can rarely does the job well. One simply does not have the mind and heart in that task.

As for LORD's way of doing thing, we may get some understanding from [1 Kings 22:19-22]

And Micaiah said, "Therefore hear the word of the LORD : I saw the LORD sitting on his throne, and all the host of heaven standing beside him on his right hand and on his left; and the LORD said, 'Who will entice Ahab, that he may go up and fall at Ramath-gilead?' And one said one thing, and another said another. Then a spirit came forward and stood before the LORD, saying, 'I will entice him.' And the LORD said to him, 'By what means?' And he said, 'I will go forth, and will be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets.' And he said, 'You are to entice him, and you shall succeed; go forth and do so.' [1 Kings 22:19-22]

Thus we see that LORD appointed the one who gave the opinion to enforce the decision reached in collective counseling.

But could Hong Kong adopt such a system, the Chief Executive (or Governor) holds collective counseling with members of the Executive Council, public servants, "ministers", ... , and entrust the execution to one who gives the best idea, and gives him authority to work across Departments ?

I don't think so.

The management system of Hong Kong is out-dated. It originated 150 years ago, and rarely got changed. There are many "layers" of management, and there are many laws and by-laws for any change to be implemented without legal challenge. This system may work well when people were few, activities were low, but not in this Internet age.

In the commercial world, management has progressed a lot. They must progress, or else they would not survive - how to handle more activities, how to handle them more quickly and efficiently, how to satisfy the customers, .... But Governments usually lack behind, much behind.

Coupled with the fact the legal system is really "Rule by Lawyers" and not "Rule of Law" and justice favors the rich and powerful, I don't think one can really do anything in these situations.

I hope people would study LORD's system, LORD's Laws, which are very simple, and which Moses and Joshua and the Israelites practiced until Saul became king, and forsake the Roman system and adopt LORD's system in the future.

Develop "Financial Products" in Hong Kong ?

Wu Siu Yan
29 March 2002

Hong Kong Government has shown an interest in developing financial "products" in Hong Kong. But should we pursue policy in this direction ?

Future trading in commodity, e.g. wheat, soya bean, coffee, .... really serves a purpose, it alleviates fluctuation in prices and enables farmers to plan production.

But how about "future trading in stock, future trading in stock market index" ?

They are in fact gambling.

First of all, we have to understand what money is in our society nowadays. Money is neither gold, nor silver, nor anything with physical existence. Money is simply an IOU (I Owe You), a debit or credit entry in the account books of banks.

(If the terms "debit", "credit" is alien to you, click Book-keeping for Shopowners, a webpage where you may learn book-keeping in a few days!)

The IOU of the banks are gathered (or cleared) in the Central Bank as debit or credit entries. Most Central Banks would charge interest on debit entries (those who are debtor banks), called "discount rate", but gives NO interest to credit entries (those who are creditor banks).

Because the creditor banks get no interest from the Central Bank, they would lend to the debtor banks at a lower interest rate than the discount rate. And this is called "Inter-bank Money Market". It is a win-win situation, the Creditor Banks get some interest, and the Debtor banks pay an interest lower than the "discount rate" charged by the Central Bank. If you wish to understand more, click my webpage on Money.

Because money is IOU, it is limitless in supply. Should money be gold or silver, their supply is limited, but not IOU. Therefore someone once said, "If I were a banker, I would make the biggest bet. If I win, I go home a millionaire. If I lose, the IMF (=International Monetary Fund) will bail me out."

Therefore in the "future trading in currency, future trading in stock, future trading of stock market index, .... " the winners are usually the big banks, because they can issue IOU without limit. The losers are the citizens with little capital (the banks as well as financial organizations would gladly lend to the citizens money, several times the money the citizens have, called "leverage", to enable them to "gamble" more).

But someone would say, "there are many financial centers around the world and they are very successful". Yes. They are the "Casino Operators" and they have limitless IOU and in the long run, they win, so they are successful. Hence those successful financial centers must be those in the big countries, e.g. USA.

Do you think that a country like Philippines, or Thailand, or Singapore, or Hong Kong, those small countries, would really be successful as a financial center in "gambling products" (financial "products", or financial "derivatives")? Can the IOU of banks in those places compete with the IOU of banks from US ?

The "gambling spirit, quick money spirit" is very prevalent in Hong Kong. Government of Hong Kong should see the dangers in such. If the Government continues this "gambling path" - develop financial market with many "products" of financial "derivatives", legalizing football gambling, ... , and that people in Hong Kong spend more and more of their time gambling, instead of working and studying and learning and improving, the day will come when either Hong Kong will summon the help of IMF and devaluate the Hong Kong currency and suffer HIGH interest rate, or call the Central Bank of China to bail us out.


A civic-minded person should think about these questions :

  1. What if some bankers are dishonest ?
  2. What if some persons in the Central Bank are dishonest ?
  3. What if someone gained control of the Federal Reserve Bank of USA ? or gained control of the Central Bank of Europe (one currency in Europe now), or just the central bank of a country ?

Personally, I think the present day "credit system (IOU system)" is unfavourable to the honest, and favors the dishonest.

Money in LORD's system is silver. As the supply of silver is limited, so money supply is limited. But silver is present in small quantities in nearly all mines, that is to say, whether you are mining for copper, lead, gold, .... silver is present. Hence there should be enough supply of silver for our economic activities. (Gold cannot be money, as supply of which is not big enough.) China in times past always use silver as money.

With silver as money, production may not be as big as with IOU as money, but equally not so much waste or squandering of earth's resources!

The biggest advantage is that it favors the honest, and unfavourable to the dishonest. One simply cannot buy out corporations at will then. But now, if one has the support of a bank, or the support of someone who controls the Central Bank, one may buy out whatever corporation with ease, as money is just IOU, unlimited in supply.


Recently, Asian TV of Hong Kong are showing a series about Dr. Sun Yat-sen. The fact that Dr. Sun was a Christian is emphasized repeatedly in the shows.

During the times of Jesus, Pilate killed some Israelites and used their blood in their offering to their gods [Luke 13:1-5], but did Jesus start a revolution against the Romans ?

Paul and Luke and the other disciples of Jesus were also Christians, did they start a revolution too ?

One Christian once started a revolution, does that imply that ALL Christians should start revolutions ? I have written somehow on this.

The Earth, the stars, the galaxies, .... are all created by LORD.

Even Satan, demons are created by LORD.

The "hardware" of human is not as strong as that of a buffalo.

But the "software" of human is much better than that of a buffalo, as buffalo cannot do Advanced Mathematics, Engineering, .... etc.

Even so, the "hardware" and "software" of Satan and demons are created by LORD.

We have freewill. Say, if we want to be bad, to be malicious, we may download "virus" software from the Internet, and cause havoc to others' computers. Or, if we want to be good, we may download "good software" from the Internet and share it with others.

Same is true for us, and for Satan and for demons. If we "wish" for bad, LORD will give us "evil software, virus software" - software to do evil. If we wish for "good", LORD will give us "good software".

The one who has the ultimate power and say, in all events on Earth, is LORD, not Satan nor demons nor the Secret Alliance.

The world is facing great difficulties today.

Who causes all this difficulties ? It is LORD.

Why does LORD allow these to happen ? Because we have forsaken His Laws and Commandments. See "adultery, sodomy, lesbian, lying and cheating, .... " are everywhere. Therefore LORD allows all the troubles to happen.

LORD is truth. Even the electron in an atom has to obey the Electromagnetic Laws designed and created by LORD. Therefore, LORD is able to destroy all the wicked of this world in an instant. LORD has the power even to remove all the galaxies in an instant.

Therefore what we are to do NOW is not "to resist tyranny" nor "start/join an revolution", but return to LORD. We should learn and obey the Laws and Commandments of LORD, as well as teach our neighbours to observe them. It is no trifle in these difficult times, it is "life or death" to us and to our neighbours.

If our conduct are found wanting, how could we "save the world" ? We would be among those LORD will punish or even kill in His Day of Reckoning.

Therefore humble ourselves, repent and return to LORD, and obey His Laws, and teach others to do the same.

LORD : Behold, I have created the smith who blows the fire of coals, and produces a weapon for its purpose. I have also created the ravager to destroy; ....
[Is 54:16]

Moses : For they are a nation void of counsel, and there is no understanding in them. If they were wise, they would understand this, they would discern their latter end! How should one chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight, unless their Rock had sold them, and the LORD had given them up? [Deut 32:29-30]

Isaiah : In that day you looked to the weapons of the house of the forest, and you saw that the breaches of the city of David were many, and you collected the waters of the lower pool, and you counted the houses of Jerusalem, and you broke down the houses to fortify the wall. You made a reservoir between the two walls for the water of the old pool. But you did not look to him who did it, or have regard for him who planned it long ago. [Is 22:8-11]

LORD : But my people did not listen to my voice; Israel would have none of me. So I gave them over to their stubborn hearts, to follow their own counsels. O that my people would listen to me, that Israel would walk in my ways! I would soon subdue their enemies, and turn my hand against their foes. [Psalm 82:11-14]

Jesus : Think not that I have come to abolish the law and the prophets; I have come not to abolish them but to fulfil them. For truly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass from the law until all is accomplished. Whoever then relaxes one of the least of these commandments and teaches men so, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but he who does them and teaches them shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven. For I tell you, unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. [Mt 5:17-20]

LORD to the ancient Israelites : I am the LORD your GOD from the land of Egypt; you know no GOD but me, and besides me there is no saviour. It was I who knew you in the wilderness, in the land of drought; but when they had fed to the full, they were filled, and their heart was lifted up; therefore they forgot me. So I will be to them like a lion, like a leopard I will lurk beside the way. I will fall upon them like a bear robbed of her cubs, I will tear open their breast, and there I will devour them like a lion, as a wild beast would rend them. I will destroy you, O Israel; who can help you ? ... [Hosea 13:4-9]

What we should do TODAY is to listen to the teachings of Jesus, especially,

Jesus : This is the work of GOD, that you believe in him (note : refers to Jesus) whom he has sent.
[John 6:28-29]

Do the teachings of LORD/Jesus everyday, do good to your neighbours, save the soul of your neighbours by teaching him/her the Laws and Commandments of LORD and Sermon on the Mount, show kindness and mercy to your neighbour, show honesty and uprightness in all your conduct, be meek and gentle and humble and ready to serve, and hold fast the teachings of LORD and Jesus onto death, cleave to and walk humbly with LORD, and pray to Him for counselling and guidance, and most importantly, bear the cross every day (patient endurance), then you are doing the work of LORD.

Beware of false prophets, false Christians, who appear to be sheep outwardly but inwardly are ravenous wolves, you will know them by their fruits - are they honest and upright and pure as a child ? Are they kind and merciful and slow to anger and forgiving ? Do they have the love of GOD in their heart ? Are they humble and meek as Jesus as to wash the feet of others ? Are they .... ? .. ? .. ? Then you will be able to see the wolf inside.

Beware of falling into traps of crafty men whose only wish is to enslave you, that you obey him instead of obeying and cleaving to LORD. They would use grand titles, e.g. "save the world", "save the country", and you listen and obey him and break all LORD's Laws and Commandments, to the effect that your soul be tossed like a cork in the sea that finds no rest, and suffer terrible punishment in the long run.

Remember the folly of Timothy McVeigh, who blew up a building and killed many innocent people.

What can you do when the majority of the people break LORD's Laws - adultery, homosexuality, lesbian, totally unrestrained living ? What can you do when the majority of the people care only themselves and their enjoyment and pleasure ? How can they keep the Laws if they do not know the Laws ? And how can they know the Laws and Commandments if Christians are not willing to preach to them ? And how many of the Christians have read the Bible all over ? and How many of them know the Ten Commandments by heart, much less other commandments of LORD ? What can you do in situation like this ?

When we have fully returned to LORD, and keep His Laws and Commandments, and have taught our neighbours to walk in LORD's Laws/Commandments too, and that a sufficient number of us have turned to LORD, then LORD will guide us step by step as to what we should do in these difficulty times after September 11, where Secret Alliance reigns the world.


  1. Social Responsibility
  2. The friend who never fails you

Sodomy etc. in Hong Kong

Wu Siu Yan
4th March 2002

Hong Kong was a British colony, and hence Laws in Hong Kong was based on Common Law. For more than 100 years, Sodomy was considered a crime. In 1990's, Government proposed some changes to legislation, and Sodomy and Lesbian are no longer considered as crimes.

But sodomy is still a crime in many Commonwealth countries based on Common Law, for example, Malaya.

Some weeks ago, there was a TV program about "gay" in Hong Kong. One person who was interviewed said that he had a web site and he had some 3000 members.

"Gay" and "Lesbian" in Australia, USA, ... have reached huge proportions. There are cities where nearly all are either "gay" or "lesbian".

Hong Kong Government might think that "sodomy, lesbian" would not have affected the society, as they are acts between individuals. Therefore it followed the world to legalize such activities.

Now that the "gay" and "lesbian" have their web sites (use some search engines and you will find many such web sites in Hong Kong, enlisting members, and posting articles promoting their behaviour!)

Are we going to have "parades/carnival of gays, lesbians" walking in our streets as in those Western countries ?

Could you imagine the future if such activities and promotions are to continue ? Today, there are some thousands. Tomorrow, there may be tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands.

LORD explicitly told us that we have to obey His Laws, and "sodomy" is punishable by DEATH. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah, where the citizens practised sodomy, and LORD killed them all in an instant. Do not think such fate will not befall onto Hong Kong.

Our human existence on earth is a probation, a period of learning and testing, to see if we are fit for eternal life.

Our pursues in this life should be "kindness, mercy, graciousness, love, justice, faithfulness, righteousness, ... " and not "fleshy passions".

Those who follow fleshy passions will sink deeper and deeper, and feel emptier, emptier in soul, and could never satisfy their soul.

Only one who is firm and steadfast in keeping the Commandments and Laws of LORD, and lives an upright and godly and decent life, could enjoy the "rest" and peace of LORD.

Wake up, those in governing positions, and allow NOT such to beguile our youths into paths of death!

Repent, everyone who does this, and return to LORD, and live the life-style of Jesus - one who did only what was right in the sight of LORD even onto death.

There will be judgement in the Last Day, if not in the near future.

Fear the Almighty.

Gambling in Hong Kong

Wu Siu Yan
4th March 2002

First, a little about history of gambling in Hong Kong.

Up to the 60's, most gambling was illegal. The Jockey Club of Hong Kong was an exception, and betting on horses was allowed. Yet one had to go the Jockey Club to place the bets. Some Mahjong shops were/are also allowed, where people gamble on Mahjong.

But there was a rather huge, black market for gambling among the population - "Mark 6 Lottery" - out of 36 numbers, one had to guess which 6 numbers would come out. "Mark 6" had been the traditional form of gambling for Chinese for many years. This was illegal. However, many policemen would accept bribes, and allowed such activities to go on.

The Government's solution to this problem was

  1. to take over "Mark 6 Lottery" itself, and to set up "The Hong Kong Lotteries Board"

  2. to allow The Hong Kong Jockey Club to set up many betting centres throughout Hong Kong, to enable more people to place bets easily,

  3. and also make the Jockey Club agent for the "Hong Kong Lotteries Board", to accept "Mark 6 Lotteries".

Government taxes heavily on gambling, and use the revenues for social services.

This measure cured the "corruption" in the Police, but it encourages gambling to a scale unimaginable.

Now, on each horse racing days, nearly all newspapers on Hong Kong would publish "tips" and information on racing.

Jesus : No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money. [Mt 6:24]

(Note : In the Bible, LORD taught us to be honest, to lead a godly life, and NOT to go after unrighteousness gains, nor bribes, nor unrighteous gifts.)

The spirit of "quick money" prevailed over the society. "Honest hard work, earn money with one's own hands, serve GOD and not money" was not mentioned.

Because of this, a lot of people extend their gambling activities to "property speculation", "stock speculation", "stamp speculation", "futures trading", ... , or to whatever articles that one may earn money by speculation.

A whole population were after "speculation", before 1998, the year the Stock Market crashed. In 1998, the market crashed, or, in other words, the foreign fund managers had dumped their stocks which they bought at low price, realized their profits during the "quick money frenzy" which pushed stock prices to unrealistic levels. Also, the property price today is about half that in 1998.

How much money Hong Kong lost to foreign Fund Managers in 1998 ? This may be compared to the "stock market frenzy" in Japan where Japan lost huge money to foreign Fund Managers.

What is lost is not only "money", but MORAL. The moral of Hong Kong people had degraded a lot since gambling was legalized, and the "QUALITIES" of the people deteriorated a lot.

Every successful CEO of international companies knows that the "qualities" of staff is vital to the company. This is the reason why many Japanese companies would provide tuition subsidies to their employees, as well as various subsidies to enable them travel and learn abroad. This is what they called "COMPANY-WIDE QUALITY CONTROL".

Now that the Government is considering legalizing "football gambling", because there is a huge black market on gambling !

The Government should take up an active role in moral-education of the people, and in providing moral lead, and should search their hearts - why so many people are bent on gambling on all sort - football, stock, future, ....

Under LORD's system, 1/10 of the population is engaged in Moral Education of the people on Laws and Commandments of LORD. Therefore, we can see LORD places great emphasis/importance on Moral Education.

If the Government does not realize its error in NOT stopping the "gambling spirit, the quick-cash spirit" in the first place by vast program of moral education and taking the moral lead, instead of legalizing gambling, and if it legalizes furthermore "football gambling", then the moral of Hong Kong, as well as the qualities of its people, will get lower and lower, and perhaps, one day, Hong Kong will become another Sodom and Gomorrah.

Nudity in Hong Kong ?

Wu Siu Yan
4th March 2002

Some weeks ago, there was a TV program about "nudity" in Hong Kong - some people have formed a club promoting "nudity". The reason - "nudity" gives them more freedom, and a lot of foreign countries already allow such. They also expressed the wish that government allows such in Hong Kong, and, perhaps, provides them with some "nudist beach" (Note : "nudity" in public area is a crime in Hong Kong). The TV showed some of them, both males and females, totally naked on a yacht.

Confucius once said, "I can always learn in the company of 3 persons. If there is something worthy in him, then I can learn from him. If there is something bad in him, then I may learn from his mistakes/errors not to do that." Also, LORD taught the Israelites not to learn from other nations, they are to uphold the standard of LORD.

Singapore was ruled by Mr. Lee Kuan-Yew from the 60's till he retired. He put in many measures unheard of in other countries, e.g. he would put the Communists in jail, without trial. He would release them only when they repent of their wrong doings and express so in writing. He feared not other countries' criticism. Did Mr. Lee allow the "hippie" culture, the "sodomy" culture, the "lesbian" culture, the "nudity" culture to run wild in Singapore?

Mr. Mahathir is prime minister of Malaysia. Does he allow such "hippie" culture, "sodomy" culture, "lesbian" culture, "nudity" culture in Malaysia ?

"Nudity" was common in Japan in the past, males and females would bathe together, and they went to the beach naked. Today Japan has forsaken "nudity", but the consequences linger on to hurt the society even today - many of the men lust after sex. "Sex tourism to Thailand" is not uncommon in Japan - tourist group formed for the sole purpose of visiting brothel in Thailand. "Sex industry" is rampant in Japan where lot of young girls suffer.

Let me ask you, seeing Singapore/Malaysia/Japan, should Hong Kong open the door to nudity?

The First Commandment LORD gave human was that we should never make decision based on "good to us, or evil to us" but on the principle "right in the sight of LORD, or wrong in the sight of LORD".

The Second Commandment LORD gave us is that we circumcize our fleshy passions. LORD taught us, through the model of Jesus, that we follow "righteousness, kindness, mercy, faithfulness, justice, .... ".

Any one who pursues, as goal of life, pleasure in "fleshy passions", e.g. sex, good food, and NOT "righteousness, kindness, mercy, faithfulness, justice, .... " - those teachings of LORD and of Jesus, should not be allowed to be in the church.

Someone may think Christians are fools - they have to keep the Ten Commandments, and other Laws and Commandments of LORD. They may think a totally unrestrained life is real freedom.

No, on the contrary, a totally unrestrained life is slavery - slavery to sin, slavery to fleshy passions, where one cannot extract oneself, and one is to sink deeper and deeper.

King Solomon pursued after sex. He got for himself many concubines. Guess how many concubines he got ? He had 1000 concubines ! Do you think he would have enough with 1000 concubines ? OR would he go on having more and more and never be satisfied ? Do you think he was a free man, or a slave to his fleshy passions ?

The number of divorce in Hong Kong, in 2001, is about 15000 persons, whereas the number of marriages is 30000. That is, out of 2 pairs that get married, one pair will divorce in the future.

This is the result of Government's totally irresponsible behaviour - promoting of sex education, and a total lack in moral lead, and doing nothing in moral education. Government dares not displease the people even when the people are on the wrong track, and dares not say a word!

Government should direct the people to the correct path.

Adultery has proved to be a great cause of temptation to human, and will likely remain so. Nudity in public places has never been allowed in Hong Kong, and especially among us Chinese who have been nurtured by the Confucius culture for thousands of years.

If the present trend of adultery is not reversed in Hong Kong, (the average age of youth having pre-marriage sex is 14 !) and if the Government looses the law more, we might see 9 out of 10 marriages end in divorce in 2012.

LORD would not allow people breaking His Laws and Commandments indefinitely. LORD may withhold His arm at the moment and wait for us to repent and return to Him, but LORD will definitely act one day, and that would be terrible. Remember Sodom, Gomorrah, and the people in Noah's time. They all met their fate very suddenly.

50% Divorce Rate in Hong Kong

Wu Siu Yan
31st Jan 2002

Mr. Tung, Chief Executive of Hong Kong SAR, said yesterday that about 15000 people divorced in 2001 while 30000 got married. That is, 1 pair will divorce for every 2 pairs that marry.

Divorce, which had been rare in Chinese society, is now comparable to that in USA.

The reason ? Everyone cannot escape the blame, in particular, the G o v e r n m e n t.

Many youngsters are inexperienced. Traditionally, Chinese parents seldom take up the responsibility of educating their children - this originated from the teaching in an ancient text that advocated that it were more efficient that outsiders taught the children than the parents themselves. It became distorted nowadays that parents think they do not have a responsibility to teach, and schools are to take care of everything.

Therefore, youth learn from TV, from comic books, from films, ... One teacher said that it took several months to teach a student, but all the work could be ruined by one single film.

They got pregnanted, they got involved in various troubles. Those "sex games" have never been a safe game to play since mankind exist on planet Earth.

Perhaps they get married latter, but their partner would sooner or later find out the truth of his/her previous sex life. Divorce is the way out. Moments of pleasure bring endless and long sorrows and troubles.

Then they have to rear up children by their own, and single parents become the norm of the day.

They themselves know the consequences of their rash actions. But thousands of youth grow up every year, and they do not know. But again, Government's promotion of sex education, and irresponsible people in the entertaining industry (those in TV, MTV, newspaper, ...) promoting sex and good food, ... are luring a new generation of youth day after day to walk in a path to sorrow and pain.

LORD's Laws and Commandment will not be nullified just because the clergy in the churches teaches differently. Any one who is in public work and does not understand LORD's simple rule : KEEP THE LAW => BLESSING; BREAK THE LAW => CURSE is of no good to the society. In fact, everyone should know this rule, because one day, LORD will demand a reckoning and, for law-breakers, that would be terrible.

In times of old, the Israelites broke LORD's Laws, LORD punished them with famine, wars, pestilence, wild beasts; and the people in Jerusalem were starved, comparable to the starvation in Stalingrad in the 2nd WW. When the Babylonians finally broke into Jerusalem, they raped the women and killed the people there.

Repent while there is still time.

(Note : there is a Law in Hong Kong that prohibits any one having sex with girl under 16. It is a serious offence, and would lead to imprisonment.

The rationale of that legislation is to protect young girl of age/season, and yet inexperienced.

Statistics today shows that the average age of young people having sex is 14 !

Yet NONE in the Government, Mr. Tung, or members of his Executive Council, or any high government official, stresses the importance of enforcing this law to prohibit adultery in youth !

LORD : "If a man seduces a virgin who is not betrothed, and lies with her, he shall give the marriage present for her, and make her his wife. If her father utterly refuses to give her to him, he shall pay money equivalent to the marriage present for virgins." [Ex 22:16]

If not getting them to jail, at least get them married.)


Wu Siu Yan
18th Jan 2002

Hong Kong is going to have record deficit this year (2001), 60 billion (HK$).

Per person deficit (assumed a population of 7.5 million) = HK$ 8000 per person in 2001.

Let me tell you what I have observed in recent years :

Repairs and repairs and repairs on places where no repairs were really needed.

I live in Pik Hoi House, Choi Hung Estate, Kowloon.

I observed that the pavement around Pik Hoi House had undergone various repairs. First they dug up the concrete which I thought was quite serviceable, and put in new concrete. Then they did it again some years later. (How many times did the Government did this only Government records will tell accurately, but from my memory, it was not a few). Now they dug up the concrete again, and put in tiles.

All these construction work were expensive.

I go to Ngau Chi Wan Public Library frequently. And to walk from Pik Hoi House (Choi Hung Estate) to the Library, I have to walk through a pedestrian subway of MTR (Mass Transit Railway, Ngau Chi Wan Station). I have observed repairs and repairs and repairs and equipment update very frequently (the facilities were quite serviceable according to my observation). Ask the Government (or MTR) how many times they had done repairs on this subway!

My flat overlooks the old Kai Tak Airport. Several years ago, I saw that they enlarged the airport to provide more parking spaces for airplanes, and built many buildings for Air Freight. They used the facilities for a few years only, and now Kai Tak Airport was no longer used. Workers are there to demolish the old facilities. I saw from my house that the concrete for the parking lot is some 1 meter thick ! (747 are heavy, so the concrete have to be thick) How much did 1 meter thick concrete cost ?

Japan used government-spending to boast economy, but it failed, only leading to huge bond issues by the Government. The Japanese industrialists have extra money to lend to the Government by buying up the bonds. Had they not, the Government would be as bankrupt as Argentina.

My suggestion : Ease every restriction to freedom, give the people more freedom as long as they do not break the Laws of LORD (i.e. ease every licensing requirements), then economic activities will flourish, e.g. allow people to rent flat for "bed-and-breakfast" type of hotel, educate food hawkers on food hygiene and provide space for them to run business, grant licenses generously to allow hawkers sell goods which they can easily buy from factories in China, .... (Even as I say this, I can see numerous difficulties because the political system is that from the Romans, and the Laws, are patterned after the Romans.)

If the Government has no sense of thrift, which had never been the case when I was young, I just cannot see deficit of Hong Kong go down.

Astrology in Hong Kong

Wu Siu Yan
18th January, 2002

LORD's rule is extremely simple,


There is no such thing as "destiny" - your future is destined to be so and so, nothing like that. On the contrary, your future will depend on what you do NOW.

What we sow will be what we reap.

Also there is no such thing as "fortune". Everything needs careful planning, preparation, study, sweat, hard-work, .... to be successful. If you have a sudden "fortune", say, you win a lottery of one million dollars, it will give you enjoyment in the short run, but NEVER in the long run.

But such thing as "hard work", "pains-taking hard work" is rarely talked about in Hong Kong nowadays. On the other hand, "speculation", "gambling", "Astrology", "Fung-Shui" prevail.

Nearly all major newspapers have columns on astrology, almost everyday.

The two TV stations in Hong Kong air astrology too, almost every week day.

Repent, people of Hong Kong! Acts like "witchcraft, wizardry, augury, medium, fortune-telling, .... " are all punishable by death according to the Laws of LORD. Beware lest calamities suddenly befall you in the future.

The topmost consideration for all - including politicians, preachers, ...

Wu Siu Yan
10th January, 2002

There is only one rule,


Whether you are a politician, business man, ordinary people, .... you should firmly remember this rule.

LORD rules the Earth with this rule.

For a politician, when he formulates policies, whether they be immigration policy, economic policy, .... he must put "keeping the Laws of GOD" first.

For a church worker, when he prepares sermons, or in church meetings, or .... he must consider "keeping the Laws of GOD" first.

For a person in his daily affairs, he must and should remember this rule.

The precepts of LORD's Laws are, in brief, "mercy, faithfulness, justice".

I illustrate this rule using politics :

Say, when formulating economic policy, a politician dis-regards this rule and tries other means of solution, he MUST and will fail. e.g. try to pop up economy using "Macro-economic" theory with "interest rate" and "government spending" etc, he WILL fail.

There are numerous cases of failures of this approach : Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, ....

But if a politician remembers the Rule, he should try every means to be "kind, compassionate" to the people.

For example,

  1. Illegal workers who sell cooked food.

    It is not to arrest and fine them all, making their lifes miserable, but give lessons free to them (or provide facilities to let them teach one another) on how to prepare food in a hygienic way, how to avoid contamination, ...

  2. Illegal hawkers who obstruct the pathway.

    Again, it is not to persecute them, confiscate their goods, making them grievous towards the government, but try to find as much open spaces as possible, and make site preparation, and let them open their businesses there.

  3. Illegal food factories, e.g. those who produce "roasted pork", "roast pig", "roast duck".

    Ease the licensing requirement, give lessons free to them on how to upgrade their hygienic standard, .... not to push them and corner them, robbing them any chance of making a living.

When the people are happy, there should never be problems of "budget deficit", rioting, demonstrations, .. etc.

Hong Kong, in its past 150 years, rarely had economic problems, and the Government accumulated huge reserve. The reason of its success - humane policy.

Now the government rules Hong Kong the China way, the Communist way, the old Stalin-management way. Hong Kong people, those of the lowest income, groan. (But the CEO of Hong Kong Monetary Authority earns 9 million a year, higher than Alan Greenspan). Last year the Government has record deficit. This year, the deficit is predicted to be about the same. How long will the "reserve" last ?

A government which makes life miserable to its citizen, and not help them in every way, will be cursed.

"Civil SERVANT" - must be true to this word.

2 Management Style - one very burdensome, one very light

Wu Siu Yan
10th January, 2002

  1. Japanese style of Management

    The thinking is that : the front-line workers know best. Delegate as much authority to them as possible.

    Therefore, they help them set up "Quality Circles", provide facilities (lockers, meeting room, white-board, travel subsidies to attend conferences, educational subsidies, ...) to them to carry out their activities, so enabling them to improve their personal "qualities".

    It is treating them like sons and daughters.

    The workers use their brain, propose suggestions for improvement, and the managers use their expertise to judge which proposals are practicable. It is "Management by Suggestions".

    The workers are happy, and the work of manager is light.

  2. Western style, Ancient Chinese Mandarin style of Management

    It is the thinking : I, the manager, know best. The workers are brainless, and I keep all authority to myself. They are nothing but pairs of hands.

    Ancient Chinese style of management is similar : I, the official, is the most knowledgable person. Therefore I should take all tasks onto myself, and assume authority over all under my control.

    The workers are unhappy, and he himself has loads and loads of work that he can rarely rest.

    He ages fast, health deteriorates.

    How many of the ancient Chinese Mandarins lived long ?

    The top-man simply cannot handle so many worries, he cannot solve so many problems. Therefore, he hopes that there would be no problems, but in reality, problems come on a daily basis, or even hourly. No one has the authority to solve them, therefore all problems are passed back to him to solve.

    Therefore short-comings are everywhere, injustices are everywhere.

Jethro, the father-in-law of Moses, had a piece of very good advice to Moses :

[Ex. 18:13-24]
On the morrow Moses sat to judge the people, and the people stood about Moses from morning till evening. When Moses' father-in-law saw all that he was doing for the people, he said, "What is this that you are doing for the people? Why do you sit alone, and all the people stand about you from morning till evening?" And Moses said to his father-in-law, "Because the people come to me to inquire of God; when they have a dispute, they come to me and I decide between a man and his neighbour, and I make them know the statutes of GOD and his decisions." Moses' father-in-law said to him, "What you are doling is not good. You and the people with you will wear yourselves out, for the thing is too heavy for you; you are not able to perform it alone. Listen now to my voice; I will give you counsel, and GOD be with you! You shall represent the people before GOD, and bring their cases to GOD; and you shall teach them the statutes and the decisions, and make them know the way in which they must walk and what they must do. Moreover choose able men from all the people, such as fear GOD, men who are trustworthy and who hate bribe; and place such men over the people as rulers of thousands, of hundreds, of fifties, and of tens. And let them judge the people at all times; every great matter they shall bring to you, but any small matter they shall decide themselves; so it will be easier for you, and they will bear the burden with you. If you do this, and GOD so commands you, then you will be able to endure, and all this people also will go to their place in peace."

So Moses gave heed to the voice of his father-in-law and did all that he had said.

Management Style - LORD's way - the lightest way

Wu Siu Yan
10th January, 2002

LORD's way is extremely simple :

(1) educate the people in Moral

(2) maintain free justice

(3) complete freedom to the people if not break the Laws.

When justice is free, and people have complete freedom (as long as it is not against the Laws of GOD), economic activities, voluntary services, social activities, co-operative activities, .... would explode.

When the moral of the people are high, they will not think of evil, and hence few problems would arise.

Therefore, those "civil servants" have very little work to do, compared with government officials nowadays. And they will see activities of every sort succeed and succeed without their personal cares, all done by the people themselves.

Immigration Problems

Wu Siu Yan
10th January, 2002

See the table on population increase in Hong Kong. There had been huge population increases - e.g.

  1. when Japan invaded China, refugees came to Hong Kong, 1931-1941

  2. also during the great famine in China after the Cultural Revolution, refugees came, 1951-1961

If you were the government officials, would you worry about the social problems that might be created ? Would you worry about the financial burden that might arise ? Would you stop them coming in ?

But Hong Kong government took them all.

McLehose, Governor of Hong Kong in years past, took in Vietnamese boat people after the Vietnam War, and some 260,000 boat-people were sheltered one time or another in Hong Kong. (Note : the figure 260000 may be wrong. I remembered seeing this figure some times ago, but I am unable to verify the figure at the time of writing.)

Humanity should be the top consideration.

Humanity first, then find ways to solve the numerous problems that may arise.

Hong Kong Government solved all those problems, relying on help from the many voluntary organizations, whether they be local or abroad. This was especially so in the period before Japan invaded Hong Kong.

Now, Hong Kong Government fears the problems that may be hard to solve, and throws away humanity.

Hong Kong Government sought re-interpretation of the Basic Laws to over-turn ruling of Appeal Court of right-of-abode of sons/daughters of Hong Kong people born in China.

Many not-officially-approved Adopted children from China have to be repatriated.

The political system of Hong Kong is part to blame. There are too much work on the officials that they are generally unable to take in more work load. So they escape responsibility if it is possible.

The high salary of civil-servant is another consideration - more service will make deficit greater.

Moreover, there is the secret political force (Secret Alliance) controlling affairs in Hong Kong.

Personally, I cannot see any improvement possible if the political system is still the old system, one inherited from Romans, and not LORD's system.

1841 7450
1848 21000
1861 122000
1897 254000
1898 354000
1931 500000
1941 1600000
1944 600000
1947 1800000
1951 2070000
1961 3209000
1971 3848179
1990 5859100
2001 6700000

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