Some sayings of Confucius

Confucius : "Shijing contains 300 poems. To summarize them in one sentence -- 'think no evil'".
(Note : Shijing is an ancient Chinese poetry book. Please read the notes in the Links section below.)


Confucius : "Learn without thinking will lead you to dullness of mind and confusion. Think but not learn will lead you to dangerous paths".


Confucius : "I tried thinking the whole day and whole night with fasting, but it didn't help. To learn is better than mere thinking".


Confucius : "If you know something, then say 'I know'. If you don't know, then say 'I don't know'. Then you really know".


Confucius : "A person who keeps not promise will have blankness before him. It may be compared to a car that has no wheel. Can it run on the road ?".


Confucius : "If your goal of life is the pursue of righteousness, then you can keep yourself away from evil".


Confucius' student : "The way of Confucius is nothing but faithfulness in one's words and deeds, and be forgiving".


Confucius : "Gentlemen focus on righteousness; base people focus on gain".


Confucius : "See a righteous man, I try to improve myself so as to measure up to him. See an evil man, I search my heart to see if I have that evil in me".


Confucius : "A gentleman would speak less but quick to do more".


Confucius : "A righteous person should be ashamed if he talks more than what he could walk".


Confucius : "An educated person is one who loves to learn, and would not shy away from asking questions, even asking people of low standing/learning".


Confucius : "Yamwu is a commendable man. Scant food, scant drink, poor accommodation in a small alley -- would worry most people, but Yamwu did not change his joy!"
(note : Yamwu was one of Confucius' students who loved to learn very much, yet died early. Confucius grieved much for him.)


Confucius : "Improve not my morality; hiding my knowledge and teach others not; heard of the righteous way yet yield myself to it not, aware of my evils yet correct myself not -- these are my worries".


Confucius : "A gentleman has three fears

A base fellow


Confucius : "I am not one who is born with knowledge. I just love the teachings of my forefathers, and I am diligent in learning them".


Confucius : "Honest, keep promise, 'love learning', and hold fast the good way onto death".


Confucius : "A righteous man would never give up his righteousness for survival, but die for righteousness".


Confucius : "Hold fast faithfulness and keep promise, befriend not with people of low morality than ourself, shy not away from amending our erroneous way".


Confucius : "If after searching my heart and find no wrong, then why should I fear".


Confucius : "A gentleman helps other to do what is pleasing (morally good), but not helps them to do evil. A base person does just the opposite".


Confucius : "People of old learn to satisfy themselves. People today learn to satisfy others".


Confucius : "If one is faithful (in words and deeds), is honest, is reverent and sober, then even in foreign place, he can walk. If one is not faithful, does not keep promise, is irreverent and playful, then he cannot walk even in his own country".


Confucius : "A righteous man finds fault in himself, a base person finds fault in others."


Confucius : "A righteous man would hold his position but not contention nor quarrel. A righteous man love to be among people but not ganging with them".


Confucius : "Be forgiving. Do not do to others what you do not want others to do to you.".


Confucius : "When a multitude hate someone, must stand apart and examine carefully. When a multitude favor someone, must stand apart and examine carefully".


Confucius : "Having done wrong, yet amend not, is wrong".


Confucius : "I would teach all who come to me without discrimination".


Confucius : "Do not attempt to work with people whose way is not your way".
(e.g. a god-fearing man and a godless man have different values)".


Confucius : "There are three things that help and three things that erode,

  1. love restraint/decent music,
  2. love righteous deeds of others even onto mentioning them to others,
  3. love befriend with righteous people,
would all help.
  1. Love unrestraint/indecent/arrogant music,
  2. love leisurely pleasure,
  3. love feasting/eating,
would all erode".


Confucius : "A gentleman has three restraints


Confucius : "Hear some rumors on the road and follow others to spread the rumour, the righteous would never do".


Confucius : "One who is expert in speech (making you very happy), and is skilful to change according to what you show on your face, that person is rarely righteous".


Confucius : "If I hear the WAY in the morning, then even if I die in the evening, I am contented".



(*) Analect of Confucius, in English
(*) Analect of Confucius, in Traditional Chinese
(*) Analect of Confucius, in Simplified Chinese

(*) Shijing (Chinese + English translation)

Content of "Shijing" -

  1. Songs 1 ~ 160 : songs from various provinces under Chow Dynasty
  2. Songs 161 ~ 234 : minor songs of the kingdom
  3. Songs 235 ~ 265 : greater songs of the kingdom
  4. Songs 266 ~ 305 :songs sung at ancestral temple (Our ancient forefathers worshiped "High Heaven", or "High King", which is the same as GOD/LORD of the Christians/Catholics.

(Note from Wu Siu Yan :

I am a Christian, and I only believe the teachings of GOD and of His Son Jesus, who is in fact GOD in human form, condescension of GOD. I believe their teachings to be 100% correct, without errors. Confucius' teachings contain errors, e.g. he taught us to worship ancestors that none other than Chinese do today. ALL HUMAN TEACHINGS CONTAIN ERRORS OF SOME SORT, NOT 100% CORRECT.

However, for Chinese, or non-Chinese who wish to understand Chinese, Confucius' sayings can give us insight into the thinking and teachings of our fore-fathers, which for thousands of years, ever since Emperor Qin built the Great Wall, had been the culture of Chinese.

My criteria is : if a saying agrees 100% with the teachings of GOD/Jesus, therefore reinforces what I have learned from GOD, I accept; but if it deviates even a little, I do not accept. I hold teachings of men (men are not god) for reference only.

I believe both the Bible and the Book of Mormon. I believe the Book of Mormon to be true history of the tribe of Joseph of Israel, but I also know that the Mormon Church was captured by "Masons/Illuminati" at the very beginning, during the formative years of the church; and I am against those devilish teachings originating from them. I AM NOT A MEMBER OF THE MORMON CHURCH.

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