My answers to some questions of Life

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When we are young, we are under the protection of our parents, but when we go to school, or go to work after graduating from school, we encounter many unpleasant things.

People have freewill. They can choose to be good, or choose to be bad. Many choose to be bad. See how people make traps for animals/bird/fish, .... They can trap animals, why can't they trap people? Many girls in Russia, East Europe, China ... are tricked to be prostitute slaves !

Young people are bullied in schools, and be subject to peer pressure.

Even if you work or trade or do business in society, there will be pressure from "Secret Alliance", etc.

Recently a school boy committed suicide in Hong Kong, and I have written a webpage about it. Its title is "It is very difficult to live in this world, pressure comes from four sides and eight directions" ([click to read] )

I have also seen a young man, he became mentally retarded after attended kindergarten. Later all his family emigrated to Canada, and his father took special effort to educate him. He improved and isn't as "retarded" as before. My guess is that he might have had some very unpleasant experience in kindergarten, either his teacher might have been very cruel to him, or some of his playmates treated him cruelly. At home, it was all love, at kindergarten, a devilish world! He suffered a severe psychological shock, and spoke not, and became retarded.

Christian children have more freedom to read and to think, but not children in Muslim family. A more knowledgeable child can handle difficult situation much better than one less knowledgeable. We cannot control where to be born into, therefore trust in LORD, and make the best of our situation (One might think one is born bad, look at the children in Afghanistan, look at the children in some Africa countries, one will not think so.)

Now that the world is a dangerous world, therefore Teachings and Commandments are very important, if we give heed to those, we avoid the traps of life. Apart from dangers from bad people, there are temptations too - rave parties, drug, sex, music, .... If we do not listen to Teachings and Commandments, but pursue these "vanities", we will sink deeper and deeper, and spend our days in "emptiness" or get ourselves into various troubles.

As to some of your questions, I attempt to answer them below,

Another question, if God is almighty, and omnipotent, why can't He destroy the Devil? Why allow him to keep doing his stuff?

First of all, Satan and his angels are angels turned bad. LORD gives everyone freewill, including angels. Man can turn bad, so can angels. Those bad angels WILL receive their punishment in due time, but not now. They will remain until the end of this world.

Even if there is no such evil-spirits (bad angels) to tempt human, human can themselves create a lot of bad things too, because we human have freewill. We can do good, as well as bad.

Why are we on this earth, is this a test? Why not all go to heaven immediately? If our souls go somewhere(like heaven, hell), they must also come from somewhere, no?

YES, IT IS A TEST. It is somewhat like "probation", the employer puts the employee on probation for a few months, to see if he/she is a worthy person to employ.

So are we. If we pass the test, like that of Jesus, who did only what was right in the sight of LORD, and did nothing against TRUTH, even at the peril of death, even when many people were hard on persecuting him, (and they eventually succeeded in killing him on the cross), we will go to a New Heaven and New Earth, where there will be no bad people.

If we do not pass the Judgement in the Last Day, either (1) our soul will be destroyed forever. We will feel nothing from that moment onwards, much as we feel nothing before we are born, OR, (2) if ours sins are as bad as that done by the evil-spirits (bad angels), we will go to ETERNAL PUNISHMENT.

Our soul do not come from somewhere, they are created by LORD. So we have NO feeling before birth, and will have no feeling if our soul is destroyed in the Judgement Day. (But before that, we will have to settle all justice in Paradise or hell first. Not the least injustice will be un-settled, because GOD is God of Justice.)

If God is almighty, why isn't he in direct contact with all of us?
Why choose to contact Humans through a book or writings, while He can do it in everyone's heart.

LORD is in direct contact with everyone of us, though you do not know it. Please read my article titled "The friend who never fails you", ([Click to read])

Why not intervene if people kill each other when they believe in the same God?

LORD intervenes in ALL things. Why some is killed, why some is preserved, why some have car accidents/illnesses, why some haven't .... these are all under control of LORD and His angels, though invisible to us.

Although the same GOD, not everyone who professes to be religious is really religious.

We Christians, when we are baptized, we ask LORD to baptize us "in His name, in Jesus' name, and in the name of the Spirit of TRUTH". This we mean several things :

  1. I am sorry for my past actions, and wish LORD to forgive us, and allow us live a new life.

  2. We pledge to do lawful and right things from that moment onwards, and stride towards godliness and holiness, aiming to pass this "probation period" on Earth so as to enter the Hereafter, a new Heaven and new Earth, where only good people, those childlike good people who follow Jesus' teachings steadfastly, will be there to live happily ever after.

  3. We pledge to learn and do the qualities of LORD (i.e. name of LORD), which is "merciful, gracious, slow to anger, abounding in steadfast love, abounding in faithfulness, forgiving, jealous against evil/iniquity."

  4. We pledge to learn and do the qualities of Jesus (i.e. name of Jesus). All the teachings of Jesus, including "Sermon on the Mount", Golden Rule, "pure as a child, humble as a child, .... " those teachings found in the Gospels in New Testament.

  5. We pledge to be honest and upright and allow no spirit other than the Spirit of Truth to remain in our heart, i.e. we keep our spirit pure and TRUE, and think no evil.

Then we immerse ourself completely in water to signify these pledges.

Not all people who profess to be godly keep the Teachings and Commandments of LORD and the teachings of Jesus. Moreover our political system is NOT LORD's political system, but a system inherited from the Romans, a hybrid "king + democratic" system which favours the rich and powerful.

I have written many things and put them in my homepage. My homepage totals more than 6 megabytes, kindly check it out when you have time.

When I was young, I have many questions similar to yours too. I found no answer then, and I only found the answers later in my life. Therefore, study hard, learn Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Zoology, Astronomy, Electronics, Computer, .... and walk the teachings of LORD, of Jesus, and LORD will make you understand.

Wu Siu Yan
14th December, 2001

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