Economy policy ? or LORD's words ?

Hong Kong Government tries hard to push up the economy, and introduced many measures, e.g. vast Government expenditure, running into billions, to build a Disney-Theme-Park; limits supply of public-houses so that price of houses may not fall .....

The thinking is that economy is "macro economic theory". Human can increase his prosperity using economic theory.

No. Nothing is more wrong than this. Prosperity is a result of LORD's blessing. Famine, wars, ... is the result of LORD's cursing.


Government should put in every effort to educate the people in LORD's Laws, and maintain a moral lead in honesty, uprightness, kindness, .... those values cherished by LORD.

When adultery is increasing day by day (Government teaches the school boys and girls adultery - those "sex education" in schools, and not Ten Commandments, "You shall not commit adultery"), and Government wants to legalize football gambling (homosexuality law has already been changed), and Government runs on "Secret Alliance", .... we would expect worse to come.

Only when all people know LORD's Laws, and keep them resolutely, and people in Hong Kong become a morally good and upright people, firm in keeping the Laws of LORD, would we see prosperity return to Hong Kong.

When Hong Kong people bow down to Secret Alliance, and obey "leadership" from people in the dark, and throw away their conscience in return for their own peace (not the peace of people affected by their action), or willingly share the spoil of Secret Alliance, Hong Kong will be cursed by LORD, and worse will come.

REPENT, REPENT, REPENT, while there is still time.


"Secret Alliance" is a group of people, who allied together for power and wealth. Those who join them and obey them will be rewarded with jobs, power, wealth. They have to swear an "oath of silence", and never betray any secrets, or else they forfeit their lifes.

Even Communist Party in China is run on the principle of Secret Alliance, though they may think they are saving China, but they practice "They - Us" precept, NOT LORD's "One Law for all" precept. (Party members enjoy privileges, non-party members suffer unfair and unjust treatments).

A lot of people in Hong Kong have now joined the Secret Alliance, and many have been broken into submission to join. Security Branch in Hong Kong runs like Security Branch in China, which runs like that in former Russia.)

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