How to read the Bible

Wu Siu Yan
2 April 2013

(*) King James' Bible

You should read the Bible from the 1st page to the last page, skipping paragraphs you do not understand, also skipping paragraphs you are not interested.

But you should pray to Jesus, your Heavenly Father, Creator and GOD of heaven and earth, to give you understanding before you start reading.

Once you understand the message, practice what you have learned.

Underline all sayings of Jehovah, those paragraphs that begin with "Thus said the LORD". Underline all sayings of Jesus, who is Jehovah condescending in human form. (read Baker's Book : "Vision Beyond the Veil" where Baker talked of his own personal experience of "thus said the LORD", that GOD spoke through the mouth of a beggar boy! Chapter IX, page 71 of the book.)

From their sayings (sayings of Jehovah in the Old Testament, sayings of Jesus in the New Testament), try to understand the personality of Jehovah (i.e. Jesus). What are the standards of right/wrong of Jehovah ? The standards of right/wrong of Jehovah should also be your standard of right/wrong. Learn to fear GOD.

Familiarize yourself with all the persons mentioned in the Bible. Let Abraham, Issac, Rebekab, Jacob, Leah, Judah, Tamar, Joseph, Rehab, Ruth, Boaz, Hannah, Samuel, David, Jonathan, Mephiboseth, Barzillai, Uriah, Ittai, Esther, Ezra, Nehemiah, Jeremiah, .... be your "virtual" friends. Remember Jesus' teachings : "Blessed are they who hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they will be filled with the HOLY SPIRIT." [Matt 5:6]

Read the Bible the 2nd time, the 3rd time. In each re-read, you will understand more, because GOD will teach you more.

Use the same method in each re-read : skipping portions you do not understand and portions you are not interested. Focus on things you understand, and walk the teachings.

Do not believe the theologians who say that the laws/commandments of GOD are obsolete. No, they are NOT. Read Moses' [Deuteronomy], because truly you will be cursed if you break the laws/commandments, blessed if you keep the laws/commandments. See how Jesus kept the commandments, and you do the same.

Walk the foot-step of Jesus -- Jesus studied carefully the 5 books of Moses : [Genesis] [Exodus] [Leviticus] [Numbers] [Deuteronomy], and Jesus held fast the precepts in [Deuteronomy]. Jesus was familiar with the Old Testament too. If you read the Gospel books, [Matthew] [Mark] [Luke] [John], you would notice that Jesus was familiar with the Old Testament, e.g. [Isaiah].

Walk the foot-step of Jesus, learn from the laws/commandments/ordinances/statutes, and let Jehovah's standard of right/wrong be your standard of right/wrong. And be obedient like Jesus.

The laws/commandments is the guiding rail in the narrow path (not the broad path where the godless people walk), that leads to the TREE OF LIFE.

((*)Law of GOD and His commandments )

As of the ordinances and statutes (which are besides the laws/commandments), they pertain to GOD's political system, which will be the political system in the future, when Jesus comes back after the events in [Revelation]. It would be good if you are familiar with them.

Bible record FACTS, again I say, FACTS of this world, although much would not be believed by godless people, who think they are the most intelligent being! and unseen GOD/angels/SATAN/evil spirits do not exist! and Hell, where fire could not be quenched and worm do not die, does not exist!

If you know that the Bible records facts, and thereby live your life accordingly, and form your observation/conclusion/decision accordingly, you can avoid much pains and groping in the dark!

Bible talks of BLESSING, that GOD would prosper the work in your hand just as GOD prospered Joseph in [Genesis]; and CURSE, where invisible hands will be against you and frustrate you in everything you do [Leviticus 26] [Deuteronomy 28].

Bible talks of the consequences of following SATAN/fallen angels/evil spirits who are the gods of many people. Bible talks of the consequences of sinful acts. Learn from history.

Bible talks of "everything from GOD", e.g. King Nebuchadnezzar thought that it was his own wisdom that he built up a huge empire! but GOD took away his wisdom and gave him a mind of cattle for 7 years! (read [Daniel 4]).

I have my own personal experience to tell : I graduated from University of Hong Kong studying Mathematics; therefore I thought I could think logically. But GOD took away my rational mind in many incidents, that my thinking were so illogical to my own amazement. Then I understand that everything is from GOD. (This is but one incident, there are others which I would not tell here.)

As for the prophecies in [Isaiah] [Zechariah] ..., many are in parables (metaphor). Do not bother if you do not understand them; because if a particular prophecy is applicable to you, GOD will make you understand.

As to understand parables, read all Jesus' parables in the Gospel books. In this way, it helps you understand the parables in the prophet books. Also, if you re-read and re-read the Bible several times, you would be familiar with the wordings used in the Old Testament, and understand the metaphorical sense of the wordings.

But I say, do not bother about prophecies and those parables, but

(egg -> tadpole which is a fish -> frog which is a jumping animal;
worm -> cocoon -> butterfly which is a flying thing;
egg which is one single cell -> chicken which is an animal with all sorts of organs;

in a few weeks ! and yet they preach billions of years of evolution!)

Watch and pray.