The meaning of Baptism

The ceremony of baptism may be compared to a "marriage ceremony".

Before two persons get married, they would try to know each other, to see if they would be able to get along for the rest of their lifes (in particular, wife should consent to be her husband's helper.)

Therefore before a person is baptized, he/she should try to understand what Christianity is all about.

This may be done in the following ways,

  1. Listen to some Christian hymn, to get a feeling of the sentiments of the hearts of Christians,
  2. Study the Law of GOD and His Commandments, because one is expected to do only things that are "lawful and right in the sight of LORD" after being baptized,
  3. Study Jesus' main teachings, "Sermon on the Mount",
  4. Study other teachings of Jesus,
  5. After reading the above materials, one should have certain understanding of what the name of Jesus stands for. Next he/she should study the name of LORD, what the name of LORD stands for,

The above are Bible extracts compiled by me, and I hope they would ease your learning curve. You should by all means study the Bible directly after reading these. But reading the Bible or the material above are not pre-requisite of baptism. The most important requirement of baptism is repentance.

Baptism means "death of the old self, and live a new life". Forgiveness of sin is promised by LORD,

LORD : "But if a wicked man turns away from all his sins which he has committed and keeps all my statutes and does what is lawful and right, he shall surely live; he shall not die. None of the transgressions which he has committed shall be remembered against him; for the righteousness which he has done he shall live. Have I any pleasure in the death of the wicked, says the LORD GOD, and not rather that he should turn from his way and live ?" [Eze 18:21-23]

The baptism ceremony may be performed by some servants of LORD, or even by yourself. In what follows, I assume that you are to baptize yourself.

Find a place where there is enough water to submerge your whole body. River, ponds, .... or even your bath-tub in your house may do.

Submerge fully in the water, and pray to LORD something like,

LORD GOD, I promise to do only lawful and right things from this moment onwards, therefore, please forgive me according to your own words in Ezekiel Chapter 18. Also give me a new heart because of your son. Please baptize me in your name, in the name of your son, and in the name of the spirit of TRUTH. Amen.

then rise up from the water.

A Christian should remember firmly three things after being baptized, (Note : "Name means characteristics, or qualities pertaining to")

  1. The name of LORD
  2. The name of His only son, Jesus
  3. The Spirit of Truth (i.e. the spirit in one's mind, after he has been baptized, should be the Spirit of Truth, (compare: Spirit of St. Louis - spirit of those people who supported Lindbergh financially in his cross-atlantic flight; Spirit of Miami - spirit of the people in Miami who sink obsolete ships/aeroplanes as homes for the fish, .... ) and he should speak the truth at all times, no lies, no oath, but Honesty and uprightness throughout the rest of his/her life.)

Christian should model their life after Jesus, aiming to acquire all qualities of LORD gradually (merciful, gracious, slow to anger, abounding in steadfast love, abounding in faithfulness, forgiving, jealous against evil/iniquity), and should only have the Spirit of Truth in their heart. Any evil spirit or any sinful spirit should not be allowed in our heart. (Note: evil thoughts will come into our mind, this is temptation, but we should not do as those evil thoughts tempt us to do.)

You should study the Bible, learn the teachings of LORD and of Jesus, and walk their teachings. LOVE LORD = do the commandments of LORD. LOVE Jesus = do the teachings/commandments of Jesus.

The Gospels in the New Testament are especially valuable,

  1. Gospel according to Matthew,
  2. Gospel according to Luke,
  3. Gospel according to John,

You may read through the New Testament first, then read the Old Testament.

The first chapter of Old Testament is very important,

It teaches us the important precept - "steadfast love".

You should pray constantly, and walk humbly with LORD (i.e. do only that which is right in the sight of LORD everyday), endure patiently, like a child submissive to whatever afflictions the father (heavenly Father) would impose upon you, even onto death like Jesus. You should, if possible, attend church meetings of brothers and sisters in Christ. You should also bear in mind, one day, you will have to give account of what you do before the Judgement Seat of LORD, and if you pass, you would enter a New Heaven and New Earth, and live eternally with Jesus and fellow childlike Christians.

Wu Siu Yan

(P.S. If you are a servant of LORD, you may baptize others, and urge them to keep the teachings of LORD and of Jesus, and be an honest and upright person, resolute in keeping the Laws and commandments and teachings of LORD and Jesus, as outlined above.)

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